Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project For Awesome 2009 - National Autistic Society & Uncultured Project

Yes its that time of the year again. It is the Project For Awesome. This year I am still sticking to the same charity which is the National Autistic Society and also at the end of the video I mention the Uncultured Project which is awesome.

I have donated 20 pound to both The National Autistic Society and The Uncultured Project yesterday to show support for both causes.

It is a UK based Charity.
Why am I supporting the National Autistic Society?

The rceason I am supporting it is because when I was three years old, I was diagnosed with Autism.
I was sent to the Maudsley Hospital In London . I don’t remember this so I asked my parents who told me that we were sent there to be assessed because didn’t talk or take much noticed of what was going on. As you can see my language is really good now.
My parent joined to NAS and was given a lot of information and advice
I went to a special school called Griffin Manor which was a school for autistic kids .
When I was 9 I transferred to a main stream school. Being used to a very structured and caring community I found the social side in the main stream school very hard to cope with. My classmates were very kind and tried hard to involved me in their games but I wasn’t interested.
As I got older I realised that having friends is really important because it’s nice to share stories and have the same interests.
Facts about Autism
1. Around 2.3 million people are affected by autism. This includes family members and professionals involved in the care and support of people with autism.
2. 40% of all children with autism wait more than three years for a clear diagnosis.
3. Adults with autism say that finding a suitable job would improve their lives more than anything else. Only 15% of adults in England (and 11% in Wales) are in full-time paid employment.
4. 25% of children with an autism spectrum disorder had been excluded from school at least once.
5. People with autism often want to make friends but due to their disability find it difficult
6. Boys are four times more likely to develop autism than girls
7. Autism is a complex developmental disability involving a biological or organic defect in the functioning of the brain
8. Autism has nothing whatsoever to do with the way parents bring up their children
9. Autism is an invisible disability - most people with an autism spectrum disorder look just like anyone else who does not have this condition
10. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability with no cure. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism
Why should people donate to the National Autistic Society?

The reason people should donate is because so then the NAS helps people with autism. As quoted on their website “We champion the rights and interests of all people with autism and aim to provide individuals with autism and their families with help, support and services that they can access, trust and rely upon and which can make a positive difference to their lives.”

National Autistic Society Youtube Channel -

National Autistic Society Website -

Think Differently about Autism campigan video -

Think Differently Website -

Uncultured Project Youtube Channel -

Uncultured Website -

The Project For Awesome was started by John & Hank Green (Vlogbrothers)

Vlogbrothers Channel -

OK I will be doing another post later today around 11pm GMT showing some of the causes I have found on Youtube and worth checking out.

Thats it for now


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Excited for Christmas and Short bit on Harry Potter Films

Hey Guys

I am really excited for Christmas, its under 2 weeks away and I feel its going to be a good one, even better than last year where my spirit for the holiday wasnt there but now I feel great that everything is going to be fine with family coming down on Christmas Eve which is awesome. My favourite christmas present ever was a Nintendo Entertainment when I was 6 years old and always has been my favourite.

The good thing also is that I have been doing a load of collab clips for different youtubers over the last couple of weeks which is cool whether it is a collab for christmas or just for another time.

One of the collabs I send a clip for is for a youtube user called Gibbo1988 who did his 3rd All We Want For Christmas Collabs. It also features Nalts, Geriatric1927, Smivadee, Iggy35, Aaron of Blame Society Films, Greg of MediocreFilms, TDKnuckle and more. I felt really proud taking part in this as it felt really heartwarming and great to do. Well done Gibbo.

I love collabs they are awesome and this year Im glad Im taking part in them again which is awesome.

OK for the last few days I have been watching the Harry Potter films from the beginning and it brings back good memories of how good the eariler were and having KFC Meal when watching the first film for the first time. I still have the same opinions about the films. 1st one I loved it, 2nd one a favourite, 3rd one a bit better this time but weak at points, 4th one loving it. Going to the 5th one later tonight again. the 6th one "Half Blood Prince" was a let down with some of the story making no sense and felt weak at a lot of points. But still a good film even with the bad points.

Thats it for now. Im watching some more Harry Potter and preparing my Project For Awesome video.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tom Milsom Launch Party Gig/Face 2 Face With Daveyboyz and I Dont do Face 2 Face for Status

Hey Guys

Welcome to another blog entry with Barry Aldridge

OK Saturday was a real blast when I went to see Alan (TEMP) in the morning and early afternoon then I spend some time in London for the afternoon before heading off to the gig in the evening to see the launch of Tom Milsom's 2nd album "Painfully Mainstream"

I had a real fun night out at the gig and it was great seeing people there and Im sorry I didnt get a chance to say goodbye as I had to rush home and lucky though I did as trains were up the wall and I had to rush onto a train to get me back home and took an hour longer to get back but still worth going to the gig.

OK I did another Face 2 Face interview today a week after the last one and todays one is with Daveyboyz

Now I know that this interview would get a mixed reaction that people have problems with Davey and I had an issue with him at one point about things he did but lucky though it wasnt a big problem with him at all from me and I really like his videos.

OK the story of this interview is that I did the interview with Y2KJonRichards and Davey left a comment saying he wanted to do it but my list of guests was full at the time and forgot to ask Davey at that point then with Smivadee interview a while ago and then Daveyboyz left a comment saying he was up for it and I said yes defintely and send an email and Davey was happy. Sent him the questions and he send me his answers back a few days after and I got the interview done 2 days later. This one was good and I liked Davey's answers.

Thanks Davey

OK about 30 minutes ago I received a question on Formspring with someone saying "You used to be a big fan of "helping the little guy out"." Now Im still helping out the little guy by watching videos and if they wanted to help out with anything then they can ask, its very simple. Its not being rude as some people would think, I think of it as more of a respect thing. Someone asked me if they could help out with Face 2 Face and I said they could help out with the interview by doing an intro and it was in the first 10 seconds of the PJ & Lex interview.

Now the next part this person said that I was doing interviews with PJ, Daveyboyz, Crabstickz just to help out my status on Youtube, as this is not the case. Now with Crabstickz I dis ask him but with PJ and Daveyboyz they asked me whether it was on Skype, Twitter or Youtube comments plus I like watching their videos and I knew they would come out with a great interview. It aint about getting more subscribers as I never think about numbers because then I know that content would turn crap.

If I only did interviews with certain youtubers to gain subscribers then yes It would tarnish me but right now I dont think it has tarnished me at the moment.

