Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fame & Autism Documentary Idea

Hello everyone

It's been a while since I last wrote a blog post talking about what's going on with me.

Lately I have been more and openly honest about how I feel about things in life and on YouTube which is a bold and brave moves but lucky though I showed a don't give a fuck attitude towards things as it helped out.

I did a video talking about saying I don't want the YouTube fame and glory. I just want to enjoy my life to the best of my ability. With me getting older its not worth chasing certain things but as long I felt it was easy to achieve.

For those wanting to see the video here is the link - 

I was worried about the reaction I have to admit but I was dead wrong about the reactions. It turns out people were very understanding about the situation.

The reason I wore a hoodie for the video was that I remembered watching a documentary about CM Punk and his career so far up to 2012 and I remembered when they were talking about the points leading to the promo that changed everything he wore a hoodie and talked with real honesty that you can feel his energy and his anger about what was happening. Also it actually helped me to be upfront. It is strange that clothing can help you out haha.

I'm really proud of the video "Fuck Being YouTube Famous" and I will never forget it for what I say and how people have reacted in a way I never expected.

Thank you everyone.

OK I have been thinking about doing a documentary to give myself a certain achievement. I remember the other day with people saying there should a documentary on Female Youtubers then I thought it would be good then people would suggest that you have to be a bit careful and have connections to do this idea. I thought they were right, during one of the conversations my friend Charlie (Not Charlie McDonnell) mentioned Autism within an idea for the original idea.

Right it gave me another idea that I wanted to do a documentary about Autism and people think it is an excellent idea and some would help out. This is fantastic and I was wondering how to get around it. What issues should be explored and if it needed crowd funding or not. They are questions I have been thinking about a lot to do this.

I am happy that people have been giving me feedback on the issues and that I should do crowd funding if it is done right.

Anyway I'm going to give it some more thought into the documentary and if you reading, you can leave me feedback on twitter, Facebook or email if you have any of them.

Take care everyone