Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harsh Drama Going On + Flick 66 Hot Chocolate Lady Review

OK I am having a wierd afternoon but I am coping.

I felt very upset about what happened to one of my online friends Tom (Randomprodinc). Now he got on Utubedrama in a very harsh way. Now Tom accused me of putting him on Utubedrama, Now I will admit I was upset he didn't tell me the correct theme for J0ames birthday collbo the other day but I would NEVER EVER put him on Utubedrama because I can't stand Trevor Reiger, I even put his e-mail address as spam in both my e-mail address boxes. I even told Tom about the time when around the time that Charlie had to do a week of 5 awesome guys that the one day he missed, Trevor put up some funny story about a SWAT and Police are out looking for Charlie because he didn't post a video. I found that hilarious. So To me Trevor is a joke, Im glad about how he deals with the hate but I think he wants to turn heads and stir the pot. If I was able to block myself from reading Utubedrama, I would be able to but unforuntelly with Firefox I cant which is a shame.

Anyway I want to move on from this. PJ was kind enough to tell me his band's Myspace page which is here.

Flick 66 Myspace Page (PJ's Band)

OK I just listen to Hot Chocolate Lady and it was a real awesome track that has a spur of the moment thing it has a certain quality within his music. The vocals done by Ralph Jinks is so cool reminds me of Blink 182, like I said in my Nerimon album review not a big fan of Indie and Rock but I do know certain amount of bands. Really Cool Track at the right length. This gets ****.5/*****

I will review more of PJ's Band later on in the week If I remember to.

Bye everyone

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