Sunday, August 31, 2008

Should CorporalCadet Become The General Of Youtube?

I know that Johncox88 was mend to be next sorry but don't worry I aint forgotten about Ornsack and JohnCox88 they are coming after the next one involving J0ames then it is Ornsack and JohnC0x88.

Here's the latest channel recommendation - CorporalCadet

68th Channel Recommendation - CorporalCadet

Youtube Channel Link -

Quote - "Levi Now A Corporal but soon will be a general."

Youstage + Trock Online (Gatherings)

OK Everyone it hasn't been the 4 days I have been off, well I will explain it along the way down.


OK The Youstage Festival I left on the Friday morning around 11 with my mum helping to get my stuff to the station with me but I think she wanted to give me a goodbye and make sure everything is going to be ok. I got on the 11.10 Train from my home station to London Victoria which got me there 10 minutes later than the information that was given in the train timetable thing I got from the station. so at half 12 I got the London Underground from London Victoria via the Circle Lane going to London Liverpool Street and then waited for half an hour for my Train to go to Marks Tey once I got on the Train I met up with Tom Milsom, Lucy, Tino and his friend I can't remember his name, damn oh well.

Once we got to Marks Tey we got another train and saw I think the Borzoi's sister and her friend wearing some Viva La VLR Stuff which I can't repeat what was said but involved the word of pigeons. Lucy and Tom went to talk to them and I was chilling with Tino and his friend. We got to Sudbury in Suffolk at around ten to 2, where we met up with Mhazz and Ed just outside the station to wait for the shuttle bus. Where we chatted for a bit waiting for the bus. Then the bus arrived around quarter past three. So we got to travel to the festival which took 20 minutes I think I cant remember.

Anyway got to the festival and met up with a lot of the others by the entrance which was great. OK we waited for some time to get to our camp site. Then got to the camp site met up with Myles and Brooke which was cool. Benjy and Spencer was helping me with my tent that Benjy bought with him which was fantastic. Im glad that Georgie was happy that Benjy brought an extra tent. It was a really nice tent Thanks again Benjy. Anyway after a bit I wanted to look around the camp met with Laura, Sophie, Jade, Paul and James.

About a minute later met with Angela + her 2 kids and Dave (SmytsherUK). I helped out with Angela's Luggage. To get to the camp, now afterwards I was able to walk the main festival for 15 minutes then checking on some stuff. Where later on traveled inside the main festival with Jon, Zoe, Dan and I can't remember his name DAMN (Another one). OK I went with them sorting the water as it could be a problem because contain some bits in it. Right we reached around and saw the art room, where Paul (Cheekychen) art work was there. It was great seeing it, then I saw Myles, Paul and others in a group about to do some art work on the back tent hut and it was great seeing people putting up the little pictures and then painting over the tent. Once that was all done I went off to see the woods and that was awesome to see and great experience with the lights in the wood. Its like being in Narina (well I know that it doesn't exist OK). Right around some time later I went back to camp to play some football with Benjy and it was really good. It got to around 9pm and I decided to have some thoughts about life and found a hancock to lay in. I wasn't mend to sleep in it. I went to sleep for around 2 hours I think and the first thing I saw was Tom Burns and Laura.

They went "OMG We found Barry Aldridge", it turned out the others were worried about me. Now this was a surprise to me, because I used to live in an environment where people didn't really look out for each other but I can understand because trust where I used to live can be a problem with certain people I was around. So the others stayed around the hammaocks for a little bit and it was fun. What I can remember afterwards I went back to camp told the others where I was, went to a rave bit for 10 minutes while some of them were drunk. OK I went back to the camp. Tried to sleep but was able at around 2am. Some of the others couldn't sleep and 1 or 2 people only had an hours sleep.

OK Day 2 by around 8.00am when some of us including myself wanted some breakfast from the Tescos in Sudbury. So Ian, Tom Burns, Tom Milsom, Paul, Jade and Myself went off in Ians Car to look for Tescos which took a bit of time. Now Tom Burns wanted to ride in the boot so he did. It took a bit of time to find Tescos which Ian didn't have his Sat Nav but hey we found it in the end and Tom Burns did enjoy riding in the boot. So had some breakfast which was quite nice and then headed back to camp which was half 9 in the morning. Suddenly I got a call from Home telling me about some problems.

Now I will not discuss because it is family business only. So dont ask me on MSN ok. Its between my family and I. So I had to leave which kinda suck, also the call came as luck which I had a funny feeling I probably wouldn't enjoy staying the second night dont know but had to miss the youstagers and others performing. So after a 4 hour trip back home from Sudbury to Lancing I got back to a warm reception from my family and good news was that the problems I mentioned most of them got solved.



Right once I got back I was trying to think if there was something happening once I got back yesterday, after an hour I remembered that Alex Day (Nerimon) was going to do an alternative gathering called the Online Trock gathering on stickam. You had to have a message from the Trock group from Facebook which I think it is. Alex chose a good password even though I aint a fan of the person he was taking the mick out of. Anyway It was Charlie and Alex playing Trock songs, which I was surprised when Alex wants me to review, which I will do. I tried to start last night but my mind was in another place but will review them either Monday or Tuesday If I can. Plus Alex talked the CC album which should come out in either October or November. Alex will explain this in the future hopefully in his diary. But anyway.

Thats it everyone

I will do a normal entry and be back to normal on Monday woooooooooooooooooo.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Entry for 4 Days, Stevenbridges1 and MSN Conversation With MusicFromBlueSkies

Ok Everyone

Tomorrow is Youstage Festival for the weekend and I wont be able to update this blog sadly, as I will be away for the 4 days. I believe it could be one of the best gatherings ever. It has a certain element about how passionate we are about the gathering in general. I heard that not all the free tickets have been taken from seeing a list on Youstage's latest video, which it is good news for people who still want to go. I heard a couple of people have dropped out. Jonny (JDM525) told me in a text that he cant come which is a shame.

Oh yeah I have found a youtuber called Stevenbridges1, check out his channel it is really cool, I spoke to him for the first time on Mhazzs BlogTV on Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning GMT. Please subscribe to him, he does some really cool vlogs and did an awesome magic trick. Hes only been on Youtube for a month.

Here's his channel - StevenBridges1 Youtube Channel

Heres a couple of videos for you to check

Here's the magic trick I mentioned -

Vlog about The Dark Knight

Vlog about Life Fact Changings

Now I was talking to Dave from Blue Skies for the first time on MSN which is weird because I have known him since Christmas and I felt it was about time for a chat.

Now I think we came out with one of the greatest conversations of randomness ever.

Now Dave put this on his blog and I hope he doesnt mind me putting it on my blog. So here it is.

Barry Aldridge says:
Hey Dave

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:
hows it going? I never talked to you on MSN before.

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
I know, our first conversation, and I always see people having hilarious msn chats with you, so this better be good!

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
Quick, say something funny!

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
oh still going

Barry Aldridge says:

OMG it’s Dave from Blue Skies! says:
you can stop arbitrarily naming food at any point

Barry Aldridge says:
anyway moving on from that.

Brillant stuff and really funny randomness. Probably will never happen again in a long time.

OK see you guys and girls soon. Im off to get things sorted for Youstage.

Edited at 5.30pm GMT - I was looking through my twitter page and found out that JDM525 aka Jonny is coming to Youstage after all Yeah Yeah.

Edited on Friday 29th August at 8.50am - Well this is it, The Youstage gathering starts this afternoon, to be honest I am nervous about this but I know its going to be good. Speak to you guys soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twitter has become fun again and Doctor Who Classics

Hey everyone

Just to say I find Twitter fun again. It is an awesome thing to have when telling people whats going on. I have an up and down relationship with Twitter but it is still awesome. Great stuff

Barry Aldridge Twitter Page

OK next part I have been watching a lot of old doctor who episodes lately between the 1960's to the late 1980's. I have watched a lot of dvds that involved the 1960s stuff.

