Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Job and Im not Youtube Famous but Im part of the Underground crowd I think

Hey guys

Before I begin I want you to check out a music video from my friend Alan (TEMPHUiBIS) who has produced an outstanding music video for his first single off his 2nd album. I thought it was so worth the wait.

Pulsariffic Current Music Video


Im feeling really good lately as few things have been happening. OK first of all I mentioned it on Twitter, Dailybooth and Facebook that I got a new part time job with Tescos Express which I work 3 days a week which is fantastic, as I really need the money lately. Its an all round job doing a lot of stuff which is great for my CV when it comes to looking for other work in the future if I want to pursue other work after beening with them for a while.

This is going to be the only entry I talk about the job as I rather focus on talking about other things within my blog unless it is something really important news with the job.


Ok with this part I had some real thinking. I have come to include I am part of the underground crowd on Youtube. I know a lot of you are going to say that Im crazy to say that but there are some points I should mention

1) I dont do videos all the time talking about whats going on in the Youtube community whether its a type of drama going on or a album that has been released by a Youtube musician that I got through the post but there will be a time I will do that.

Especially with my friend Bill aka Dr Noise releasing his EP with DFTBA in the next couple of weeks, Im really excited for that and mentioned that to Bill as well.

2) I talk and do all kinds of things with my videos and not stick to one format all the time. I am a nerdfighter and proud to be but sometimes I like to do videos talking or doing other things like one video will be a Face 2 Face, another would be a Barry Aldridge Asks or Update vlog to tell people whats going on.

Now Charlie was talking about users who have been on Youtube for years and dont have a lot of subscribers on an exclusive BlogTV show he did the other week and I thought I'll chime in and say "Im Underground I think" but Charlie doesnt think Im underground which I can understand his reason because of the attention I got from the community in the past which is great. Now here is my reason for saying Im underground that I dont get real attention on the Internet in general as I may have 3000 subscribers but only getting 10-20% of them watching regularly as it could be down to a number of reasons. Im also a bit more focused on doing IRL stuff lately.

Im not a fan of the phrase "Youtube Famous" as some people say Im one when I know I am not. The reason I dont like it as Im worried I could get an ego with it. Sometimes I do let my ego go and I know everyone does and we should be proud of it at times but there is a time in my life where I dont want to have a big ego. If I was 18 If someone said to me Im this famous, I would shout it from the rooftop, so its true that when you get older you get greater wisdom. So please dont call me Youtube Famous as part of me dies and it makes me sad + miserable with the Internet this also connects with my theory with me being underground.

I want to ask a question to you

What is Underground and what is mainstream to you? Its because of all have different opinions on what we believe.


Today is a good day on Youtube website on the UK and Global Front Pages.

The Chartjackers Project that is managed by Charlie, Alex, Jimmy and Johnny to try to get a single to number 1 by the time Children In Need comes about has been featured on the front page on the UK Site of Youtube.

DFTBA Records has also been featured on Youtube but on the Global Front Page which is fantastic news, I think it is a fantastic label to get musicians out who really need help on getting people to listen to their music. The Label is Managed by Hank Green (Vlogbrothers) and Alan (Fallofautumndistro).

Heres some videos of DFTBA Records.


Can't by Alan Lastufka (Fallofautumndistro) and Tom Milsom (Hexachordal)

Holding On Alex Day (Nerimon)


One more final note one of my eariler videos from the Summer "Worthing Birdman Dairy Day 1" has been promoted by Youtube which is excellent news as I really like that video but I wished they promoted the Day 2 as well. Thanks again Youtube and thanks to DirectorToby and MyNameIsChrisYeah for pointing this out to me via comments while I was in Brighton the other day in the apple store of all places.

OK I got to go guys have a great week.

Speak soon


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mid September Update (Reality, Things You Cant Live Without, Second Facebook, Interview For Music Video and First Thoughts of Batman Arkham Asylum)

Hey guys

Before I begin I have a new Barry Aldridge Asks which features Mickeleh on Whats Your Favourite Doctor Who Story?

OK onto the blog entry


It is back to reality for me this month which is a pain but as the saying goes "What goes up must come down", after having a lot of fun then comes the dull period that nobody likes. I have been looking for work and its been awhile since I had some work and Im now looking anything in particular even if it is a christmas job, I wouldnt mind a christmas job but I rather have a permanent job. I know I aint going to get big on the Internet which actually is good news, I rather have the normal life to be living as a normal job would be better for me.


Now I was reading Benjy's blog and it was interesting to find out 5 things he couldnt live without, I can understand him having Elly (Benjy's Girlfriend) as one of them, if I had a girlfriend I would say that too. I would join in but I did this a while ago but mentioned more things as I have done a video about it which a few people responded as while which I will also include -

BillTVMacon Response


Laurenb2k8 Response

Lomasca Response

MyNameIsChrisYeah Response

Shadowlostarts Response

LinserProductions Response

Hope you enjoy and I really liked Benjy's entry to bring these videos back to people attention.