In my last blog entry I did mention suggestions that people have come up with for future Face 2 Face interviews which I will do after the New Year.

It was a good question but it left me bugged out but that's their opinion and I aint going to let it bother now.

On a final note I love the new albums by Tom Milsom and Hank Green shown in this picture

OK Thats it for now

Bye for now


Friday, December 04, 2009

One Facebook account is all I need and Face 2 Face With PJ & Lex

Hey Guys

Hows it going? Hope everything is good with everyone and I have been trying to think of a blog entry but felt stuck but now I got some stuff to talk about HOORAY.

Before I begin talking about the stuff in the title I will mention I will be up London on Saturday for a couple of things. First of all I will be visiting my friend Alan for the morning to play on PS3 with Tekken 6 and I know I will lose every match because I know I will suck at it. I will be staying there til around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Then later in the day at around 6 to 7 o'clock in the evening I will be going to a gig organised by Tom Milsom, Eddplant and Alex Day aka Nerimon to celebrate the UK launch of Tom Milsom's 2nd album "Painfully Mainstream" in which it is an exciting event not only it is a gig but it is more like a gathering where people can meet other people and watch Alex, Ed and Tom perform live its that great. Im still waiting for my copy of Tom Milsom's 2nd album and I know its going to be good like his first album.

OK onto the topics in hand. The first thing I will talk about is Facebook, a couple of months I decided to open a second facebook for Internet friends and keep the original just for real life friends and any online friends I talk to regularly but this has turned out to be a bad idea. I can not keep up with both and decided that I left a message on my second one saying I will not be using that anymore and using the original one so in the new year I will be deleting the "Barry RNNG Aldridge" facebook account and just keeping the "Barry Aldridge" one in the future. It was a bandwagon to me that seemed like a good idea but in the end it wasnt mend to be, ah well.

OK Finally I will be talking the last Face 2 Face I did which was with KickThePJ & TyrannosaurusLexxx

OK how did this come together well, after uploading the Crabstickz interview and watching it PJ contacted me on Skype saying he liked and was willing to do an interview which was fantastic news for me and could be a good opporunity, now originally it was going to be a solo interview. I was thinking about the questions for PJ and then one of my family mentioned about Lex being with PJ and then I remembered that Lex wanted to do it as well, so I contacted PJ saying would Lex be ok being asked some questions and guess what it was perfect timing and PJ said Lex would love to do it and then I figured out some questions for them and send them off. Got the answers back on Monday morning and put together the interview on Tuesday as you can see there.

I can say I have had back some really good feedback from the interview which was awesome. Even had feedback from people I havent heard from in ages like Laurbubble, J0ames and Amycakes which was awesome. InstantMashUp came up with a really comment saying he liked the double act and said I should more of them because they are quicker and more interesting that is indeed true but problem with that is the chemistry has to be right and they have be together which I did reply that it could be tricky to do but will give it a try in a future interview. Loved the feedback guys.

OK I did ask on Twitter to say who do you think I should interview next on Face 2 Face and got some really good ones like Lomasca, Pixonu, JohnCox88, The GadgetDude and others which is all really good. Now once I send that out there a couple of people who wanted to have interviews a while ago and they contacted me. One of them has send me their footage yesterday evening which was awesome and the other Im waiting on their footage which is cool. So some of them suggestions I could ask in the new year If I remember.

Now November was a busy month for me overall but this month could be another busy month for me on Youtube with Face 2 Face interviews that I got to put out which one of the guests I know people may not like but this person did ask to do this which is fine. What I can say if I get the footage from the other person, I will be interviewing people who know about.

Not only them I will be doing a video about the gig Im going on Saturday and hoping to get some footage and posting it on my Youtube channel which should be awesome, I got the Project For Awesome video to do on December 17th, I will be doing a Christmas Eve video as well with a couple real life pals that I have known since College plus I got a New Year video that is going to be about Computer games. So I got another busy month ahead on Youtube. I like busy months on Youtube.

Anyway I got to go and get ready for work, I may do a blogtv tonight after work at around 8 for an hour then heading off to bed to go to Alans place on Saturday Morning and then the gig in the evening.

Bye for Now.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fun Times, Reviews and Face 2 Face With Crabstickz

Hey Guys

Its a little while since my last blog post and its amazing really because I was so hooked with Blogger last month because of BEDO (Blog Every Day October) that I was able to calm down this month. To be honest I am having the best month in a really long time.

My real life stuff has been fantastic with work going so well with Tescos that can be mixed but at least I am doing a job which is 10 times better than staying at home doing nothing all day. My mate Arron has got some temp work with Gamestation which is awesome and Its looking on up with stuff on the Internet that views for my videos this month have been really good even the unboxing of Modern Warfare 2 still surprises me. Since my last blog entry I have done 2 game reviews which both of them are different types of games and for different systems.

The first one I did is Modern Warfare 2 (Playstation 3)

Modern Warfare 2

Good Points
- Excellent Graphics
- Outstanding Voice Acting
- Special Ops and Multiplayer are both brilliant

Bad Points
- Single player storymode is a huge letdown
- Reminds me of a hollywood film the script of the story

Modern Warfare - 4 out of 5.

The second one I did on Monday is New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo Wii)

Good Points
- Reminds me of old Mario games
- Very challenging game
- Fantastic single player mode
- The Multiplater looks fantastic (I have only seen footage)

Bad Points
- Multiplayer is offline and not Internet
- Avoid using the Nunchunk

New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets 4.5 out of 5.

Now with my next review I would like to review an old school classic game which I consider one of the greatest games of all time - Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo, the one that started it all.

I hear its coming out Friday on the Wii Virtual Console which I will getting more Wii points and if so I will do a review on this classic and gives some thoughts on how I felt about playing back in 1993 which I was 10 years old.

OK and finally I did a Face 2 Face last week and boy this one was a special one for me and its with Chris also known as Crabstickz.

Crabstickz is one of the funniest guys on Youtube and I believe he has a really bright future on the Internet. He comes out with stuff that would make you laugh all the time. Now on the story about how this got together. It was back last month and I asked Chris over Twitter private messages and he said he would love to do it but had university work to do for his final year which I can understand. So it was a bit of time later and when Chris uploaded his Halloween special he said he was ready which was to do this and we both kept it a real secret which was awesome.