I have watched a dvd boxset called Lost In Time

This contains episodes from stories which are now lost forever because the BBC junked them in the 1970s. I think it was because that Video Tapes were very expensive to produce on I heard.

My Fave episodes from the boxset are

The Celestial Toymaker (Episode 4)
The Moonbase (Episode 2 & 4)
The Evil Of The Daleks (Episode 2)
The Web Of Fear (Episode 1)

I hope they find the complete stories of The Evil Of The Daleks and The Web Of Fear because them episodes were fantastic and I heard they were the greatest doctor who stories ever.

Oh Yeah I also watched a story called Survival which was the final story of the original series.

This was a brillant story where the Doctor and Ace (Companion) had been transported to a another world and find out that an enemy from the Doctors past has come to haunt them.

Thats it hope you enjoyed this entry.


Why I Prefer Public Transport Over Cars & Tom Milsom is A Fucking Legend.

OK Last night I was speaking with Tom (Randomprodinc) not Tom Milsom, anyway he asked me do I drive and I said No, he asked why and I said I had a little thing happen when I was taking my lessons when I was 17 that I nearly hit a wall, he said it would help to take it and beat that fear, which I agree with but at the same time I feel more comfortable going on public transport, Now I know that Public Transport is more expansive in general than a car but I know with public transport I can get healthy whilst walking around.

Trains are quicker to travel around in than cars, plus I know I will get to the right location while in the car it takes longer plus it is easier to go the wrong way. Plus If I didn't have public transport I would cycle and is considered very healthy to you and keeps you fit in general. OK I know the Underground in London can be a pain in the arse but I prefer that than going on the road in London as you get more of an experience of the city.

OK the second part - Tom Milsom is a fucking legend.

He is so awesome, one of the best people I have seen on youtube. He makes some cracking videos. I put one of his videos in my blog one time about Whats Wrong With The Internet sketch he did with Alex Day. Now he had the guts to kick me last night on BlogTV when I dare the others to kick me, so my respect for Tom has gone up big time. Well Done Tom YEAH.

Anyway here's a couple of videos to keep you entertained.

This is Tom doing some drumming

Here's Tom doing Justice - D.A.N.C.E. on the ukulele (At last I got the spelling right, thanks to the title of Tom's video lol)

Finally here's the video that got him some exposure on Youtube called The Internet Love Song, which I watched in full for the first time this morning, it is brillant.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Interview with DJE179

Hey everyone

This is my last entry of the day and I was asked to do interview which was great.

Quite pleased with it, now I recorded my segments days ago, when I wasn't in the right frame of mind but lucky though I feel so much better and its great to be back.

Enjoy the Interview


Barry Aldridge Asks (2) (Should Mario Retire?)

OK Here is the second edition of Barry Aldridge Asks.

Originally I was going to ask "Who is your greatest Inspiration In Life?" but then when I signed in to MSN and saw the Live today I found this article below

Heres the Article in question - Gaming Goss: Why Mario should retire

Patrick Goss: Columnist - Tech & Gadgets, he wrote saying that Mario should bow out of the world of computer games without losing any intergrity.

OK The question I am asking is Should Mario Retire from the world of video games?

My Opinion is that most Mario games like Mario Kart and Mario Brawl are too similar between each console, but Mario Galaxy was a new revolution within computer games. So I am very mixed in this question.

I have quickly mentioned this in the Bristol Gathering but I thought I'll mention it in more detail.

So what do you think, should Mario Retire or not?

Another entry later


Bristol Gathering Here I Come

OK on the 6th Of September 2008 I will be going to JacobDyerMedia's Bristol Gathering which is super special awesome. I booked the tickets this morning Now I always wanted to go to Bristol, as it is one of the places I have never been to in the Westcountry. I heard a few people will be going to this gathering which is awesome. I heard Charlie is going after watching his BlogTV last night when it was mentioned.

Heres the the video

This should be fun indeed, it is nice to have a gathering in a different place indeed. I dont mind London but like Jacob said in his video, why aint anywhere esle in the country got a gathering. So Yeah Bristol Baby Yeah.

OH YEAH one more thing

Please read this article - Gaming Goss: Why Mario should retire

Shocking article.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Love Sundays, Computer Game Happenings and Gathering Updates

OK I love sundays on BlogTV.

I love Smivadee's small shows which are truly awesome, nice and laided back, which doesn't need too much attention which I love. Its about life in general like TV Shows in the past and sports which are awesome and you forget about Internet Stuff in general. Smiv is on at 7 every sunday.

Now at 9pm we got Whataboutadam which his shows are awesome to watch. He did Ask Adam with co-hosting but realised it was shit and wont be doing that again. I agree with him it was a good idea but backfired. Anyway he did pictionary and charades which were awesome and original for BlogTV. Then he did Ask Adam and ended the show there.

I have played The Force Unleashed Demo and it is sweet indeed. It is impressive and I can't wait until the 19th of September when it comes out. OK enough about that Game.

Jess (xbrokenmindedx) told me about Guild Wars today which I looked up and it is a role playing game which I haven't played one of them in ages. I cant remember the last role playing game I played. Wierd huh.

Also I booked my tickets for the train to Suffolk so thats great, I need to book tickets to go to Bristol gathering on the 6th of September. Probably do that tomorrow ha ha.

Thats it everyone

Back tomorrow Bye

DoctorBenjy Channel Recommendation, Videos Of The Week (13)

I Know I mention this in my latest video that I have now done another channel recommendation and have moved DoctorBenjy forward, now I didn't have time to look at Dom's (MyshowbizName) choice, sorry about that. But will do Ornsack in the future which I have seen a couple of their videos which are really good.

DoctorBenjy Channel Recommendation -

Here are my videos of the week that you should watch

First one is a serious one from Purplepiratepixie which deals with HIV + AIDS and she gives out some serious advice.

The second video I really liked just came out this morning from NSG, OK im involved with this but it is really good beatboxing Yeah

I love it so much. I want out this morning when I had friends sending me the video.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed

Now I know I should talk about this in the Myboxxcollective blog but this is so awesome and couldnt resist mate.

Its the Force Unleashed game of Star Wars. I really can not wait for this game.

Its from the Machnina channel and they make some good videos with trailers and game information.

Here's their channel Machinima Youtube channel

Its a great channel

Here's their latest video which I found really funny.

Well thats it for now going to watch Doctor Who now.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cool Runnings - One of My Faves and Daveyboyz Video

OK short entry here.

Cool Runnings I am watching right not and it is one of my favourite films of all time. Brillant family comedy. Epic Stuff. Its about a Jamaica Bobsled team going to the Winter Olympics of 1988. Stars the Late John Candy. Watch its one of my favourites.

OK finally Davey put up the video that I was involved with. Now the video has been been put in private for now. Once the video is up again I will put it in the blog.

Now someone had asked me what it was and I told the person just ask Davey because it was Davey's idea and the same with everybody asking. OK.

Sorry I had a really pissed off afternoon.

Hope to feel better soon. I'll be back.

Barry Aldridge Asks (1) (Fear) (New Series from Barry Aldridge)

OK everyone I thought I may do a new series called Barry Aldridge where I give out questions in an uncut form asking people what is or who is you know that type of stuff.

My first Barry Aldridge Asks is "What is your Worst Fear?" then I give my answer plus at the end ask people for comments or responses its up to you.

OK here is the first video

I hope to keep contiuning to do this series because I want the community to stay alive with these questions.

Brighton - Yesterday with Daveyboyz & Garnet Plus I got A Tent

OK everyone

Yesterday was really good meeting up with Daveyboyz and Garnet in Brighton. I met them dead on 2 o'clock which was excellent. I found out that Garnet had come from all the away from Canada which was great and I started to become a tour guide for the brighton area and while we were walking down the sides of Brighton. Davey mentioned the blog I did the other day, I will be honest I was a bit nervous about that but glad he mentioned it.

