Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lion King Musical Review (Video) and Film Mad

Hey Guys I thought I would do a third blog entry in 4 days which I haven't done in three months.


I did a video reviewing the Lion King yesterday (ABOVE) and I heard the Youtube Subscription box had some big problems yesterday, where I only found out about people posting videos via Friend Activity when others whether they favourited it and rated the video or via a Twitter message saying they got a new video out. Like I said I aint too bothered with this issue, I will let Youtube take their time because not everything is perfect, while I agree with people that Youtube should fix the old problems first before putting in new things into the site.

I may embed the video in other sites that do reviews because I felt really proud of the review I did for the musical, which I dont normally embed expect when embedding videos onto this blog and on the Nerdfighters Ning that I still have and sometimes forget to update.


Lately I have watched a lot of films over the last few days because I wanted to feel relaxed plus I had a lot of DVDs that I hadn't watched in ages.

They included:

Green Street
How High
Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
Austin Powers - Goldmember
Hustle & Flow
Walking Tall

Its great to watch films you havent seen in a long time where if they are indy or mainstream productions.

It started with Green Street on a Friday afternoon, it is one of my favourite films made from the good old UK. It deals with Football fans who are hooligans representing GSE (Green Street Elite - Representing West Ham United FC) who pride themselves on dealing with Football Hooligan establishments that include Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester Utd and their rival team Millwall FC.


I may watch some more later today, while looking for a job which I have been doing a bit lately and still getting no where.

Take care everyone


Monday, February 23, 2009

Street Fighter IV (Playstation 3 Review)

Hey guys

Its been a long time since I did a blog entry for the second day running but I decided to do one.


I got Street Fighter IV over the weekend on the Playstation 3 and I heard a lot of reviews about the game.


The concept of the game well its like any other beat em’ up that we all love to play. The objective is to beat up all the other characters to bloody pulp to get your characters hearts and desires which I think it is really cool. Luckily though They dont have any ring outs which I ain’t a fan. I will put at the end I rather beat my opponent to a bloody pump so then there is only one left standing.

There are two things that is really special about this fourth edition within the series 1) You can play online with others for the very first time and 2) Where you can play all the old characters from Street Fighter History and including four new characters.

It brings back the basics of Street Fighter II while it keeps up with the new generation of gamers who know beat em ups like Tekken, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur.


I like how the game plays as although it has linear storyline that isn’t interactive where you can take the story but I love the characters are so unique that they have their line before a battle starts I like they have some very humorous lines that made me chuckle. It is really smooth and easy to get into, which I what I need lately with a lot of games being a difficult on how to master the controls.


The graphics are smooth and so real to life, its like God had come to me in a dream and slapped me to tell me that games can go a lot further. It mixes 2D characters with 3D backgrounds and I was thinking it would mess up the game but it hasnt completely which is awesome. I'm really glad that game graphics have got better and better but in most of these games the game play isn’t top quality but with this game it is top quality. The character graphics are 5 star quality in my opinion.


The sounds of the game play are very realistic, it comes out crystal clear. The familar special move names are still there from the past. It really feels like a Beat Em Up game coming at you, which is awesome.


The controls are very difficult and very challenging for me as I think this is a brilliant thing as there aren’t a lot of games that offer a challenge nowadays which makes me sad. The game offers many different moves and combos that take to time to find, which is an excellent thing to have in any beat em up.

I will admit the control system on the Playstation 3 controller can be a pain in the bum where you can click on a button and it will not work at times.


I think this game is really fun to play, the first character I chose to pick I will admit was Ryu. I could play on this game for hours and never stop playing I kept on going and going with the arcade mode to beat the boss. I have to admit I didnt like the final boss Seth with someone who can do all the special moves. I prefered M. Bison as the final boss.

4.5 out of 5 in my opinion.

Here's the Street Fighter IV Intro to finish this post.

Bye For Now


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its best to have fun.... (PAW-T Event, The Console Wars Issue and Youtube Issues)

Things have been going good lately for me, which is great, even though on one night people saw me on Dailybooth being depressed because I was feeling tired and needed some sleep.

Anyway I went up to London to meet up with TEMPHUiBIS for some arcade fun. Now there was TEMPHUiBIS, myself, NSG and I think his name is Bradley and it was pretty cool. There was someone else who came and he came a long time and we lost and we were a bit worried. We played on Street Fighter IV and Tekken 6. Just chilled around Central London for a few hours.

Oh yeah NSG beat TEMPHUiBIS and me at Air Hockey and had to show this picture in this link - NSG Whoops us in Air Hockey.

Now I remember we chatted about Japanese Anime, where we discussed how the American culture when ever they get them ruin the cartoons completely where it is taking out blood, swearing, change a storyline completely or put in the worst voice acting ever which we agreed upon the Naruto English Dub.

TEMPHUiBIS also mentioned about family and it had some brillant music video thingy which I got to find later on. TEMPHUiBIS did take a little footage but couldnt do too much because of the security in Funland, which I dont know why but he was able to do some.

