Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time, Nerimania Review Coming & Review Advice

OK some of you are going to hate on me for this but I could not resist talking to you about wrestling. I used to like it but now I think it is so crap that I dont think it is wrestling anymore, its more like a crappy soap opera that goes too far in storylines.

OK I was watching Wrestlemania 21 and the match was Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle. This is considered one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. It started with Mat wrestling then went to street fighting then it got so physical by the end of the match. I was cheering and gasping throughout the whole match.

It goes on 30 minutes if you have any pateince but you are a true fan then you would be able to take it YEAAAAAAH.

Topic 2 - I have been listening to Nerimon's latest EP called Nerimania. I think it is a great title but also consider it as a title for a big fight pay-per-view but it doesn't matter.

Anyway here's a preview of the review

Track 10 - Whistle For The Choir (feat. Mhairi). This track is cool. It makes me think they got together one night, probably had some candles out and had some wine then once they got in the mood, they had sex with chocolate syrup. Now I know they didnt but the way the track was performed when they did it seems it. Now Im a fan of their singing but it felt out of places at times but by the end their voices meshed well like angels who got drunk the previous night but in a good way. 4 out of 5 for this track.

I will include this bit in the review as well. Plus I will do the whole review with some honest opinions about how I feel about the album and looks promisly good, which is fantastic.

OK Final thing I send an e-mail to Blunty3000 who is a youtuber I got a lot of respect for. I asked him for some advice on how to do computer game reviews because I do have some trouble on how to construct one.

Anyway he told he had no formula on how to construct a review but he gave me some pointers on what to include in the review.

He said You have to "cover the concept of the game, how it plays, how it looks, sounds and controls. and most important of all, how fun it is".

So yeah I think thats all plus I will leave you with Blunty looking at the next Pokemon game that is coming out soon.

Right I'll be listening to Nerimons latest EP later on again and I will include the bit that was in this entry because I think I summed up that track perfectly.


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