Davey gave me his side of the story where the flagging comment he mentioned he was drunk and couldn't remember so thats where the Joke comment came in, There is a bit of history between Davey and Mhazz since May before the Glasgow Gathering, I cant remember what it was about so DONT ASK ME but I know that Davey mentioned a bit of history between them since Glasgow in May.

Anyway after that little discussion we went to Costa Coffee for a sit down then moved on to the Museum where I remember there beening a Ghost Tour thing and we decided to find that and it was in Preston Park just outside of the main land of Brighton. We found out it wasn't the right time for the tour and had to come back saturday which we couldn't do. So we went to a church where Davey had an idea to do a short sketch for his channel. To me it is a good idea, So watch out for a Daveyboyz video that features me and filmed by Garnet.

Once we finished in the church and headed to back towards Brighton but at first we went to a guitar shop which had some really cool stuff and Ukuele as well. They had a spongebob squarepant one that I really liked. Anyway we went to the pub just down the road. Davey and myself started to talk about Youtube things that include Charlie, Myles, Makemebad35 and other stuff. It was great just chilling out in the pub, I will reveal why I am actually kinda shy to talk to Charlie (Charlieissocoollike) and will do a blog on it one day, which I mentioned to Davey.

OK after the pub we went down to the seafront where we did something a secret which I can not reveal until another time. The evening ended and it got a bit stressful which I think Garney got a headache and I felt like heading home so I did.

OK I got back home and Mhazz asked for something which I said Yes sadly its a secret so I can't say what it was. OK Benjy and GeorgieBoom gave me some good news that they will lend me a tent for the gathering next weekend which is awesome so now I only need a sleeping bag. So Thanks Georgie for the tent and thanks Benjy for telling me as well.

Thats it


Friday, August 22, 2008

Im Going To Youstage After All

OK everyone first of all I stand by what I said in my last entry OK. Sorry if you got offended of the entry.

Right onto the main entry I know I said in one of my previous entries I said I can't make it to Youstage because of money problems and distance but good news is I have gotten over that fear. Now I was talking to Benjy (DoctorBenjy on Youtube) and he told me about the camping deals out in B&Q and Argos which was really cool so I maybe getting one over the next few days. Anyway good news is I got a free ticket to go and I hope others I know will get one as well. I got my e-mail this morning from DMcLean1989 to confirm it which is great. So now Im going to be busy for the next three weekends starting from now. YES This is going to be so awesome.


Ok Im meeting up with Daveyboyz and Garnet today in Brighton around the afternoon which should be awesome. Hes coming around the afternoon around 2 o'clock then I will be meeting NSG tomorrow to look around his studio plus I think it was about time I went to see NSG, I have promised to see him for months. Good weekends to come.

OH YEAH I have been listening to this remix of Usher's Love In The Club that features Beyonce and Lil Wayne. This is one of my favourite remixes of all time.


Will do an entry probably on Sunday.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

It is an effing parody OK.

Hello everyone

OK Surprising that I am doing a second entry for today. OK its about the entry I did yesterday called "My Day In Brighton - Awesomeness and Collobration Videos I have Taken Part In."

Now in the entry I put in the collobration clip I did for Mhazz which was called a Talk with Mhazz which I thought was really funny and glad I took part in it. A lot of people like that clip and glad to take part. Now someone has claimed copyright on the whole thing which I find really funny because in my opinion in the simplest form IT IS A FUCKING PARODY. Sorry for the swearing everyone but I feel there is nothing wrong with the clip maybe some jealously and bitterness which I find shocking. Its a parody of a talk show on youtube that is really well done.

Now Parodies can find loopholes within copyright depending on the situation. Now one of the first ever vlogs I ever watched on youtube was done by Blunty3000. I know I know, some of you dont like him but he made an excellent video to explain about copyright on a guy called Littlekuriboh who no longer makes videos on youtube. Blunty understood that if someone uploads a episode of a cartoon series that is already on television then it is breaking copyright laws, now Littlekuriboh just used portions of a cartoon show and put his own voices whilst keeping to the original storyline then it is a parody which doesnt break copyright laws.

Now I know it must be confusing for you

Heres Bluntys original video to explain.

Now what does it have to do with Mhazz's video I believe it is a parody of a talk show that exists on Youtube. So I think there is nothing wrong and if youtube take it down then it is a shame. I think the person who said it is breaking copyright is a bit of jealous and a bit bitter which I find a shame. This person should be laughing with it not saying it is breaking copyright.

Sorry for this type of blog but I feel that way. Look at the video and you tell me what you think if it is a) breaking copyright or b) just a parody.

My Light Has Come Back

You are wondering about the title well I woke up after only 3 hours sleep which is weird and the first video I watched on Youtube was from Charlieissocoollike and its called Hi!!

Its basically a reintroduction to him and he said in the description it is fun to do so I did a response to the video of reintroducing myself which I think some of the big youtubers are thinking about doing as well. Cool isnt it.

Anyway here's my response and it made me feel alive about the Youtube community again. Thanks Charlie.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Day In Brighton - Awesomeness and Collobration Videos I have Taken Part In.

OK Yesterday I went over to Brighton, which I normally do every week but this time it was different where I did a brillant day with my mate Arron. It was truely awesome stuff, we went on the tour bus around Brighton which was awesome.

I know this aint my footage of the tour but this is where I was near the beginning of the tour. It showed the city centre of Brighton. Which I found awesome, Arron and me found out some things that we didn't know about Brighton which was super special awesome. Including some haunted house places that are in Portslade or something like that. Now the tour went on for an hour but it was distracted.

Here's the story from the BBC Local News
Search for man in sea scaled down - Brighton (Yesterday)

Oh yeah I promised collobrations I have taken part videos will be here and they are here.

This is one from omgmhazzrocks which is absolutely brillant to watch especially Charlie, Ginger Chris, Liam and Dom (MyShowbizName). This is one of the best collobrations I have too. I love Mhazz so much. I actually have a crush with Mhazz so she may not like for a while now lol.

Anyway here's the clip of the collboration

OK I also took part in a collboration with Mallory for Daveyboyz's birthday which was brillant another sort of Talk with Dave thing.

This was brillant to watch. Go check it out it is awesome both of these clips.

There's another collobration that I was in that I haven't found yet or hasn't been put up yet.

Oh Yeah I have two youtube crushes ok they are omgmhazzrocks and Laurbubble ok. I feel like they going to be scared of me. Bye Bye Everyone.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My First Mail From Overseas, No Go For Me On Youstage, Missing Ones I care about & The Game Feat. Lil Wayne - My Life (Video)

I woke up after a 4 hour sleep after being on one of the best blogtv shows ever with Mhazz (Fanboy alert - I know, I know), I got a package from Toronto, Ontario Canada.

It was from Mugglesam who is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, I met her back in February when Nalts came over to the UK. Anyway Sam send me a Muggle Power badge which made me really happy. Like I said Sam is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

MuggleSam's Youtube Channel

Really cheered up my morning.

Bad news I may not be able to attend the Youstage Festival after sending an e-mail to the Youstage that I was coming. Now I will send Myles an e-mail today to explain about this. I would find Suffolk to get to really difficult to be honest plus I know its sad but I got to save my money even though I got some money but I am worried once I spent on camping equipment because it is a three day I would never use again. I felt the organisation skills for this gathering have been a let down but I can understand if there were some problems with contacting and arranging the gathering.

OK I have been thinking about some of my real life friends who have known maybe for the last couple of years or friends I have known since I was either at Primary school, Secondary or 6th Form days. Arron who was with me at NSG's gathering back on the 8th is considered to be one of my best friends who always shows respect even though we get into bad situations which all friends do, I respect Arron a real lot. Going to see him today.

I still miss Jo very much who I consider as a sister to me, she is in Fiji doing a tour, we spoke Facebook the other week and it was great to hear from her. She considered me a best bud on Facebook which was good. She wants to meet with her best Friend Nicola and myself to do something nice involving some music from Michael Jackson hopefully.