So I did the questions and send them off to Chris and then I thought I would add Chris on Skype as well. When I send Chris the questions he said could he ask some questions in which I said yes and when the final interview he asked me my favourite film, favourite game and my thoughts on the Xbox 360. Which was really cool. I even spoke to Chris on Skype and he is one of the nicest guys ever. He was worried about the footage he send me because it went on for 11 minutes and I watched twice and thought it was fantastic, so came my part and added an extra 2 minutes to make it nearly 14 minutes and to be fair I was starting to get nervous about it.

Once I uploaded the interview onto Youtube my concern was how people would respond to it and it did 10 times better than I thought it did and it was amazing how well it did. Thank you everyone for the great comments and great feedback and made us feel really good.

Chris is an excellent guy and I hope I will meet him one day for a gathering and I felt this interview again is one of my favourites.

Thanks again Crabstickz

OK Thats it for now

I will write a proper blog entry another time just feeling excited with everything going on at the moment.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Im in Flame Mode, Face 2 Face With WilsonTech1, Past video I did and Rememberance Day

Hey Guys

I have been doing really well lately with lots of stuff happening to me which is really cool.

Before todays Face 2 Face interview with WilsonTech1 which I will get onto in a bit my last couple of videos have done really well and its some gaming videos, which one of them is a review and the other is an unboxing of a major game that came out on Tuesday.

Now with the DJ Hero Review it took a bit of time to do with the notes I had to take for the game which took a day and so then I had to do the reviewing part and then the next day I did the gameplay footage and had some editing to do trying to make it shorter. I have put up the video on this blog before in the last entry and will do again just one more time because I am proud of this review.

The review has done really well, had some great feedback from a lot of different youtubers on the review. I have seen that the UK Editor of Youtube Jamie who is a really great guy to chat with and listens to the community for UK Youtube. Well anyway Jamie has seen the video as well when underneath the Jamie Cullum article it has recently watched "DJ Hero Review", that has made me happy thanks for watching Jamie.

OK then on Monday I did an unboxing video for the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition which I got a day early.

The unboxing only took 2 minutes and 30 minutes to put up on Youtube and got nearly 4,000 in 1 day. OMG. I find it surprising but at least the review is going to be good. I am hoping to make the review of Modern Warfare 2 by next Monday. So far it is a great game and the third mission is a bit distrubing but not a big deal as people in the media have made it out to be.

Now onto the Face 2 Face interview that I have put up today with WilsonTech1 aka SchoolTechTV

To me this is an interview I have been looking forward to since the start of the second series now originally I wanted Lamarr to be the first guest of the second series back in August which I send him the questions, then 12 hours he send me an e-mail saying he was quitting the internet which has surprised me and a lot of the community. About a couple of months after Lamarr decided to come back onto the Internet which to lots of people and myself is fantastic news.

When we were discussing the interview I wanted to see if he wanted to answer on why he left the Internet but lucky though Lamarr said he would talk about that before I even mentioned it, so we were ready to roll and send the questions again and a couple of new ones relating to why he left.

When I got Lamarr's footage back it was brilliant and his answers were great. I think he explained his departure really well, I can totally related to it as I nearly wanted to leave because I felt I was doing things to get edgier, pleasing everyone on the site and get more views but now I want to do things my own way and have pride in what I do.

To me this interview with WilsonTech1 is one of my favourites from the whole Face 2 Face series. Lamarr was a brilliant guest to have and he is a big fan of Face 2 Face from the comments I got from him, he is a legend in the making please watch the interview.

Do Check out Lamarr's Youtube Channel his SchoolTechTV videos are really cool to watch. I loved his interview with Charlie.

OK onto the next topic a year today is the day when I posted up this video onto Youtube. Barry Aldridge Asks (6) - First channel you ever subscribed to?

I felt really proud of this video and it was a good question to ask and got people interested including one CorporalCadet on his secondary channel.

He did a really good response and about a couple of days I woke up out of my bed at 6am in the morning checked on my video Barry Aldridge Asks (6) on the stats thinking they had gone up on views a bit and found out I got featured on the Australia, Canada and New Zealand homepages on Youtube, holy crap. Around that time I was just recovering from the shock of my UK Feature a couple of weeks before. It was a great feeling and it was at point where I was almost there with my comfort zone on Youtube, but I will explain more another time.

Today is Rememberance Day for the fallen soldiers of both World Wars. I do agree with AngryAussie on his video about that it should be a day to remember all the soldiers that lost their lives in any war.

I totally agree with everything said in this video by AngryAussie, well said Andrew.

Thats all for now


Sunday, November 08, 2009


Hey guys

Hows it going? I was thinking about challenges recently which have been good to talk about.

I always wondered what is a good challenge for me and how do I go about it. I always wanted to have a good challenge and its something I want to do.

I always wanted to try Bungee Jumping but my fear of heights can get in the way and ruin it for me. Ah well. For people who want to know about Bungee Jumping here it is

Its like jumping into another world.

There are a number of challenges that I have done with the Internet which I thought would never happen

1) I completed a week without the Internet
2) Helped out with charities like Childern In Need in 2007 and Comic Relief this year
3) I have done two Project for Awesome videos for National Autistic Society which one of them got featured last year
4) Got Featured on The UK Front Page of Youtube
5) Got Featured on the Australia, Canada and New Zealand Youtube Front Pages of Youtube
6) Got Featured on The Global Front Page of Youtube (Special Thanks to the Vlogbrothers)
7) Got Featured on the Nerdfighters Ning for my Comic Relief video.
8) Finally been so many gatherings and had fun at them all.

I do have other challenges I do want to succeed with the Internet.

Im starting to do Gaming reviews as you noticed with DJ Hero I did 3 days ago and I have to say its doing really well, better than expected. Looks like I will continue down the gaming path. I hope one day that the Gaming editors on Youtube will notice my reviews but I doubt it. Who knows. I would love to get spotlighted in the gaming section which would be awesome.

There are other challenges I would love to do outside of the Internet like exploring other locations and going out more once the time off comes from my workplace.

It could be completing an old computer game that I hadnt finished like Super Mario Bros 2.

I am excited about Tuesday at first I thought I would get Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 early but more likely I will get it on Tuesday, good thing is that it is a day off for me.

Im really excited for this game, I may do an unboxing of the game before I put up my next Face 2 Face as people will know that Call Of Duty games are a big deal. I may put up two videos next week, so who knows.

