Monday, August 18, 2008

The Last Video Results

OK My last video of RUN DMC was met with success that people loved it but it I had lose a few subscribers but You cant win them all to be honest with you.

DJE179 did a really good response called A Rap For Barry (Dreams)

I really like this because the background music is The Game - Dreams, which is one of my favourite Game tracks of all time. Now I have met Dom once before with his wife and kid, Dom is very shy but his wife and kid were cool to talk to. I think he is a fanboy but didnt mean to cause any harm. OK. I heard Nerimon blocked him the other day, I dont why but I dont care because it has nothing to do with me OK.

Right I will be focusing on blogging a bit more again because I have lost the energy to do videos again, I KNOW what you are thinking BARRY STOP IT but I need to refuel so then I could do channel recommendations, Doctor Who and Video Of The Week with confidence rather than Negavity. Plus I may not go to online chat rooms for a bit just want to chill out in the real world hope none of you get offended but I will still be around on BlogTV because I like BlogTV to be honest even though I hate the lagging though.

Right This Week
1) Hoping to meet Arron for the day and chill out
2) Look out for a new PC because my PC at the moment is messed up
3) Meet up with NSG over the weekend and look at his studio
4) Sort out my money because I have been spending a lot over the last few weeks so then I could get the PC I want.
5) Do some more blogs for the MyBoxxcollective Channel.


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