I really miss Nicola as well also she considers me as her Little Brother, if I get to see her it would be one of the best days of my life. Nicola is possibly one of the nicest people I have ever met. She always gives a helping hand to me and anyone who needs it. She has a big group of friends who will always support her. She never lets her emotions go which I consider this a strong quality about my friend Nicola.
She was very pleased that I got Facebook which made me happy. Nicola I want to see you again one day if you are reading this.
To Finish I know I featured this on my blog but I consider one of the best rap tracks of all time. It is a true testmiony of hip hop can do if placed in the right hands.


This is such a deep track that I can understand on certain levels but not fully because I never grew in the hood they say but the track is so deep reminds me of listening to the emotional rap that deals with life, God, Women and losing someone you care about.

BlogTV - Love It

I had the best day on BlogTV.

I went to Charlie's one then went Alan's one then been on the best one ever by Mhazz and its still going on while I am writing this. It was so awesome. I had a brillant night with it, sorry for the short entry.

Oh yeah new update on Youstage Festival - It is now going to be in Suffolk I got an e-mail from Myles today which is good but not sure about coming.

Cool stuff that it is 3 day thing after all.

Night everyone

Monday, August 18, 2008

MyBoxxCollective and Update on Youstage Gathering

Hey Everyone just a short entry right here because I have done a lot of long entries over the last couple of days.

Anyway first of all I am really enjoying now the MyBoxxCollective project I am apart of with NSG, Jazza and Laura. It is a really cool idea that came up and glad to be apart of it. At the moment we sticking to doing blogs for the time being, we probably need to discuss one day how are we going to progress then hopefully one day we can compete with other media magazine sites.

Heres the MyBoxxCollective Blog - MyBoxxCollective Magazine Blog

OK onto the second subject. I was talking to Daveyboyz eariler today and got some sad news that the Youstage is going ahead but its no longer a three day event but now a one day event which I found really sad. Now Davey says that finding festivals in London could be very difficult, so I suggest an idea for a theme park for the Youstage gathering which Davey likes. I suggest Alton Towers then Davey realised it could be difficult for people to get to Alton Towers.

The reason I suggested Alton Towers to Davey is because it is in the central of England where everyone could get to and dont have to travel far but forgot that it is out in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully we will get some details on what the gathering hopefully this week, I wish it was planned better in which Davey understands and agrees with me.

OK Speak about Davey. Davey and Godgarnet are coming down to Brighton on Friday which should be awesome and be great to meet them in general. Then on Saturday I will be meeting NSG to see his home studio AWESOME. Great two days to come.

Oh yeah The Game's new single My Life Feat. Lil Wayne now has a video and here it is

The Last Video Results

OK My last video of RUN DMC was met with success that people loved it but it I had lose a few subscribers but You cant win them all to be honest with you.

DJE179 did a really good response called A Rap For Barry (Dreams)

I really like this because the background music is The Game - Dreams, which is one of my favourite Game tracks of all time. Now I have met Dom once before with his wife and kid, Dom is very shy but his wife and kid were cool to talk to. I think he is a fanboy but didnt mean to cause any harm. OK. I heard Nerimon blocked him the other day, I dont why but I dont care because it has nothing to do with me OK.

Right I will be focusing on blogging a bit more again because I have lost the energy to do videos again, I KNOW what you are thinking BARRY STOP IT but I need to refuel so then I could do channel recommendations, Doctor Who and Video Of The Week with confidence rather than Negavity. Plus I may not go to online chat rooms for a bit just want to chill out in the real world hope none of you get offended but I will still be around on BlogTV because I like BlogTV to be honest even though I hate the lagging though.

Right This Week
1) Hoping to meet Arron for the day and chill out
2) Look out for a new PC because my PC at the moment is messed up
3) Meet up with NSG over the weekend and look at his studio
4) Sort out my money because I have been spending a lot over the last few weeks so then I could get the PC I want.
5) Do some more blogs for the MyBoxxcollective Channel.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Im Back On Youtube and New Wii Games

OK Good news I have come back onto Youtube after a couple of days to be honest I needed it because of what happened with some drama going on and when I went to Worthing today it made me feel the Youtube life again which is awesome.

Originally back in May I did a video called Barry Aldridge Does RUN DMC Style. The video is in the last entry as the last thing I mention in a very long blog entry.

Anyway Here is Part 2 of Barry Aldridge Does RUN DMC Style - The track this time is Walk This Away Feat. Aerosmith

OK Thats over and done with I got myself some New Wii Games with a Wii Gun.

The Games are

House of The Dead 2 & 3 Return

and Ghost Squad

Now I have played House Of The Dead 3 and looks as good as It did when I played the arcade version couple of years ago when I was in University in East London. The Visuals are cool and it is very tough.

Here's a clip from House Of The Dead 2 & 3 Return

Youstage Update, Toms Epic Film and The Games New Album

OK Everyone

Yesterday was a real hustle, people spreading rumours that Youstage Festival has cancelled or that it gone from 3 days to 1 day. This came from people who aint the Youstage Team which I dont like to follow on rumours to be honest unless it is someone within that team. I first heard about this from a Youstage member Daveyboyz saying that there is a bit of trouble with the people at Festhino the original festival that we were going to have the Youstage Festival ran into some problems but not so sure because I dont know the full backstory around this. Anyway I was talking to a few outside saying they are worried about the change of plans.

Now here's what I know OK 1) Its no longer in Suffolk because maybe that the Festival they were going to go to wasn't what they thought. 2) It maybe in London because I was talk to Daveyboyz and he may know something happening in London but Im not going to confirm that because I may say where it is and then if it changes people will start calling a lair which I hate. 3) Myles and Davey from Davey's sources are having a meeting today to discuss what they are going to do.

Now Im glad its no longer in Suffolk because it would have been difficult for me to get there I would have to change a few times on trains or transportation which I flipping hate. I know London has been overplayed for gatherings as I have been to two this month already in Leicester Square and Hyde Park but London is brillant on Festivals and Halls plus its easy for everyone to get to London.

So Yeah thats all I know, dont start rumours because I flipping hate them (sorry for my bad attitude) but people who start rumours need to stop. I know it is something we are proud that Youstage have won but please be patient, Daveyboyz was under a lot of pressure and tried to e-mail the other members of Youstage and got no answer. But he was able to talk to Myles yesterday while in NSGs BlogTV. It turned Myles was on the same level as Davey. THATS ALL I KNOW.

OK Moving on Tom aka Randomprodinc asked me to promote his epic film with a video, Now I told him on MSN that I can promote but not by video because if you read a couple of previous entries Im not in the mood to do videos at this present time, but I will do it in blog form.

Here's the trailer from Randomprodinc

I still dont know why some people find my running to be funny but maybe Im not into that humour which the others like but everyone can't like the same thing otherwise life is boring. I rather there be differences between people thats what could make life in certain ways not in a bad way.

OK I was going to promote PJ's trailer which I found a bit funny but sadly I remembered I have a couple of friends who get upset with the chickdude. One Real Life and One Online Friend told me they dont like the chickdude character and reminds them of a friend each of them that have passed away. I respect PJ as a brillant editior on Youtube but whoever is behind the chickdude character please stop it. I think its starting to become boring. SO WHOEVER IS BEHIND THE CHICKDUDE CHARACTER, END IT NOW.

Anyway I said to Tom, you should get Charlie to promote it but I heard Charlie will be promoting it once the epic film comes out which is understandable.

Thats enough on that.

I heard people having been mocking on stickam yesterday, which is very sad and disspointing. I heard they were trying to piss me off but they didnt in the end. I find them very immature to do this and if they are friends online they wouldn't do that at all joke or not OK. I think it is based on a MSN chat I had with someone yesterday afternoon, Im not angry but feel disspointed in whoever did this. Beening disspointed in someone is far worse than being angry with someone.

