Friday, December 04, 2009

One Facebook account is all I need and Face 2 Face With PJ & Lex

Hey Guys

Hows it going? Hope everything is good with everyone and I have been trying to think of a blog entry but felt stuck but now I got some stuff to talk about HOORAY.

Before I begin talking about the stuff in the title I will mention I will be up London on Saturday for a couple of things. First of all I will be visiting my friend Alan for the morning to play on PS3 with Tekken 6 and I know I will lose every match because I know I will suck at it. I will be staying there til around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Then later in the day at around 6 to 7 o'clock in the evening I will be going to a gig organised by Tom Milsom, Eddplant and Alex Day aka Nerimon to celebrate the UK launch of Tom Milsom's 2nd album "Painfully Mainstream" in which it is an exciting event not only it is a gig but it is more like a gathering where people can meet other people and watch Alex, Ed and Tom perform live its that great. Im still waiting for my copy of Tom Milsom's 2nd album and I know its going to be good like his first album.

OK onto the topics in hand. The first thing I will talk about is Facebook, a couple of months I decided to open a second facebook for Internet friends and keep the original just for real life friends and any online friends I talk to regularly but this has turned out to be a bad idea. I can not keep up with both and decided that I left a message on my second one saying I will not be using that anymore and using the original one so in the new year I will be deleting the "Barry RNNG Aldridge" facebook account and just keeping the "Barry Aldridge" one in the future. It was a bandwagon to me that seemed like a good idea but in the end it wasnt mend to be, ah well.

OK Finally I will be talking the last Face 2 Face I did which was with KickThePJ & TyrannosaurusLexxx

OK how did this come together well, after uploading the Crabstickz interview and watching it PJ contacted me on Skype saying he liked and was willing to do an interview which was fantastic news for me and could be a good opporunity, now originally it was going to be a solo interview. I was thinking about the questions for PJ and then one of my family mentioned about Lex being with PJ and then I remembered that Lex wanted to do it as well, so I contacted PJ saying would Lex be ok being asked some questions and guess what it was perfect timing and PJ said Lex would love to do it and then I figured out some questions for them and send them off. Got the answers back on Monday morning and put together the interview on Tuesday as you can see there.

I can say I have had back some really good feedback from the interview which was awesome. Even had feedback from people I havent heard from in ages like Laurbubble, J0ames and Amycakes which was awesome. InstantMashUp came up with a really comment saying he liked the double act and said I should more of them because they are quicker and more interesting that is indeed true but problem with that is the chemistry has to be right and they have be together which I did reply that it could be tricky to do but will give it a try in a future interview. Loved the feedback guys.

OK I did ask on Twitter to say who do you think I should interview next on Face 2 Face and got some really good ones like Lomasca, Pixonu, JohnCox88, The GadgetDude and others which is all really good. Now once I send that out there a couple of people who wanted to have interviews a while ago and they contacted me. One of them has send me their footage yesterday evening which was awesome and the other Im waiting on their footage which is cool. So some of them suggestions I could ask in the new year If I remember.

Now November was a busy month for me overall but this month could be another busy month for me on Youtube with Face 2 Face interviews that I got to put out which one of the guests I know people may not like but this person did ask to do this which is fine. What I can say if I get the footage from the other person, I will be interviewing people who know about.

Not only them I will be doing a video about the gig Im going on Saturday and hoping to get some footage and posting it on my Youtube channel which should be awesome, I got the Project For Awesome video to do on December 17th, I will be doing a Christmas Eve video as well with a couple real life pals that I have known since College plus I got a New Year video that is going to be about Computer games. So I got another busy month ahead on Youtube. I like busy months on Youtube.

Anyway I got to go and get ready for work, I may do a blogtv tonight after work at around 8 for an hour then heading off to bed to go to Alans place on Saturday Morning and then the gig in the evening.

Bye for Now.


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el director! said...

you don't even need one facebook account - a facebook free life is bliss!