OK finally Angry Video Game Nerd's 3rd part of Castlevania games is finally up

Thats all for now


Thursday, November 05, 2009

DJ Hero Review (Playstation 3 Renegade Edition)

Hey guys this is just a short entry to say I have done a review the other day on Youtube for a game called "DJ Hero Renegade Edition"

It is fantastic game

- Brilliant Graphucs
- Brilliant Character Designs
- Cool DJs
- Brilliant mix of Music
- Best Music game ever,

- Crossfader can be a pain
- The price is really high. Regular edition from £90 to £110 and Renegade Edition from £130 to £170

Thats all for now.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scary Movie Reviews

Hey guys

It feels strange to do a blog the day after finishing my challenge of doing a Blog Every Day In October. It felt really good and like I said yesterday I felt really proud of finishing it.

Now yesterday after the blog entry I decided to watch some films with a bit of a scare but mainly comedy. They were the Scary Movie series of films. So today I am going to review. Before I begin I was surprised to get a reply from Musicfromblueskies on Twitter saying he would rather be in a coma than doing the Scary Movie Marathon but hey thats his opinion. Onto the films.

Scary Movie 1

Basically this film is taking the mick out of the first Scream film which I have seen. From the beginning to the end. The very first scene I felt with Carmen Electra was a bit over the top and very stupid. So the first 5 minutes not off to a good start. I felt the rest of the film got better later on. I felt critics never respect Wayan Brothers style of how they made films. I felt some of the jokes were flat at times but there was some great laughs. I still love the Wassup bit from the film.

I couldnt stop laughing at it and Im glad that it has its own chapter on the DVD so if you aint in the mood to watch the whole film, you can watch that one bit. The jokes were great but a bit over the top. I liked the characters but got a bit silly at times but I felt the characters got better in the second film. I love some of the pop references to it. I feel the Shorty character who is one of my favourite characters in the series was slightly weaker in this one than the second one which I thought he was a better character in.

It contains a lot of weed and sex jokes which a lot of people could find offensive but I like it, its different to mainstream culture while adding some pop culture jokes.

Overall I liked the film not my favourite but it was good, I dont why critics hated it but I think they dont understand certain humour which I was able to research over time.

Scary Movie 2

Now onto my favourite in the series totally fantastic. It took the mic out of eariler horror films that my family and cousins were telling me about. I also did some research before watching this to find out which films they took the mick out of. Basically its the same cast from the first film accept for a few people and they stay over a haunted house for few days under the Professor played by Tim Curry. The jokes were really cool in this and I love the sillyness of the film. The offensive parrot cracked me up and I feel the Shorty character is a lot more funny in this and I like it.

I feel it wasnt rushed as a film and had a lot of laughs which was great. Its one of them films that cheers you up. I will say that the deleted scenes on the DVD could have made it into the final film, they were so funny to watch.

I give it 4 out of 5 and its my favourite in the series.

Scary Movie 3

Right once the Wayan Brothers left the franachise and other people took over, I was feeling like Im glad they got a third one out. The critics were praising this film and I thought finally I'll get it on DVD and I did. It took the mick out of current films and current stories which was a different idea, I will give it that but I am sorry but this one is overrated a bit. The Jokes were funny in this but it didnt have the appeal that the original ones had. I love Leslie Nelisen as the president, as he is always good in the spoofs but it didnt take the mick out of horror films, apart from The Ring and another I cant remember whats it called.

I loved the 8 Mile bit where George was trying to rap. I felt the writers (I heard Kevin Smith was a ghostwriter) tried too hard to make it a classic. The Alien part was funny a bit silly which was cool. I think they did a little too hard but watching yesterday It was a good film but could have been better. The critics I think do hate on the Wayan Brothers a bit.

Overall I give it 3.5 out of 5.

Scary Movie 4

Now onto the final one and personally the worst in the series. I liked it when I first watched it but I felt the jokes and taking the mick of War Of The Worlds and The Grudge wasnt the best idea. At points they really tried to hard to be funny but it didnt work.

This is not the worst film I have seen but it is the worst in the series. I hope they dont make anymore of these films otherwise it would ruin the legacy that the first 3 films had.

This is going to be short but dont see this one.

I give it 2 out of 5.

Thats all for now.



Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31st: Halloween & Final Summing Up

Hey Guys

This is the final entry of Blog Every Day October which I am really glad that it is come to an end. On today it is known as Halloween. It started off as an American holiday then soon became worldwide.

Now I will say that I don't like Halloween at all. Now if I was living America I wouldn't go there and diss Halloween because it is an American holiday but now it is getting popular in the UK has upset me a bit. I don't mind little kids dressing up and doing trick and treat with their mum and dad but older kids it is strange. I know people are going to hate me but I don't get what Halloween is about. Sure we do need a scare sometimes but I never like to get scared, I get it too easily. I wasnt scared too much when I went to the London Dungeon a year ago but there were certain points I did and that was cool. I hate that there are a lot of sequels to horror films like Friday the 13th Part 5 or somewhere higher.

I didnt mind the Scream films because the first plot had a little plot and was really cool concept.

The only scary films I really like is spoofs mainly the Scary Movies 1 & 2. Even though critics loved 3 & 4 I didnt like them as much. I do like the Wayan Brothers films better than the David Zucker's ones. The David Zucker had really smart comedy but it didnt gel with me unlike the Airplane films he did in the 80s.

I will watch all 4 films after watching Sin City which I got on Blu-Ray, going to give my dvd to mate Arron.

OK and finally since this is my last day doing Blog Every Day October I have enjoyed doing it going through many different things like Walking Day, National Poetry Day, The Barry Aldridge T-Shirts which are still selling, Reviews on films like Hot Fuzz & Batman and Robin, My Opinion on Selling Out, Going for an operation on removing 3 teeth and other topics. Im really glad I did this, its another challenge I have done and feel glad to do it.

It does feel good when you complete a challenge, its something unique that no one can take away from you.

OK onto my final video of the day goes to Liliesarelike known as Charlieissocoollike's Mum and so she did a great video involving puppets.

Thats it everyone I dont know when my next blog entry is but who knows.


Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th: Operation Aftermath & DJ Hero (First Play)

Hey Guys

This is the 30th entry of Blog Every Day October

OK Today I had my operation on my teeth today which the original plan was to remove two teeth when I went to the dentist clinic today and I was nervous and when I went into the clinic I was nervous with the injections but got there in the end.

In the end they had to remove three teeth which included another wisdom tooth that had to go too, I was so numb for a while and where the teeth were originally there are in pain during the day. Im feeling fine now.

Its strange that I recovered a lot quicker than I thought, I thought I would be in bed all day but I was able to stay up and about after my mouth finishing staying numb from the injections.