Whoa this is a really long entry.

OK The Game's album LAX which I am looking forward maybe not be what I thought. I heard 30 seconds from each track from a hip hop site and it may not be as strong as the other two albums. But who knows have to wait for the full tracks when it is released then I will do a full review, once it drops. The singles are really strong in my opinion.

I almost forgot to post the 2nd Game single called Dope Boys Feat. Travis Barker.

Oh yeah I just remembered one final thing.

When I come back to do Youtube Videos again I may do what I do in the video - Barry Aldridge Does RUN-DMC Style which I loved doing.

Here's the video to remind you what I did back in May.

May do that again which should be awesome. But need to think of a track to do it on.

Bye Now. Have a great sunday.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Challenges, Stickam Radio Shows and Future Stuff For Youtube

OK I need something of a challenge not on youtube but in the real world as one of the reasons for the Youtube video break is because I feel there isnt a challenge anymore on youtube. I feel I have done the same stuff for a while but need to step back which is cool. I feel making videos now is a burden not a joy anymore which is a shame. I have enjoyed this blog a lot more as I am able to put things in where friends could read only.

For my blog I may do some more reviews after the positive feedback I got the Nerimon EP I did the other day including Alex leaving me a comment on Facebook which was great and surprising. Thanks again Alex. Plus the reason I did the review was ready for future albums I may review including The Game's LAX when it comes out at the end of the month. Plus I may review Doctor Who Episodes Past series and the series that has come back in 2005 which RTD brought to the table. I think it would be a challenge in the process for me because I like to review other stuff which is really cool. Plus in Music I will review Hip Hop plus indie stuff that comes from Youtubers which will include some TROCK tracks I find them YEAH.

OK onto stickam radio stations. Now on Thursday Jessica aka xbrokenmindedx did her first show for her local radio station and I thought it was a really good show. It was a really good first effort, I know in time Jess will do well for the show, I heard it takes time to find their spot then they are in the zone in whatever field. Well Done Jessica on Thursday.

Now on Friday Jimmy0010 did his first radio broadcast and gave me a shoutout thanks to everyone in the room saying my name which was fantastic so thanks to everyone who did that AWESOME STUFF. Jimmy's show was good, he played mainly Musicfromblueskies stuff, he tried to chat to PJ on skype but didnt work but it was a really funny show. Jimmy said he hated Technology stuff which made the show even funnier and Jimmy told some stories which were funny. So Jimmy's first show and hopefully not his last was excellent.

OK when I get back to youtube I will continue the channel recommendations and do some doctor who stuff plus some sport type stuff because they like sports quite a bit yeah.

I think I may put a video to finish the blog.

OK NSG uploaded a video yesterday with one of his artists. Sung by Delilah
Arranged and Produced by NSG. It is so soulful and beautiful. Please check this video, it is amazing.

Signing Out.

The Game Feat. Lil Wayne - My Life (Trailer Clip)

OK this ain't my normal entry into my blog but I am really feeling this track but can not wait this music video comes out. This is only a 50 second trailer from The Game and Lil Wayne. I know a lot of people dont like Rap but I do ok. I think The Game is a pheomonal MC and blessed with skills. Here's the trailer below

Thats all for now I will do another entry later today to make up for it. This is a video I am looking forward

Friday, August 15, 2008

Things of Today - Sorting Out Subscriptions

Hey everyone

I was just sorting out my subscription box on youtube where I was starting to unsub channels which I haven't watched ages either that they havent put out a video in ages or the fact that they closed their account probably a while ago or the other day. I felt I needed to do as I had lots and lots of subscriptions and decided to have a clean out.

The good thing about the channels that I have subbed to before the clean out I had bookmarked or favourited them so then I can go back to their channel one day and who knows may sub that channel again. I dont think I will have time in the future to watch all the subscriptions I have on my channel so thats why for the clean out. Youtube will not be my future to be honest but I will keep making videos for long as possible. Once I get back from break that is.

If you have a good video and if you think it is good to watch.

Please e-mail at

Or If You have my msn send me the link and I will watch

Oh yeah I want to finish off on something I found on Youtube

It is done by hexachordal featuring Nerimon called "People are WRONG about the Internet"

It is a really funny clip.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bristol Gathering - 6th Of September 2008

OK Im here for another one haha.

I like said in the previous entry. Im giving youtubing a bit of break for a couple of days and focus on doing some blog writing instead.

I had an MSN Chat with JacobDyerMedia who is really nice guy, who is promoting a Youtube Gathering for Bristol in September which I think it is really cool. Anyway here is the video for the Bristol Gathering.

I may go to this gathering but have to wait and see on that. Hopefully it will be a yes.

I will come out with another entry later on with some random thoughts yeah.


Another New Video Barry, Ali G and Rest From Youtube

OK I have done another video this morning, I was penis poked by JDM525 aka Jonny really nice guy who is a great help.

I have tagged in this Blade376, NSG and Youcantkillnick

Oh Yeah I have been watching the Ali G In Da House Film a bit lately and its a really good film to be honest, I love even if the critics at the time didn't like it.

Anyway here's the main music video called Julie done by Shaggy and Ali G.

OK final thing I have gotten sick and tired of drama going on within Youtube or outside Youtube within the Internet. Im going to take a rest from making youtube videos for at least but dont worry I will still be around watching videos. I feel making videos is now a burden not a joy anymore which I find a shame.

Edit - I may come back quickly but need a couple of days to think things through. I will not be completely gone, I just need a rest.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Matter - Energetic

OK I was going through peoples channel and came to Lisasimpson's channel and found this

It is done by a youtuber called gloshglosh. Its an awesome video and the tune is about to stop pollution on the planet.

Check it out its cool.

Harsh Drama Going On + Flick 66 Hot Chocolate Lady Review

OK I am having a wierd afternoon but I am coping.

I felt very upset about what happened to one of my online friends Tom (Randomprodinc). Now he got on Utubedrama in a very harsh way. Now Tom accused me of putting him on Utubedrama, Now I will admit I was upset he didn't tell me the correct theme for J0ames birthday collbo the other day but I would NEVER EVER put him on Utubedrama because I can't stand Trevor Reiger, I even put his e-mail address as spam in both my e-mail address boxes. I even told Tom about the time when around the time that Charlie had to do a week of 5 awesome guys that the one day he missed, Trevor put up some funny story about a SWAT and Police are out looking for Charlie because he didn't post a video. I found that hilarious. So To me Trevor is a joke, Im glad about how he deals with the hate but I think he wants to turn heads and stir the pot. If I was able to block myself from reading Utubedrama, I would be able to but unforuntelly with Firefox I cant which is a shame.

Anyway I want to move on from this. PJ was kind enough to tell me his band's Myspace page which is here.

Flick 66 Myspace Page (PJ's Band)

OK I just listen to Hot Chocolate Lady and it was a real awesome track that has a spur of the moment thing it has a certain quality within his music. The vocals done by Ralph Jinks is so cool reminds me of Blink 182, like I said in my Nerimon album review not a big fan of Indie and Rock but I do know certain amount of bands. Really Cool Track at the right length. This gets ****.5/*****

I will review more of PJ's Band later on in the week If I remember to.

Bye everyone

Doctor Who History + Trock Song Coming (New Barry Aldridge Video)

Here's my latest video to my channel

I talk about the first ever Doctor Who Stories back from 1963 called An Unearthly Child & The Daleks. I also say that I maybe coming with a TROCK song called Human Nature which I need to start writing.


Have a good one.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nerimania Album Review

OK before I begin my review of Nerimania

Heres the rating that I will rate the tracks and overall score at the end.

