Saturday, December 12, 2009

Excited for Christmas and Short bit on Harry Potter Films

Hey Guys

I am really excited for Christmas, its under 2 weeks away and I feel its going to be a good one, even better than last year where my spirit for the holiday wasnt there but now I feel great that everything is going to be fine with family coming down on Christmas Eve which is awesome. My favourite christmas present ever was a Nintendo Entertainment when I was 6 years old and always has been my favourite.

The good thing also is that I have been doing a load of collab clips for different youtubers over the last couple of weeks which is cool whether it is a collab for christmas or just for another time.

One of the collabs I send a clip for is for a youtube user called Gibbo1988 who did his 3rd All We Want For Christmas Collabs. It also features Nalts, Geriatric1927, Smivadee, Iggy35, Aaron of Blame Society Films, Greg of MediocreFilms, TDKnuckle and more. I felt really proud taking part in this as it felt really heartwarming and great to do. Well done Gibbo.

I love collabs they are awesome and this year Im glad Im taking part in them again which is awesome.

OK for the last few days I have been watching the Harry Potter films from the beginning and it brings back good memories of how good the eariler were and having KFC Meal when watching the first film for the first time. I still have the same opinions about the films. 1st one I loved it, 2nd one a favourite, 3rd one a bit better this time but weak at points, 4th one loving it. Going to the 5th one later tonight again. the 6th one "Half Blood Prince" was a let down with some of the story making no sense and felt weak at a lot of points. But still a good film even with the bad points.

Thats it for now. Im watching some more Harry Potter and preparing my Project For Awesome video.


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