Afterwards when I got back home I got DJ Hero via courier and this picture has been put on my dailybooth

The Other picture is showing inside the Case/Table.

Once I was able to get the game up and running I started to get hooked, on a first couple of plays, I think it is a brilliant game, defintely one of my games of the year. It seems to be more of a challenge than guitar hero where you have to remember more stuff to do like the Euphoria button, fader and waving the sounds about. The scratching at first is difficult but I got to master it very quickly.

Here's a picture of me trying out also shown on Dailybooth

I have completed the tutorial (Beginners Level) to proceed to play the game and sets. I got through the first couple of playlists and its awesome stuff. I love this game and cant wait to review it. My grip at the moment which is something people will agree on is the price £99 for the normal edition and £125 to £150 for the Renegade Edition but it didnt stop me although it is an early christmas present from the family and I love them for it.

OK Video of the day keeping in the spirit of DJ Hero being released today in UK, Europe and Australia, heres a trailer promoting the game with Eminem and Jay-Z in it

Thats it for now

Last entry tomorrow



Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29th: Dentists and Operation Tomorrow

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 29th entry of Blog Every Day October. Today I was going to talk about something but I thought I'll tell you whats happening to me over the next couple of days.

Tomorrow I got to have an operation on my teeth which one of them removed will be a wisdom tooth that is nearly gone and the other is a tooth near the front that is nearly gone as well. I know I will come out a bit of wreck because having teeth removed really does hurt. I will be not allowed to eat anything 4 hours before the operation so I will be having something after I get out, I will be having drinks mainly Orange Juice and Yops.

Anyway I and a lot of other people really dont like dentists at all, well going to them but normally the dentists I have are really friendly people and know what to do but its more of the nerves of going is the problem I have. Its something I have to deal with everytime.

Watching Doctor Benjy's video about Dentists does remind me of them a bit of how they operate.

Really good stuff.

So for final thoughts I am nervous about tomorrow seeing if it is going to succeed or not. I hope so.

Right onto the video of the day and Im going to choose an old song from Hank Green which is going to be appear on 2nd album "This Machine Pwns n00bs" called "I Know (Ten Words Song)

I totally love this song still. I cant wait for Hanks 2nd album to drop.

Thats it for now


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28th: Reviews (They should done if own the product) & Chameleon Circuit Album Review

Hey Guys

This is the 28th entry of Blog Every Day October (BEDO), 3 more entries after this one and then I am done.

OK Todays entry is about reviews and its always good to see people doing reviews, now I love to read a review whether if someone is being positive or negative about a film, computer game, dvd or whatever it is something I really like to read. If its a short review its great to read and the longer ones are even better that they give details on what they think about every apsect of a film or game and every track on an album which is great.

The one thing that annoys me about reviews is that people do them before the product even comes out or if they havent seen the whole film or if they only played a demo of a computer game or havent heard the whole album. It just really pisses me off some of the time, I can understand that they heard certain tracks but dont review yet until you got the album. I noticed this on DFTBA when people were reviewing only certain tracks. It reminded me and

I was talking to Doctor Noise yesterday about reviews and had a couple of jokes about it but when I mentioned that people were already reviewing Tom Milsom's new CD which aint out until December 1st he thought the same as me. He do a review of Milsom's CD based on he has heard the whole CD while mastering it so I can take Bill's review at face value, which makes me more excited for Tom Milsom's 2nd Album "Painfully Mainstream"

I have pre-ordered Tom Milsom's 2nd Album and Hank Green's 2nd Album as well called "This Machine Pwns n00bs", while I am getting Hank's 1st album over the next few days.

Hanks 1st Album Cover

Hanks 2nd Album Cover

So thats my summing up on reviews, I really dont like when people do reviews before they judge the whole final product.

OK Finally onto reviewing the Chameleon Circuit album that I got a while ago from DFTBA Records.

Now I was send this for free by Alex Day and Alan Lastufka, I dont know why seriously but thanks guys, it was nice getting it from you guys.

Here's a picture of me holding the album from Dailybooth

This came out eariler this year around the summer, there was a lot of hype around the album and it was great. I even send Alex Day a good luck message with the project. People were getting excited which I can understand I love Doctor Who too.

Now the album was getting near and when I recieved the album, I felt like a kid at Christmas and I have to say I was a little let down by this because of the hype. I dont know it didnt seem right the whole flow of the album.

I did like Count The Shadows performed by Liam also known as Littleradge, Blink performed by Charlie Mcdonnell, Exterminate Regenerate and Journey's End both performed by Charlie and Alex.

I wasnt a big fan of Ginger Chris's songs which is a shame as I love his Youtube videos.

I felt it was rushed as an album altogether, I felt there should have been more effort into the final songs.

I hope they are able to do something special with the second album, my final thoughts are an OK album but I felt the hype and some songs were a let down.

I give this album 3 stars out of 5.

OK Finally onto my video of the day and it goes to AlexTheMagix and its a project called "The Grange" and here's a teaser. Im even part of the project when it comes out for Halloween.

If you want to take part in it please contact AlexTheMagix via his Youtube.

OK Thats it for now.


EDIT - 1pm For some unknown reason my review of Chameleon Circuit album which I have done on has been removed from the site and I feel really upset at the moment. But I thought I will put up the review again which I have done with this screenshot.

Click on the picture to read my review of Chameleon Circuit that I gave its similar to the one I gave.

If this happens again, it will be a topic for tomorrows blog entry about Criticism (Can People Take It?)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27th: James Bond

Hey Guys

This is the 27th entry of Blog Every Day October

Today Im going to continue talking about James Bond. Now I have always loved James Bond no matter who played him from Connery to Craig, the role and character of James Bond is always something interesting to watch for me and a lot of people. The first Bond film I ever watched was Goldfinger starring Sean Connery when it was TV when I was a kid.

I consider Goldfinger a classic and one of my favourite Bond films of all time. Such brilliant one liners and the villians were class. I love the films then watched the Roger Moore ones and I became a fan of Bond.

I loved watching the Live & Let Die, The Man with The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me (I reviewed yesterday) and Moonraker after that I didnt like the Roger Moore films of Bond and Timothy Dalton was ok in his role, I did like Licence to Kill as it was so different to other Bond Films.

After a bit I went back to the Connery films and found them interesting to watch and really cool. When Goldeneye was first released I was a bit nervous because I felt the Bond films were going downhill but I wanted to see how Pierce Brosnan would do and he did an excellent on that film and he did the same with Tomorrow Never Dies. After them films Bond were getting dull The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day.