(*****) - Awesome
(****) - Good
(***) - Average
(**) - Nothing Special
(*) - Shit

OK here's the album cover

OK onto the album

1) Candy Floss (*****) - This is a great number by Alex who uses the Ukelele or whatever it is spelt like and I can't be bothered to look in the dictionary. Anyway I feel the weight of how the ukelele (Dammit Barry get it right next time) was played, it suited Alex's voice really well. I like the title of the song Candy Floss it glosses over what is in store for the rest of the ep. I want to go in and see if the candy/music is right for me. I feel like its deciated to his scottish sweetheart Mhazz and I thinka few of you will agree with me. This is like knocking on the doors to heaven with this track.

2) Feel Good Inc (***) - The riffs were awesome to the suit the song in the mood. Im sorry to say that Alex's voice in this one felt a little out of place which is why I aint rated this track 5 stars. I liked how this opened up with the riffs of going to a spooky place. This reminds me of Scooby Doo for some reason and I dont know why. So Dont ask me. I felt this track was also too short, well not as short as Song 2 by Blur. I prefer the Gorillaz version, sorry Alex but it was a good effort.

3) Youtube Star (*****) - Now this one is a classic track. It is a cover of Nickelback's Rock Star, which Alex performs his own version perfectly. Its like he went to heaven, asked the rock gods to say Yes I am King and deserve immortality. Which has got for this song.

4) Novocaine Rhapsody (*****) - Tell a lie this is the song of immortality. Brillant cover and its like he scored with the rock chicks. He took them to his room, had sex with them all night long to heaven and back. This song is fucking awesome. I remember first hearing this in that fucking stupid 5 vlog tag game that he created which I did like at first but became very annoying after a month into the game. This track is pure classic. Yeah.

5) Fratellilujah (****) - OK I think it is an original song I think that he created himself. Nice touch he entered this in a competition. Riffs are cool in this one sadly it reminds me of a song that was in Shrek years ago that was a bit depressing. Don't ask me the fuck why. I think Alex had no pimp juice when he did this one but a cool song and good effort.

6) Sunday (*****) - The Classic and my favourite track off the EP. I remember leaving a comment to Alex saying it is brillant, the riffs and voice mesh really well and I still think that way for this song. It is a song that you could go out into the garden with your partner and think about them bright days. Its like walking into the gates of heaven and thinking this is paraside. I could go Down Under with this song. Its Alex Day at his best Ladies and Gentlemen. Can I get amen for this one. Hell Yeah.

7) No More (**) - After the classic song of Sunday we come to this, sadly its a shame, maybe I was expecting too much after Sunday. I think the loud riffs put me off but I think it was uploading from a video which Alex has said about most of his album. It sounded like an song that I never heard about. Shame not my cup of tea.

8) Holding On (****) - Really good song that makes you think you are on a boat out in the ocean thinking about the world. So to me its like a mind song. It reminds me that I have a friend down under that I truly missed and this song helps me to think of her. Great song indeed Alex.

9) What You Do (****) - Really laided back that I could connect, the riffs are set right in the song, truly epic but it does fall short because to me it does have same sound as Holding On but in a good way. Great song its like Alex went up to God and slapped him to get this musical gift amen.

10) Whistle For The Choir (feat. Mhairi) (****). This track is cool. It makes me think they got together one night, probably had some candles out and had some wine then once they got in the mood, they had sex with chocolate syrup. Now I know they didnt but the way the track was performed when they did it seems it. Now Im a fan of their singing but it felt out of places at times but by the end their voices meshed well like angels who got drunk the previous night but in a good way.

OK onto my final thoughts

Best Track - Sunday
Worst Track - No More

Alex held on quite well for his EP, really quite impressed, not a fan of indie to be honest but glad to hear this. Really cool stuff.


Thanks for reading.

Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time, Nerimania Review Coming & Review Advice

OK some of you are going to hate on me for this but I could not resist talking to you about wrestling. I used to like it but now I think it is so crap that I dont think it is wrestling anymore, its more like a crappy soap opera that goes too far in storylines.

OK I was watching Wrestlemania 21 and the match was Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle. This is considered one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. It started with Mat wrestling then went to street fighting then it got so physical by the end of the match. I was cheering and gasping throughout the whole match.

It goes on 30 minutes if you have any pateince but you are a true fan then you would be able to take it YEAAAAAAH.

Topic 2 - I have been listening to Nerimon's latest EP called Nerimania. I think it is a great title but also consider it as a title for a big fight pay-per-view but it doesn't matter.

Anyway here's a preview of the review

Track 10 - Whistle For The Choir (feat. Mhairi). This track is cool. It makes me think they got together one night, probably had some candles out and had some wine then once they got in the mood, they had sex with chocolate syrup. Now I know they didnt but the way the track was performed when they did it seems it. Now Im a fan of their singing but it felt out of places at times but by the end their voices meshed well like angels who got drunk the previous night but in a good way. 4 out of 5 for this track.

I will include this bit in the review as well. Plus I will do the whole review with some honest opinions about how I feel about the album and looks promisly good, which is fantastic.

OK Final thing I send an e-mail to Blunty3000 who is a youtuber I got a lot of respect for. I asked him for some advice on how to do computer game reviews because I do have some trouble on how to construct one.

Anyway he told he had no formula on how to construct a review but he gave me some pointers on what to include in the review.

He said You have to "cover the concept of the game, how it plays, how it looks, sounds and controls. and most important of all, how fun it is".

So yeah I think thats all plus I will leave you with Blunty looking at the next Pokemon game that is coming out soon.

Right I'll be listening to Nerimons latest EP later on again and I will include the bit that was in this entry because I think I summed up that track perfectly.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Apple Picking (Reminds me of childhood) + NERD Video

Short entry here everyone.

I was a bit bored today so my mum asked me to pick up some apples from the garden and reminds me of strawberry picking when I was a young lad when I was in primary school. It was really cool, reminds me of a Mugglesam when she did with Sophia and Isabella.

Heres Mugglesam video it is like picking up old memories.

Muggles in a Strawberry Field

Really sweet to watch

OK heres an old music video from NERD who I saw yesterday and the tune is called Rock Star

Bye guys I may do a 3rd entry later on


Missing Someone You Care About, Vlog In The Park (NSG Video), Look Out For TEMPHUiBIS

Hey everyone Its Barry again.

I am here to give some more into fun fun fun YEAH. But something very emotional from my soul.

Is there a time where you miss someone dearly who is so far away and is one of your best friends in life. My friend Jo has gone away down under for a while and I heard she has gone to Fiji, which I remember when we were 16 years old and talked about our favourite and Jo said Fiji was the destination she wanted to go to and glad she is there. I wish I was there to enjoy it with her, she is family to me and like I said I miss her loads. I also miss Nicola as well, Im glad shes getting married to her finance Lee who is one of the nicest guys I have ever met Hes a geezer geezer which is a made man. Brillant to be around Lee and always wants me to fit in, which is awesome.

Friends Family

Sisters - Jo and Nicola
Brothers - Lee and my mate Arron

This is digging into my soul blog today which I did at first.

Here's a music video from Simon Webbe that explains some of my emotions at the moment.

I know a lot of people probably wont give a damn but this is how I really feel at times in my life but the good news is that Im still living as awesome as possible YEAH.

OK here is some footage from the Vlog In The Park 2008 organised by NSG and the video is done by NSG.

Here's the video

Oh yeah NSG Introduced me to this awesome channel called TEMPHUiBIS

TEMPHUiBIS Youtube Channel

He was at the gathering on Friday and he is a really cool guy and has some really vlog that are cool to watch.

Here is his latest video with NSG

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Cult Rises and Free Gig

Hey guys.

Just another entry into my blog of death. I have had a wierd day today.

First of all when I woke up I was checking my e-mail then I saw that Charlie did a special live on BlogTV and missed it and thought damn. Anyway he recorded a clip around that time with Mhazz and Dave from Blue Skies.

The Clip is called I was thinking What The Fuck?? Anyway they chanted the opening of this page which everyone who was leaving found a bit wierd. If I was there I would have found it wierd Live and probably would have been a little pissed off to be honest I know they did it for fun so credit to Mhazz, Charlie and Dave.