Heres the video of the day

I nearly forgot I had a phone called from Georgie (GeorgieBOOM of Youtube) and she was drunk and had a quick chat which was cool.

Secondly I watched a video from Digitilsoul who is one of my favourite Youtubers who spoke about the Console Wars in the best way possible without offending each console that much.

What I like about Digitilsoul is that he speaks with a very open mind and reflects everything that is going on. So I was glad he talked about this issue and tried to stop this bullshit with the console wars, yes its all about competition but stop trying to get in their and diss the other console out.

I remember the wars of Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive (In America - Genesis) when I felt that Gaming was at its peak. Now I do agree with people that Graphics and Film Storylines are better in Todays games but when it comes to gameplay I have to give it to games that were made before 1995. Gameplay is the most important

Here's a couple of videos about the games released on the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive.



OK on to the final issue its an issue that has some people on Youtube worrying a bit. Its about videos of views not reflecting about how much subscribers someone has. Now this has gone on for a long time, where I know that Youtube aint as strong as its once was.

I will try to reflect on this in the fairest possible way without going over the top.

Now I will give you an example where someone may have 4000 subscribers and at the best he/she may only get a thousand views with or without putting their video as autoplay, now I know that this could be worrying.

Some youtubers have talked about this whether it was in a Youtube Video, Blog Entry, Dairy Entry or a Facebook Video. Now sometimes we may forget that everyone may not log in every day or that their are channels who subscribe to us more than once possibly up to 4 channels or a few channels have had their channels closed/suspended, whatever it is. I do remember someone mentioning that Youtube having some bug issues which is true that not everyone would be able to watch the videos. It did bug me at first then I realised thinking OK I may as well keep going on otherwise I will get paranoiaed about the situation. I RATHER KEEP GOING AND POSITIVE than focusing on the negatives.

Now in the past it would take at least a day or two to get your views matched or over your subscriber count now it could take up to two weeks.

To me it can be a worry I will admit but I aint too focused on this issue because then it would distract me from future ideas for videos whether it is something creative or doing a vlog for the people. I rather keep doing what I am doing and if regular people watch my videos then thats fine. I had my 15 minutes of fame on Youtube and I dont think I will get featured again.

I will be surprised and shocked if I get featured again but I doubt it.

I dont want the fame at all, I rather be with friends in general and I think a lot of people would agree with me on that.

I was pleased about how Face 2 Face went and people left positive feedback on the Interview with BillTVMacon.

Bill reminded me that it doesnt matter how many subscribers you get as long you can have fun making the videos and that you are true to yourself then you will have fun making videos on Youtube.

Oh yeah I loved Bill's review of the McFly Album on the Lovehatesociety channel that he did yesterday

So I will sum up

ITS BEST TO HAVE FUN RATHER NOT WORRYING ABOUT WHATS GOING ON YOUTUBE? unless it is a real serious issue that could affect everybody

OK I may do another video this week but It will be a vlog talking about some things I have mentioned on here and a couple of other things not mentioned in this blog. The earilest possible day for the video will be a Tuesday or Wednesday.

I was wondering as a final question


Have a great week everyone


Monday, February 16, 2009

"The Heart Of A Champion"

The title explains how I feel at the moment while I am writing this.

I have been feeling great for the last few days and may have had some depression before I go to bed and then when I wake up I feel really down on life.

I felt that today was going to be different, after a couple of hours waking up I felt really great. I did some filming in the morning for the Intro to my Face 2 Face interview with BillTVMacon and I felt it came out really well. After doing the Intro filming and editing, My family and I took Ruby out for a walk along the coast and onto the beach, I had hold of the lead but failed a few times lol. So I went into town by myself because I wanted to go to the shop. So I did.

Now by early afternoon I started to film my parts for the interview because Bill had given in his stuff for the interview a few days and I was having trouble converting the file but I was able to when I woke up. I was thinking I would probably get this interview done and put on Youtube on Wednesday but I was surprised how quickly I was able to put together on Sony Vegas.

Now originally I was going to private the interview and let Bill watch before putting it public but I was too late lol. Lucky though Bill was one of the first to comment on the video. So I was able to enjoy it.

I have to admit it is one of the best videos I have ever done. Now so far at 8:35pm GMT (Monday 16th Feb) I have recieved some really good positive feedback which is brillant. It makes me think should I continue Face 2 Face.

Here is the video for you to watch if you havent seen it or want to see it again.

OK I also made a guest appearence on a channel called Vlogcountries because their usual Monday couldnt do it this week, so I took over and I had doing that video as well.

This makes me a Heart Of A Champion and nobody esle can stop me now.

OK on Saturday I will be heading up to London to meet up with TEMPHUiBIS for a day of Arcade fun which should be awesome. Thats all for now.

