Saturday, February 14, 2009

DailyBooth - The New Bandwagon

Hey guys

I thought I would share you something I found yesterday. Now I was going through Twitter to see what people were up to and a couple of people mentioned they were going to jump on a bandwagon called DailyBooth.

Now I have to say I was a bit scared at first about what this is and went on the site and thought this is really cool.

So I started to do pictures on the site and mentioned it on Twitter and now everyone is starting to join either hearing about it from Twitter or friends online which is amazing.

Dailybooth is the new underground, while I still love Twitter, but it has become mainstream with celebrities using it to answer and talk with fans which is excellent but sometimes we need something that is new.

Now Dailybooth is similar with Twitpic but with Dailybooth when someone uploads a picture via the webcam which I think is better, people can reply back with pictures as well. I think that is really cool.

You can follow people on Dailybooth on the plus side you can message them where in Twitter you have to wait for the other person to follow you before you can send a message to them.

You get e-mail notifactions when someone has uploaded a picture and when someone has commented on a picture. Looks a fantastic site.

Here is some pictures I took on Dailybooth.


Andrew said...

And also the fact that it's a site centered around posting pictures means that nobody gets annoyed when you post a few a day.

Lewis said...

Joined up!

"timelordwannabe" is me.

-Lewis (thatenglishkid)

Lewis said...

Update: I'm now "lewis".

Gah, can never make my mind up!