The second part of my day I was in Brighton and then my Mum called me up while I was in Gamestation looking at the Playstation 3 games and said T4 were doing coverage of the brighton beach gig sponsored by Vodafone.

So when I arrived I got a pass badge and went near the stage and the Streets (Mike Skinner) were performing and it was good. I liked the ending with the people bringing Skinner back to stage like a wave which was awesome. It was ok then when they annouced McFly I fucked off for an hour to see something else while waiting for NERD (Pharrell's Funk Rock Group).

Now when NERD were on they were fucking awesome. They played some excellent songs, their crowd interaction was awesome. They played songs we all knew. They got girls up for the final two songs. It was awesome and I left after seeing the two acts I wanted to see.

Great Day


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Vlog In The Park - Excellent

Hey Guys I went to Vlog In the Park yesterday with my mate Arron and it was really good. NSG did really well with this and thought it was a lot more relaxed than the David Gathering the previous week. It was good that Arron and me met up with Benjy and Jess at around 2 o'clock with a number of phone calls which I find funny and they may want to forget so Im going to stop there.

It is confusing Hyde Park to be honest but glad to have found it then met up with Alex, Dave, Charlie, Mhazz and Lucy by the food hall which was awesome and then decided to find the spot where we are meeting for the gathering. I think someone came from America and I cant remember his name looked at a couple of trees one came from Chile which was nice and forest tree that looked awesome.

Anyway everyone started to show up with NSG arriving late as usual, when someone organises a gathering they turn up at least 30 minutes late but it has become a norm for gatherings.

NSG, Mhazz, Alex, Ed and Charlie played some songs. I tried to play NSG's guitar and failed with grace.

I met up with Charles (Babarouge) he is really a nice guy who has great knowledge and feel sory for him about his night job. I also met Paul (Cheekychen) and his friend Lucy which both of them were awesome.

Had some KFC when NSGs sister turned up with food but had to leave at 7pm because I had some stuff going on and Arron and myself wanted to go to the pub which was awesome.

Thats it all I can remember about yesterday. It was better than David because it was more relaxed and no need to use youtube status in there. Plus we were in the same spot for hours which made the gathering different but I have been to the same pub for hours when going to Zipsters gathering. This is now my 3rd favourite gathering.

Jabazzy Channel Recommendation

OK here is the latest channel recommendation - Jabazzy

Heres what is coming up for the rest of the series

67 - Ornsack
68 - JohnCox88
69 - J0ames
70 - LittleMissJadeyKins
71 - BilliLovesMargot
72 - HoneyDripSuperSweet
73 - BenLoka
74 - DoctorBenjy
75 - LittleRadge
76 - Liliesarelike (Charlieissocoollike's Mum)
77 - Badm4ths (Ivens)
78 - Eddplant
79 - CorporalCadet
80 - geriatric1927

Friday, August 08, 2008

Channel Recommendations Series 5 is the last

OK everyone

I had a good time at the NSG Gathering Today and it was awesome.

Thought I'll say that this latest series of channel recommendations is going to be my last.

Now I normally do 15 per series and now I have decided to do 20 for the final series.

Here's the reminader of the series.

66 - Jabazzy
67 - Ornsack
68 - JohnCox88
69 - J0ames
70 - LittleMissJadeyKins
71 - BilliLovesMargot
72 - HoneyDripSuperSweet
73 - BenLoka
74 - DoctorBenjy
75 - LittleRadge
76 - Liliesarelike (Charlieissocoollike's Mum)
77 - Badm4ths (Ivens)
78 - Eddplant
79 - CorporalCadet
80 - geriatric1927

OK I know that people would be disspointed that I may end the series or that I never mentioned their name for the final series but I feel like it is time to move on with the recommendations.

Edited - 9th of August

I may do series 6 of channel recommendations after all as I was in the wrong place again in a funny mood. Sorry everyone about that.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Feeling Good, New Video, Autoplay situation (Good Thing) and Video Of The Day

I went out to Worthing today for an hour to see whats going on and it is very nice sunshine which is super awesome. Why am I coming out with words like that I dont know but it would be super.

OK I have upload a new video unless you were linked to this blog by the video dont bother watching. Its just me giving shoutouts, Talking about Lost which Im very mixed about and will give an opinion on it later, Me mentioning this blog, Me mentioning the rainbow dream I had in more detail that I mentioned in a eariler blog and The NSG Gathering that is happening tomorrow here's the video for you to enjoy.

Anyway I was thinking about the autoplay thing and someone left a comment in my previous entry that I did and I agree with him that segreation seperates a community so in general I agree that the autoplay for everyone is good as whole and like I said it could give exposure to other users who deserve it.

Now onto the final part Video of the Day goes to CorporalCadet again, I love this guy he is so awesome. The video is called Get Through This done by Daniel Bedingfield. I love this tune plus the visuals are awesome.

Enjoy your day I know I will.



Upcoming from Barry Aldridge, Everyone has Autoplay on Youtube and Banana Sandwichs

Right lately I have been blog entries nearly every day but lately it has been early day, wierd to me but Im really happy doing this because it is awesome.

OK I have heard that everybody on youtube now has autoplay even the users who aint partners. Now I hate being negative about anything about youtube but I am sad to say that to me it isn't a good idea at all, I think the autoplay made sure to tell you which users are partners and which ones who didn't have autoplay aren't partners. I think Youtube messed up here. But in a positive way I will admit it can help out the smaller users who have trouble with exposure they get their chance to shine and get the views they need and some should deserve.

Moving on I love Banana Sandwichs, they are the best thing ever to eat they are so awesome. I remember my first ever one back in 1994 I think after Manchester United won the Premier League Title and they said on Big Breakfast news which was a show on Channel 4 years ago that Banana and Jam Sandwichs helped them to win the title and I tried them and love them ever since.

I will do another blog later with a video attached which is my latest one which Im editing and rendering right now.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Short Blog About Today and Yesterday's Surprises

OK Here is some thoughts from Mr Barry Aldridge.

OK I had a wierd day again, so nothing has happened in my part which is a shame. I need to find something to make me feel good in general. I watched some more Sooty which is good in my part.

OK Yesterday I received two surprises.

1) Charlieissocoollike from the five awesome guys recommended the Five Awesome Guys Subscribers to me which was a shocker, but he has done this once before back in February but Im glad to get more exposure. Thank You Charlie.

2) I had a few phone calls from Jess (XbrokenmindedX) and Benjy (DoctorBenjy) which was good they played a good game on me that they had a falling out thing and it was pretty funny. I think they both cool seriously and all that.

Thats all I got to say today.

OH YEAH - Video of the Day

Its from Daveyboyz, I know some people reading may not like Daveyboyz but I found this video really quite funny. Davey reminds of Angus Deayton when he used to present Have I Got News For You



Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boredom.... Fruit Pastilles, Sooty (My Favourite) and Another Dream

I bet everyoe hates being bored with whatever they are doing. I felt bored eariler on and went out to my local Co-Op store where I live anyway. I saw a special price on Fruit Pastilles and become addictive to them again which is wierd. I love Fruit Pastilles as much as Wine Gums. Now I just saw an advert for them and I remember this advert well, its a bit cheesy to be honest.

Here it is....

Anyway onto part two of the blog.... Sooty.

Hell I love Sooty, some of you are thinking why is a grown up like talking about Sooty well I love it so dont start on me OK.

Anyway I conside Sooty one of the greatest kids shows of all time which I heard Tom (Randomprodinc) gets nightmares from Sooty which to me is wierd but hey everyone has different fears and dreams so I aint going to argue about that. We are all different.

Anyway I found a channel that shows all the Sooty Episodes. I know people are thinking about copyright but the great thing about youtube as well as it has some old programmes that you haven't seen in years and years.

