Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tom Milsom Launch Party Gig/Face 2 Face With Daveyboyz and I Dont do Face 2 Face for Status

Hey Guys

Welcome to another blog entry with Barry Aldridge

OK Saturday was a real blast when I went to see Alan (TEMP) in the morning and early afternoon then I spend some time in London for the afternoon before heading off to the gig in the evening to see the launch of Tom Milsom's 2nd album "Painfully Mainstream"

I had a real fun night out at the gig and it was great seeing people there and Im sorry I didnt get a chance to say goodbye as I had to rush home and lucky though I did as trains were up the wall and I had to rush onto a train to get me back home and took an hour longer to get back but still worth going to the gig.

OK I did another Face 2 Face interview today a week after the last one and todays one is with Daveyboyz

Now I know that this interview would get a mixed reaction that people have problems with Davey and I had an issue with him at one point about things he did but lucky though it wasnt a big problem with him at all from me and I really like his videos.

OK the story of this interview is that I did the interview with Y2KJonRichards and Davey left a comment saying he wanted to do it but my list of guests was full at the time and forgot to ask Davey at that point then with Smivadee interview a while ago and then Daveyboyz left a comment saying he was up for it and I said yes defintely and send an email and Davey was happy. Sent him the questions and he send me his answers back a few days after and I got the interview done 2 days later. This one was good and I liked Davey's answers.

Thanks Davey

OK about 30 minutes ago I received a question on Formspring with someone saying "You used to be a big fan of "helping the little guy out"." Now Im still helping out the little guy by watching videos and if they wanted to help out with anything then they can ask, its very simple. Its not being rude as some people would think, I think of it as more of a respect thing. Someone asked me if they could help out with Face 2 Face and I said they could help out with the interview by doing an intro and it was in the first 10 seconds of the PJ & Lex interview.

Now the next part this person said that I was doing interviews with PJ, Daveyboyz, Crabstickz just to help out my status on Youtube, as this is not the case. Now with Crabstickz I dis ask him but with PJ and Daveyboyz they asked me whether it was on Skype, Twitter or Youtube comments plus I like watching their videos and I knew they would come out with a great interview. It aint about getting more subscribers as I never think about numbers because then I know that content would turn crap.

If I only did interviews with certain youtubers to gain subscribers then yes It would tarnish me but right now I dont think it has tarnished me at the moment.

In my last blog entry I did mention suggestions that people have come up with for future Face 2 Face interviews which I will do after the New Year.

It was a good question but it left me bugged out but that's their opinion and I aint going to let it bother now.

On a final note I love the new albums by Tom Milsom and Hank Green shown in this picture

OK Thats it for now

Bye for now


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