Have a great week if you dont hear from me again.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

DailyBooth - The New Bandwagon

Hey guys

I thought I would share you something I found yesterday. Now I was going through Twitter to see what people were up to and a couple of people mentioned they were going to jump on a bandwagon called DailyBooth.

Now I have to say I was a bit scared at first about what this is and went on the site and thought this is really cool.

So I started to do pictures on the site and mentioned it on Twitter and now everyone is starting to join either hearing about it from Twitter or friends online which is amazing.

Dailybooth is the new underground, while I still love Twitter, but it has become mainstream with celebrities using it to answer and talk with fans which is excellent but sometimes we need something that is new.

Now Dailybooth is similar with Twitpic but with Dailybooth when someone uploads a picture via the webcam which I think is better, people can reply back with pictures as well. I think that is really cool.

You can follow people on Dailybooth on the plus side you can message them where in Twitter you have to wait for the other person to follow you before you can send a message to them.

You get e-mail notifactions when someone has uploaded a picture and when someone has commented on a picture. Looks a fantastic site.

Here is some pictures I took on Dailybooth.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"The King Has Returned" (Saying)

Well I returned to the world of Youtube. The Title comes from the Lion King where Baboou explains to Timbo & Pumbaa that Simba was on his way back to Pride Rock. I made my first video after five weeks and It felt so good again.

I just did a normal vlog explaining where I was for the last five weeks and how I got my inspiration back.

Now having the inspiration taken away from you is really gut-wrenching. So I needed to get away from making videos because I felt it was a drain.

Now this morning I was excited to do a video again, I filmed the stuff with Ruby (Puppy) first then did the vlog part afterwards, didnt take me too long which was cool.

Taking film from the new camera I got which is Sony Handycam is so easy and can be put onto Sony Vegas with ease. So it didnt take me too long.

Really happy with the video.

Yesterday was excellent in London, just chilled out with my mate Arron and went all over the place, maybe next year we may go somewhere new and I agreed which is going to be the main option.

Thats all I got to say.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Im nearly back in the Internet Grove (YES)

Hey Guys

I feel really good lately considering that I am nearly back in the groove of the Internet, and feel ready again to talk to people online. Over the last few weeks I had neglected the Internet and gone for real life experiences which were awesome and needed to get away from net. It did keep on pulling me back, which is what is needed.

Once I get my new camera tomorrow I will be fully back HOORAY.

Bye for now and speak to you later.


Friday, February 06, 2009

Birthday Coming & Portsmouth (Last Week)

WHOA I have written anything in this for a while.

Now in less than 5 days I will be turning 26 and on the same day Musicfromblueskies turns 23 I think. Anyway I was thinking about whether I care if I get older and the truth when I was teenager I probably would have cared but nowadays I dont give a shit.

Birthdays to me become less special when I get older and I think it is the same with everybody esle. Now I dont mind getting older because I have finally accepted that we are never young forever which some people cant accept that. I rather keep ahold of memories of my youth

I find it strange that I know a lot of birthdays this month, I always think of February as birthday month lol.

My favourite birthday has always been my 14th Birthday because it was the very first time I ever went to London for my birthday and had a great time. I remember buying Independence Day on VHS (Whoa thats old saying VHS) with a Large T-Shirt because it came out on that day. I cant remember the best present I have ever recieved but I know for the last few years I always got the newest Technology for my birthday.

I know I am getting a brand New Camera for my birthday which I mentioned a few times already I cant remember how many. I got Monty Phyton DVD Boxset and tickets to Lion King Musical a while ago. My mate Arron last week got me Madden NFL 09 for the Playstation 3.

Speaking of Arron I went to Portsmouth with him Last Friday which I forgot to tell you about.

It was my first visit to Portsmouth and I enjoyed so much being something new. I heard a lot about Portsmouth. Arron thought of the idea because he was getting sick and tired of visiting the same places which I agreed with him on.

So we met up around 11 in the morning at Lancing Station and went on our way to Portsmouth which took an hour. It was nice that the last station was near the sea and where you can get a ferry to the Isle Of Wight.

Now we went to one of the shopping centres near that tall tower which is Portsmouth Harbour is known I cant remember the name.

EDIT - (6th February 2008 8:35pm) I had a text from MyShowbizName and he told it was called Spiniker Tower. I thought it was called that lol.

It was fun and tried to look for hats to wear during while looking for the hats, I got a call from my mum saying we are getting a new dog which was awesome and we do have the dog now which is called Ruby. I may show pictures of the Dog another time. We didnt have lunch until late because we had some chocolate and Crisps for lunch. Some of you thinking thats a bad diet and it is to have at lunch. I went to the main town centre which is near the other Portsmouth station it reminded me of my days in South London being in Lewisham which was odd. For some reason it also reminded me of Bristol gathering strange, maybe because it was somewhere new and it was a Friday. I would go back to Portsmouth again one day.

A Gathering there would be cool one day.

Anyway Have a great weekend or week everyone what day you read this.

Speak to ya soon