Heres the channel - SootyGuy Youtube Channel

Heres a favourite episode of mine called Bouncers which is about Sweep doesnt like vegatables and the others want to get him to eat them so they lie about runner beans make you run and spring greens make you spring. I find it funny (Put up the sound of your speakers)

Part 1 out of 2 (Bouncers)

Part 2 out of 2 (Bouncers)

OK onto the final part of my blog

I had another dream with the setting being the TV Programme called Rainbow. Now I was Zippy, Dave From Blue Skies being Bungle and George being Tom of randomprodinc. Now Geoffrey was Ginger Chris. Alex Day, John Cox and Mhazz were Rod, Freddy and Jane (Respectively) and it was one of the wierdest dreams I ever had. With Me being so mouthy which is odd because I aint mouthy around youtube friends. Dave made a good Bungle

I got to stop having dreams with youtube friends in it but I bet it will happen again. LOL.

Bye everyone this is my last entry today.


Video Of The Week (12) and Soul Calibur IV

Hey everyone

Im back here today with a video of the week for the first time on my blog. But Im up to number 12 which it comes from CorporalCadet.

Here's my reason video

Now here is the original video by CorporalCadet.

He is awesome to a special effect video with The Doors song it is deciated to his Grandma and Granddad.

OK Second Part (Soul Calibur IV)

This is one of the games of the year. This game is off the page. I love the smooth graphics and visuals that come from the game. It looks so realistic. I love how you can play Darth Vader in the game and he is so awesome. I never like the ring outs which Blunty3000 mentioned in his review, which I agree with him on. Now I will do a review of it on the MyBoxxCollective Blog in the next couple of days.

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Phone and Facebook Part 2 (Why I came back to Facebook)

OK everyone I had to get a new phone today from T-Mobile Shop in Brighton, one of the reasons was my old phone started to brake down the day after the David Gathering (I have said the David far too much lately), anyway I decided to get the Samsung J700 It is.

Heres a picture of it

Looks very snazzy indeed, I like how it slides up and down, I know wierd huh, I must be a wierd guy. LOL. Anyway it looks great but difficult to master at the moment. Im really looking forward to using the camera on it. May use it when it comes to NSG's Gathering Yeah.

OK Next Facebook Part 2.

My relationship with Facebook is like a spaceship trying to avoid asteriod belt, dont ask me why, I thought I'll sum up my experiences in a way that could have a metaphorical meaning which I have failed already.

I mean I started to like facebook when I used to have an old account then I got annoyed with it and forgot to close the original account then I saw a video from Nerimon which was titled "Nerimon Hates Facebook" and it reminded to shut down my facebook page and this was months ago around December I think he uploaded it. I thought at last someone agrees with me about Facebook at the time, so I just remembered to shut down my original facebook plus I wasnt happy with people poking me or sending me kisses at the time NO WAY, so I deleted it. Now this was months ago at least 7 months ago. OK awhile later I decided to think about Facebook hearing there were good things like Flairs and Youtube stuff when I was reading Liam's (LittleRadge) blog.

I decided to come back to Facebook, NOW DONT CALL ME A SELL OUT FOR COMING BACK but I AM PROUD as it depends on the mood, where I felt Facebook was a bit messed up at the time, Now I feel good, YEAH.

OK I found a friend who I had known since I was 5 years old and she was glad I got Facebook because it is a great way to keep in contact with others who you haven't seen in a while. She left a nice drop comment while I was away at a gathering and said (Leaving her name) "__________ is happy that barry is now on facebook! and is happy it's only 2 months to go till she gets her friend back! Xxx" It makes me feel happy that find that out. I can't wait to see her again, its just sorting out when to meet lol.


Anyway onto a tune I like (Its a oldie)

The Notorious BIG - One More Chance (Remix)

I prefer the remix to the original that is Biggie's Ready To Die Album.

Bye everyone and good night


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Riverbasil Channel Recommendation

Here is Riverbasil's Channel Recommendation

Here's the future Channel recommendations
66 - Jabazzy
67 - ??????? (Needs to be decided)
68 - JohnCox88
69 - J0ames
70 - LittleMissJadeyKins
71 - BilliLovesMargot
72 - HoneyDripSuperSweet
73 - BenLoka
74 - DoctorBenjy
75 - LittleRadge

Freestyling (Back from David Gathering), Smivadee, Stickam Problems Still and Soul Calibur IV

OK back at the David Gathering (Which I think I mentioned), while PJ was playing on his guitar doing the starman tune from Super Mario Bros. Then for no reason I started Freestyling over it, PJ asked what I was doing. Now for some reason Dave from Blue Skies wanted to film the freestyle.

Dave If you are reading this PLEASE DONT PUT IT ON THE INTERNET, knowing him he will lol. It was ok but I refer it was not on there even if Mhazz liked it. I like how Mhazz has put her links of other blogs as unique pharses lol.

Anyway moving on from the freestyle, I like Sundays on Blog TV Smivadee hosts one every sunday and he always has a relaxed mood to his shows. Thats the one thing I really like about Smivadee you know you are going to be in a relaxed show where it aint about how many people in a room its about how you can interact in a room where no one has any problems accept last week for a couple of guest accounts.

Check out Smivadee's show at 7PM GMT Tonight.

Smivadee Blog TV Page

Third thing - Stickam

OK I havent been stickam for a bit accept once on Friday because Im still having trouble using on my machine and I have send two forms asking Stickam why I was banned. No reply at the moment which I pissed off about. Now I got a new account but it still counts as banned probably meaning IP blocked. So Im using my folks machine to go on stickam which I dont want to do all the time.

Final note is that I have put so many blogs I read in the links which I may remove one or two once I have finished putting the links up. So the blog will go through with designs, Im still playing with it.

OK Finally this is it, I got Soul Calibur IV on Friday whilst at the gathering and played it yesterday and it turned into the most awesome game ever. I love playing as Darth Vader (The best star wars character ever). I got the playstation 3 edition.

Heres Vader in action -

OK here is a review from Blunty3000 with a review for the Xbox 360 edition, I love Blunty's reviews they are really good -

Im done now. Enjoy the day everyone.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Talk With Dave and Zipster08.

OK you are probably wondering why I have put this episode of Talk With Dave onto my blog.

The reason is that I filmed it and thought it was awesome.

Here's the video of the original interview

Here's the outtakes video that I have added eariler this morning

Thats it. Will do a proper blog later.


Friday, August 01, 2008

David Gathering (Aftermath)

Hey everyone Its Barry

OK today was the David gathering that took place in London which was really cool. I turned up at 12 and saw a lot of people waiting for Charlie to arrive which is really cool. I talked to a few people before people I knew arrived about a Safe Motor sporting thing which was really cool in Rotterdam which was off the page. Someone came all the way from Australia to turn for the gathering which was amazing and chatted to her for a bit. I suddenley saw PJ and Hatti which was cool. Then around 15 minutes I saw people in Charlie Masks and knew it was others like Charlie, Alex, Mhazz, Tom, Dave and so on. But there was a bit of fools play done by Charlie which credit to him he used Ian to help him out. Well Done Charlie Boy.

Charlie got some doctor who presents which were nice. Now after a bit we went to Hyde Park to chill out where Tom wanted to do his project which I will not explain about until another time but it does look really cool. Everyone at the gathering got involved including myself which was a surprise. We stayed there until three o'clock then went to the Subway down by Bond Street for lunch which was nice. Then went to the Apple Store (YEEEEEEEEEEE) getting bored of going to the Apple Store. Anyway by 5 o'clock we went back to Leicester Square where we finished filming Tom's Project and I did a freestyle with PJ playing Guitar which received some good applause although Charlie from his reaction was surprised I did that to a Nintendo Classic but hey he's cool.

Anyway we went to the Arcade place again for an hour then we went to Waterloo, where Charlie had to head back home and soon after we got to the South Bank I had to go.

Great Day, probably my 3rd favourite gathering in my opinion.

Well Done Charlie.