Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Good, New Video, Autoplay situation (Good Thing) and Video Of The Day

I went out to Worthing today for an hour to see whats going on and it is very nice sunshine which is super awesome. Why am I coming out with words like that I dont know but it would be super.

OK I have upload a new video unless you were linked to this blog by the video dont bother watching. Its just me giving shoutouts, Talking about Lost which Im very mixed about and will give an opinion on it later, Me mentioning this blog, Me mentioning the rainbow dream I had in more detail that I mentioned in a eariler blog and The NSG Gathering that is happening tomorrow here's the video for you to enjoy.

Anyway I was thinking about the autoplay thing and someone left a comment in my previous entry that I did and I agree with him that segreation seperates a community so in general I agree that the autoplay for everyone is good as whole and like I said it could give exposure to other users who deserve it.

Now onto the final part Video of the Day goes to CorporalCadet again, I love this guy he is so awesome. The video is called Get Through This done by Daniel Bedingfield. I love this tune plus the visuals are awesome.

Enjoy your day I know I will.



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