Then when Daniel Craig took over the role, I remember everyone eing shocked that he would drag the role into the dirt including me and how wrong everyone was which is great, I rather be wrong at times. Casino Royale was brilliant and took out all of the gadgets that Bond is famous for.

Daniel Craig played a more serious Bond which is a great idea for the Bond to go down, it is a lot darker than past ones which is cool. Sometimes trying to break the 4th wall is an excellent idea.

I recently started to watch the Bond films again when I heard of the passing Joseph Wiseman who played the first ever James Bond Villian (Dr No) and I got hooked back in watching some of Connery's films and the first 4 Roger Moore ones. Great times watching them.

Thats my summing up of James Bond films.

The Video of the day goes to Daveyboyz and its an old Talk With Dave with MakeMeBad35 and I really like this interview, so funny.

Thats it for now, back tomorrow.


Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th: The Spy Who Loved Me (James Bond) DVD Review

Hey Guys

This is the 26th entry of Blog Every Day October.

I couldnt think of a topic to talk about and I decided to talk about James Bond I really like called "The Spy Who Loved Me"

The plot taken from IMDB.Com

"When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened to the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond joins forces with beautiful Russian secret agent Anya Amasaova. Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromberg, a powerful shipping magnate who is implementing a horrific scheme for world domination. Bond struggles to foil the plot, but Stromberg has provided him with the most lethal adversary: Jaws, a seemingly indestructible steel-toothed giant. Agent 007's adventure takes him to the Egyptian pyramids, under the sea and to a mountaintop ski chase that builds to one of the most amazing stunts ever filmed."

Now this is one of the best James Bond films I have ever seen and its up there with Goldfinger and Live & Let Die which were classics in their own right. I can understand that The Spy Who Loved Me was highly acclaimed by critics as it had a gripping storyline from beginning to end. It was directed by the brilliant Lewis Gilbert who also directed another favourite Bond of mine "You Only Live Twice" and it was really cool and gripping stuff.

My favourite came right before the credits where 007 was trying to espace from the Russians and went off a cliff and opened a parachute with the Union Jack.

It has one of my favourite James Bond themes ever and it was performed by Carly Simon called "Nobody Does It Better"

Im really glad that Roger Moore's Bond was able to develop a brilliant sense of humour which to me is better than Connery any day of the week. There was some great humour when Bond and Anya (Barbara Bach) and they were trying to espace from JAWS, a brilliant villian. Curt J├╝rgens as Karl Stromberg was also a great villian who wanted to destroy the world and create a new one under the sea which was different to see. This formula was used again in the next one Moonraker.

I did find it a little cheesy and how Bond dealt with Stromberg at the end a bit disppointing but still a brilliant film and loved the film involving Bond, Anya and the Secret Service operations of the British and Russians.

Brilliant film overall 4.5 out of 5.

Video of the day goes to NSG with his beat making magic with the Launchpad from Ableton.

OK Thats it for now


Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25th: Clocks Changing

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 25th entry of Blog Every Day October

Today I am here to talk about the clock changing, now every time the clock changes I deal with it OK, but this time when I woke up I had a problem dealing with it, maybe its because Im getting older and keep forgetting about certain things. Im not a fan of the clocks changing at all I wish they didn't have to do it.

I heard its to deal with some part of Scotland that stays dark until mid morning around 9 or 10 o'clock dont ask me why. I know that everyone has to deal with daylight savings through different periods of the year. Im surprised that I am writing about this at 8am in the morning.

It takes me a couple of days to get used to the new time changes every March and October when it happens. I do hate it when it does go forward an hour as you have less sleep but I didnt mind that when I was a kid. Its something of change to me.

I remember a brilliant video that Smivadee did this year when the clocks moved forward an hour. It was a good video and glad Youtube featured it on the front page here in the UK.

Thats the first thing I thought of when the clocks changed, even though it was a while ago.

In a way I can take the clocks changing normally but today I got a bit confused because I forgot lol. Oh well.

OK onto the video of the day and it goes to Tom Milsom For his Indigo.

Here's the original version he did back in September 2007

and here is the new version that will be released on his 2nd album coming out on the 1st of December on DFTBA Records

Thats it for now


Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24th: Im surprised I am doing well.

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 24th entry of Blog Every Day October and before I begin my entry, Fawn (xFAWNx on Dailybooth & 0titch0 on Youtube) has received her T-Shirt today which surprised and proves the postal strike isnt as big as they say in the media.

Thanks Fawn you are a star.

OK onto todays entry which is only going to be a short entry, but Im just not in the mood to do a long one. So I thought I would reflect again on how I am doing and to say I am really surprised that I have reached day 24 and havent stopped, I thought I would stop around day 7 or 8 thinking I couldnt carry on but this world can bring you a lot of surprises and this blog every day October has been made me learn a lot which is awesome. Whether I learned that you can give something a second chance or I have learnt that I can never trust politics all that sort you know.

Its great that I was inspired from past blog every day projects that have been done in the past and its great to see myself getting motivated.

OK Thats it for today and I will do something better for tomorrow when Im a great mood to do other blogs.

OK Video of the day goes to uzoouk for the Dog Adopts Lion. I find this world incredible.

OK thats it for now guys. Speak soon


Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23rd: I Don't Like Politics

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 23rd entry of Blog Every Day October, I was a bit worried this morning that Blogger wasnt working properly I know strange ha. It had some error messages but it was ok in the end thank goodness. I only got time to do an entry this morning.

I forgot to mention I was in the latest DFTBA newsletter send by e-mails the other day for my review of Dr Noise's EP. Thanks again DFTBA. Aslo I would like to thank Fawn for retweeting my blog yesterday about the Autism Bill 2009 being passed.

Todays entry is a bit over the top in my books. Its about all about Politics I HATE IT SO MUCH.

I think any type of politics whether it is in parliament or any form of business is never a good thing at all.

I cant stand how people would use politics to try to suit their own needs and egos, which makes me depise the world at times. I hate how our politicans whether it be Labour, Conversative, Lib Dems or other parties are acting childish in the House of Commons. It makes me wonder if they are going to go forward and stay stuck in time with the childish attitudes. Thats what I said on Twitter based on British Politics.

Now when it was announced that the BNP were going to be on Question Time last night, I was really shocked and decided not to watch it because they are another party who think they know what to do but dont really and they are racists that would destroy the UK as we know.

