Friday, August 08, 2008

Channel Recommendations Series 5 is the last

OK everyone

I had a good time at the NSG Gathering Today and it was awesome.

Thought I'll say that this latest series of channel recommendations is going to be my last.

Now I normally do 15 per series and now I have decided to do 20 for the final series.

Here's the reminader of the series.

66 - Jabazzy
67 - Ornsack
68 - JohnCox88
69 - J0ames
70 - LittleMissJadeyKins
71 - BilliLovesMargot
72 - HoneyDripSuperSweet
73 - BenLoka
74 - DoctorBenjy
75 - LittleRadge
76 - Liliesarelike (Charlieissocoollike's Mum)
77 - Badm4ths (Ivens)
78 - Eddplant
79 - CorporalCadet
80 - geriatric1927

OK I know that people would be disspointed that I may end the series or that I never mentioned their name for the final series but I feel like it is time to move on with the recommendations.

Edited - 9th of August

I may do series 6 of channel recommendations after all as I was in the wrong place again in a funny mood. Sorry everyone about that.


Anonymous said...

i will miss the channel recommendations
but its up to you

el director! said...

the channel recommendations were a good thing, but it will be good to see something new from you