Friday, August 01, 2008

David Gathering (Aftermath)

Hey everyone Its Barry

OK today was the David gathering that took place in London which was really cool. I turned up at 12 and saw a lot of people waiting for Charlie to arrive which is really cool. I talked to a few people before people I knew arrived about a Safe Motor sporting thing which was really cool in Rotterdam which was off the page. Someone came all the way from Australia to turn for the gathering which was amazing and chatted to her for a bit. I suddenley saw PJ and Hatti which was cool. Then around 15 minutes I saw people in Charlie Masks and knew it was others like Charlie, Alex, Mhazz, Tom, Dave and so on. But there was a bit of fools play done by Charlie which credit to him he used Ian to help him out. Well Done Charlie Boy.

Charlie got some doctor who presents which were nice. Now after a bit we went to Hyde Park to chill out where Tom wanted to do his project which I will not explain about until another time but it does look really cool. Everyone at the gathering got involved including myself which was a surprise. We stayed there until three o'clock then went to the Subway down by Bond Street for lunch which was nice. Then went to the Apple Store (YEEEEEEEEEEE) getting bored of going to the Apple Store. Anyway by 5 o'clock we went back to Leicester Square where we finished filming Tom's Project and I did a freestyle with PJ playing Guitar which received some good applause although Charlie from his reaction was surprised I did that to a Nintendo Classic but hey he's cool.

Anyway we went to the Arcade place again for an hour then we went to Waterloo, where Charlie had to head back home and soon after we got to the South Bank I had to go.

Great Day, probably my 3rd favourite gathering in my opinion.

Well Done Charlie.

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