I felt anyone watched Question Time was falling into a trap giving the BNP publicity that they want. So what I did last night is I went to CheekTV's blogtv and chilled out there for a bit and it was nice to see Ian's shed (iiarando) which was really cool.

The only politics that seem to interest me is whats going with Barack Obama as I feel he can bring a change to the world and his words speak of passion like politicans of the past. I wish there are more honest and willing politicans who can help change what we got today.

Thats enough talk of politics makes me mad talking about it but at least I got it out in the open.

Anyway the video of the day goes to Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers with the The Top 10 Greatest Hoaxes of All Time. There are some really good ones in there.

Thats it for now guys

Speak soon


Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22nd: The Autism Bill has been passed

Hey Guys

This is the 22nd entry of Blog Every Day October and Im happy today that quite a few things happened and it was so great to hear and do.

OK The main topic is that National Autistic Society was trying to push forward the Autism Bill 2009 and Im happy to say the Bill has been pushed forward which is awesome.

Heres a video to outline the Autism Bill

Here's also a letter from NAS Chief Executive Mark Lever

Dear All,

Today we have made legal history. The Autism Bill has made it through its last parliamentary stage, and upon Royal Assent it will become the Autism Act 2009: the first ever disability-specific law for England.

The Act will guarantee a future Adult Autism Strategy which will put legal duties on local authorities in England to improve services for people with autism. The Strategy will be published in the next six months and we will of course continue to campaign to ensure it is as strong as it can be and makes a real difference to people affected by autism.

The Autism Act started out as a Private Members Bill, drafted by the NAS and taken forward by Conservative MP Cheryl Gillan. Over the past year, thousands of NAS campaigners (including many of you!) have contacted their MP or local newspaper to support the Bill, and it has also had the backing of all the major political parties and 16 other autism charities from around the country.

You can read more about the Autism Act on our website at Autism Act 2009

Best wishes

Mark Lever,

NAS chief executive

It does feel really good when you get to hear news like that. Now with this bill up and running, people with autism can be helped out even more within society.

OK quick run down of today and it has been really good in Brighton.

1) I met comedian Al Murray for a book signing in WHSmiths and what a great bloke and signed my copy of the book. Top guy.

2) While I was in HMV in the Churchill Square Shopping Centre. I saw the DJ Hero being played in action and looked really cool. I didnt have time to play it sadly. I am excited for next Friday. I just want my hands on the game and the controller.

Finally before I go to the video of the day, Im really happy that Fawn has bought one of my T-shirts which is so awesome. The only problem could be late arrival to her because of Postal Strike and will send it out tomorrow even if it takes a little longer.

The video of the day goes to Angry Video Game Nerd and its a new one looking into Castlevania II and Castlevania III

As a Bonus here's the original review of Castlevania II (AVGN's first ever review)

Thats it for now and what a great day it has been. Im glad I made it this far with the blog entries.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st: Future Ideas

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 21st entry of Blog Every Day October

Before I talk about my main topic about future ideas that I got coming up, I got a couple of updates to mention.

1) I would like to thank Dr Noise and DFTBA Records for promoting my review on Twitter yesterday, I felt proud of doing an EP after a long time of not doing reviews. This is something I will discuss in my future ideas bit.

2) The Barry Aldridge T-shirt I have only sold one more since weekend and its going to Dr Noise, which he did by accident order the UK one and lucky though we were able to sort it out. If you are going to buy a T-Shirt, please look at the options if you live outside the UK it does have an International option for all the sizes.

OK onto the main blog, I have been thinking about my future ideas when it comes to Youtube and I have decided I could do these

1) I will continue doing Face 2 Face interviews because I find them fun to do.
2) Every now and then I will do a vlog telling people what I have been up to which is why I started on Youtube
3) I may start computer game reviews again which I havent done in a long time.

The computer game should be a good idea, as I have real liking for them and I havent done a review in ages, I havent done one since Metal Gear Solid 4 from last year which I removed but I did do a Two Year on look at the Playstation 3.

I was going to some more after that but my Playstation 3 suffered the yellow/red light of death and forgot about reviews and focused more on doing outing/vlogs and Face 2 Face but I am ready to get back into the gaming review saddle. Which is really cool.

The other idea that I may do before the review is doing a video relating on Youtube before the end of the month if not then maybe the beginning of next month. I rather that a secret for the time being.

Thats my ideas for now.

My video of the day goes to a trailer of Dr No, the reason Im doing it is that actor Joseph Wiseman who played Dr No (First ever Bond villian) passed away today at the age of 91. May he RIP.

Thats it for now


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20th: Two Reviews: Dr Noise's Silent Echoes and The Dark Knight (Batman) Blu-Ray

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 20th entry of blog every day and today I am going to do two reviews for you guys.

First will be Doctor Noise's Silent Echoes EP released under DFTBA Records and then second review is another look into The Dark Knight (Batman) on Blu-Ray.

But before all that I would like to thanks Ed (Eddplant on Youtube) on his great picture showing off the T-shirt

and also for doing a video showing off whilst he was doing a cover song called Use Somebody.

I also the love the quote he put in his description "Don't know who Barry Aldridge is? Shame on you."

Thanks Eddplant on being a star.

OK onto the two reviews rhat I am going to do today.

First up is Doctor Noise's EP "Silent Echoes" released under DFTBA Records

Before I begin Im really happy that Bill (Dr Noise) was able to release an album/EP with DFTBA Records because I feel he is a brilliant talent and Im normally not a fan of rock albums. Its basically an EP featuring 6 tracks that he has put out as youtube videos. He has done a video showcasing all the tracks so you get a chance to listen before buying which I think Alan Lastufka and Hank Green have the right idea here (They are the owners of DFTBA Records)

Heres the video of his EP do give a listen and watch the videos

Anyway onto my opinion of the EP I would say it is really good overall. I know that Bill has put in a lot of effort

1) We All Fall Down (5/5) I really like this track, it has a drive and energy to it which I really like. Bills motivation is matched with the music which I am really happy to see.

2) Addiction (3.5/5) Its nice to hear track which it maybe my least favourite on the album but it has some nice touches. The guitar riffs in this are awesome though

3) Judgement Day (4/5) The energy of the music is really fast paced and it perfectly suits Bill vocals. There are so many instruments playing at once and its really cool.

4) Sub-Reality (5/5) Another favourite from the EP. It has full drive into the music performed and the vocals of Bill. I like the backing vocals done in this track and keeps it uplifting. Well done Bill

5) Little Soldier (3.5/5) A change of pace from the last two tracks but its really nice. Its a bit slow to my tastes but its still cool. Nicely done though.

