Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boredom.... Fruit Pastilles, Sooty (My Favourite) and Another Dream

I bet everyoe hates being bored with whatever they are doing. I felt bored eariler on and went out to my local Co-Op store where I live anyway. I saw a special price on Fruit Pastilles and become addictive to them again which is wierd. I love Fruit Pastilles as much as Wine Gums. Now I just saw an advert for them and I remember this advert well, its a bit cheesy to be honest.

Here it is....

Anyway onto part two of the blog.... Sooty.

Hell I love Sooty, some of you are thinking why is a grown up like talking about Sooty well I love it so dont start on me OK.

Anyway I conside Sooty one of the greatest kids shows of all time which I heard Tom (Randomprodinc) gets nightmares from Sooty which to me is wierd but hey everyone has different fears and dreams so I aint going to argue about that. We are all different.

Anyway I found a channel that shows all the Sooty Episodes. I know people are thinking about copyright but the great thing about youtube as well as it has some old programmes that you haven't seen in years and years.

Heres the channel - SootyGuy Youtube Channel

Heres a favourite episode of mine called Bouncers which is about Sweep doesnt like vegatables and the others want to get him to eat them so they lie about runner beans make you run and spring greens make you spring. I find it funny (Put up the sound of your speakers)

Part 1 out of 2 (Bouncers)

Part 2 out of 2 (Bouncers)

OK onto the final part of my blog

I had another dream with the setting being the TV Programme called Rainbow. Now I was Zippy, Dave From Blue Skies being Bungle and George being Tom of randomprodinc. Now Geoffrey was Ginger Chris. Alex Day, John Cox and Mhazz were Rod, Freddy and Jane (Respectively) and it was one of the wierdest dreams I ever had. With Me being so mouthy which is odd because I aint mouthy around youtube friends. Dave made a good Bungle

I got to stop having dreams with youtube friends in it but I bet it will happen again. LOL.

Bye everyone this is my last entry today.



Dom said...

That sounds like the best dream ever! I <3 Rainbow!

John said...

haha, YES! I was in one of Barry's dreams! And it was rainbow themed. even better!

Good stuff.

Checkered-Michael said...

Lmao, great dreams you keep having Barry :P. Also, Could I possibly persuade you to give channel recomondations to either


For Poppygirlx aka Laura, she should be the best Irish female vlogger, and for RoxToxvideos, they should be the best duo comedy act :D.

KickThePJ said...

lmao! dave as bungle :P