Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twitter has become fun again and Doctor Who Classics

Hey everyone

Just to say I find Twitter fun again. It is an awesome thing to have when telling people whats going on. I have an up and down relationship with Twitter but it is still awesome. Great stuff

Barry Aldridge Twitter Page

OK next part I have been watching a lot of old doctor who episodes lately between the 1960's to the late 1980's. I have watched a lot of dvds that involved the 1960s stuff.

I have watched a dvd boxset called Lost In Time

This contains episodes from stories which are now lost forever because the BBC junked them in the 1970s. I think it was because that Video Tapes were very expensive to produce on I heard.

My Fave episodes from the boxset are

The Celestial Toymaker (Episode 4)
The Moonbase (Episode 2 & 4)
The Evil Of The Daleks (Episode 2)
The Web Of Fear (Episode 1)

I hope they find the complete stories of The Evil Of The Daleks and The Web Of Fear because them episodes were fantastic and I heard they were the greatest doctor who stories ever.

Oh Yeah I also watched a story called Survival which was the final story of the original series.

This was a brillant story where the Doctor and Ace (Companion) had been transported to a another world and find out that an enemy from the Doctors past has come to haunt them.

Thats it hope you enjoyed this entry.


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banishedfay said...

i must say barry, i love survival! one of the best of Sylvesters lol, but then again Sylvester McCoy is my doctor, so i may be a bit biased