6) Regret (5/5) I love this track a lot, I like it that its just the guitar playing and has a different element to the whole EP. I feel this is the strongest track on the EP. Well done.

I feel overall this is a strong EP that should not be ignored by fans of DFTBA Records, I will admit this is the first album I have bought from DFTBA. Its a good one to choose.

Overall it gets 4.25 out of 5 (Well done Doctor Noise)

OK Onto the second review and its the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray

Now I decided to give the Dark Knight another chance and bought it yesterday on Blu-Ray for a tenner which is a good review.

When I first watched it in the cinema back in 2008 I thought it was way over hyped and agreed with Alex Day (Nerimon) on why people took it as a big deal. I also agreed at the time with Charlie (Charlieissocoollike) that the first 30 minutes was really bad and I fell asleep during that period which I had never done for a film. I think it was because of the hype of the second film and because of Heath Ledger's passing sort of made it a big deal which I can understand.

I may have not been in the mood around that time.

Like I said I decided to give it another chance and bought it. This time there is no hype and I could really appreciate the performances.

OK I still think Heath Ledger's performance was brilliant as a Joker not as good as Jack Nicholson's performance but at least they are different jokers and not the same.

I really liked the first 30 minutes this time around, it has a great story structure and prefer Two Face/Harvey Dent in this one than Batman Forever.

I hope they do release a follow up to this because this time I found the film to be really good. I was able to enjoy it without the hype and about Heath Ledger's passing.

When I watched in the Cinema last year I gave it 2 out of 5. The 2 was for the directing and Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker.

But Now I give it 4 out of 5, its not the best Batman film I have seen but it is up there.

OK Finally Video Of The Day goes to Doctor Noise and its my favourite track from his EP "Regret".

Thats it for now


Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19th: Animated Disney Classics.

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 19th Entry of Blog Every Day October. Today I am going to talk about Disney Animated Classics not including Pixar stuff

Before that the T-Shirt update is that no T-shirts were sold over the weekend, so that means there are still plenty to sell. I wont anymore now until there is further news.

OK onto todays topic.

I love the Disney animated films and have been watching a couple over the last three days. I have been watching Pinocchio, The Jungle Book and The Aristocats. 3 excellent Disney films.

I remember the first ever one I watched when I was kid was the Jungle Book when it was on TV then released onto video which I got christmas and consider it one of my favourites of all time.

Then I watched Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast and the Lion King (My favourite Disney film). After the Lion King I stopped watching them because it didnt capture the masgic it once had. I think that Lion King had reached the highest bar that Disney could reach. I did like Chicken Little but it was in 3D rather than the original 2D animation that Disney is best known for.

I have been going back to watching these classics and its nice to do. Im watching Aristocats again for 4th time over the last few days. Good thing about Disney films is that they are short but sometimes can be too short. I felt that Oliver & Company was a bit too short, if only it was 10 minutes longer at least I would have rated a 5 star classic instead of 4.75.

Lion King is my favourite Disney film and I did a video a long time ago explaining my reasons but it relates to me best that film because of the relationship with my dad and family. The film is like a big metaphor that I can relate to.

Videos of the day, they are all Disney Animated trailers of films I like

Jungle Book Trailer

Oliver & Company Trailer

Aladdin Trailer

Lion King Trailer

OK Thats it for now. I will do a blog entry tomorrow about Why People want fame?

Bye now


Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18th: Social Media

Hey Guys

Welcome to the 18th entry of Blog Every Day October

Today Im feeling better and I can do a longer entry.

But first here's another picture of someone wearing the Barry Aldridge T-Shirt. Today its AverseBliss from Youtube.

OK Todays Topic is Social Media and should schools, college and university, should their students be allowed to use Social Networking sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and others.

I was watching a video from Lamarr Wilson also known as WilsonTech1 on this issue.

OK Lamarr does bring up a lot of good points with Social Media that social networking sites have become part of our lives. I do understand schools that have younger than 16 doing this and I agree on this part. I do believe that schools shouldnt banned social networking sites but should put an age restriction of them, well maybe have people using youtube in school when they are 16 once they finish their big exams like in the UK we have GCSEs and exams are far more important to do.

I do see the problem with social networking sites that it doesnt do face 2 face contact that well. I think Twitter should be allowed in university if there was some questions that is being asked about important assignments. Its a tricky issue with social networking sites.

Now I did like Lamarr's rant about Macs. Now dont get me wrong I like some of the Apple products and do go to the apple store but it is nice to see someone rant about Apple because I feel it does get a lot of praise from Internet communites. I do agree that you can't customize your Apple Products which Lamarr mentioned in the video.

I do feel people are afraid to speak their mind on certain things, I was at one point but now I dont mind if people have a problem but yeah there are times that people will disagree with you on something. If someone agrees with you on everything you will automatically think of him/her as a Yes person.

Anyway Thats my thoughts on Social Media and Lamarr's video to bring up some points.

The Video of The Day goes to Angry Video Game Nerd again and its another one of my favourite reviews and its about Battletoads featuring Kyle the Guitar Guy who does his theme

Thats it for now and I will be back tomorrow with another entry.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17th: T-Shirt Update and First Look at Uncharted 2

Hey Guys

This is the 17th entry of Blog Every Day October, todays one is a short one because Im not in the right mood to write a big one.

OK Update on the T-shirts so far we have sold 6 out of 48 T-shirts and still got plenty to sell. I did receive some pictures from CheekTV, Jackey and NSG showing off the T-shirt.

NSG Music wearing the T-Shirt

Jackey Ramone wearing the T-Shirt

Gary/CheekTV wearing the T-Shirt

Im really impressive with the pictures that were send in and if you buy a T-shirt and want send a picture you to at

For details of the T-Shirt go here - Barry Aldridge Real Name No Gimmicks T-Shirt

Thanks to everyone who bought one.

OK Moving on I have finally got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves today once I got home from work in Tescos.

I have say I only played the first couple of levels of the game and I have to say it is an awesome game, could be my favourite game of the year so far. The storyline and character development from the beginning is brilliant, Im really excited to play the rest of the game. I think this is going to be better than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

I will try out the multiplayer stuff later on if not maybe tomorrow which is cool.

OK finally the video of the day belongs to ResidentMikeLee and its about poptarts.

Ok thats it for now guys.

See you tomorrow when Im in a stronger mood