I know some of you are wondering why I have a second facebook account called Barry rnng Aldridge and it is me. The second one is for online friends only as I have seen a few people do this like AlexTheMagix, IMustBeTino and Eddplant and thought this is an excellent idea. I will be keeping some online friends on my original facebook but not many as I have some thoughts that I would like to share with certain people but not everyone without using messaging. I had a few friends who suggested my new one to my original one which was really funny to see.

I still have people adding me on my original facebook which I may defer to in the future if it keeps up.


I forgot to mention in my last blog entry that I took part in a trailer for my friend TEMPHUiBIS for an interview that I did back in August which was uploaded last Saturday. This is a brilliant trailer and the video that is coming out on the 26th is awesome. I have already watched TEMP's video and by the end of it I was clapping and thought it was the best music video I had seen for a long time based on ideas and creativity. Well done TEMPHUiBIS.

Here's the Interview Trailer


OK guys I have finally bought Batman Arkham Asylum and I have to say this is a brilliant game and couldnt stop talking about on Twitter to be that damn good. The look of the game is brilliant, It has a good flow to what you can do. You use the Grapel to hide behind gargoyle and you can glide kick your enemies. The combo moves are awesome but can be a pain at times with the AI. I love the boss battles so far especially the ones with Scarecrow which are creepy but really good storytelling. It has a fantastic story and I agree with a lot of people that it is the Best Batman game and the best comic book game ever.

I will do a proper review in the future with a Youtube video which I havent done a game review in ages for Youtube and would be nice to do again.

Here's the opening bit from Batman Arkham Asylum

OK guys thats it for now

Speak soon


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Simpsons & My Final Thoughts About The Summer

Hey Guys


I have been starting to watch The Simpsons, well before it started to really suck around Season 10. I have been watching eariler Simpsons episodes because I find them more easier to watch than the later episodes.

The comedy timing was there between Season 3 to Season 7. Season 8 and 9 had a few good episodes but the season were average to good at best. Around Season 10 it got so bad and the jokes were so random that it lost the original essence that it once had, which is a shame. Now they are up to Season 20 and going on to Season 21 which is amazing but to me I feel the show should have stopped around Season 9 or 10 but at least its got a new school fanbase that know the later years of The Simpsons. It was weird that I followed the religion of The Simpsons up until I was 16 when the show stopped being good.

To people asking me what my favourite seasons of the show was is Season 5 & 6. Here's a picture from Dailybooth.


This summer is the best one I have ever had, Its a shock to me, normally Summers can be a drag to me because of the weather which I have mentioned. OK here are my final thoughts.

I will say that my gatherings throughout the summer was The Indepedence Day Gathering that I went to on the 4th of July organised by Alasdir and The Bristol Gathering organised last weekend by Jacob Dyer. They were very relaxed gatherings where everyone got to talk to everyone and there were no issues with one another. The Bristol one was really good because it was the only gathering that I went to that wasnt in London.

Summer In The City was amazing but I agree with StressedTechincan when reading his blog that I felt I went to better gatherings. I know a lot of people say it was the best weekend they ever had for a gathering and meeting a load of people but to me I felt I didnt have enough time to get know people where the two I mentioned I got to know a lot more people. There was a part of me that didnt want to be there as I felt I was forced to come, please dont ask about that Im over it now.

The London Film & Comic Convention was good and better than 2008 one but not as good as the 2007 one. Worthing Birdman as I mentioned was good but may try the Airshow next year unless they are different dates then I could go to both the Shoreham Airshow and Worthing Birdman.

The trips to the Westcountry were brilliant, I still call Bath Spa a place of Heaven and Bristol is still brilliant which was the gathering I mentioned. I would go back to the Westcountry anyday once I get the funds to go.

OK thats the last time I will be talking about the summer.

Have a great week everyone


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bristol Gathering Follow-Up Videos

Hey Guys

This is an entry for all the Bristol Gathering Videos that I can find which includes my entry as well.

Lomasca's Video featuring Gary doing the camerawork and guest appearence

StressedTechincan's Videos
Part 1

Part 2

The Extra Gallery Video

Mike's video which included a lot of photos

My Entry about the day

Enjoy the Bristol Gathering a lot which was my favourite over the summer. Well done again to Jacob Dyer for organising it. I hope to be back for the next Bristol Gathering.

Oh yeah I got Killzone 2 this morning and its a brilliant game.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bristol Gathering = Outstanding (WHAT A DAY) + Train Lag + Batman Arkham Asylum

Hey Guys


Its Sunday and its been a day since the Bristol gathering and had a brilliant day at the gathering, I have to say well done to Jacob Dyer for organising the event which was awesome.

I didnt get lost this year at the gathering everyone was waiting outside the station and this years one was more organised and had a good flow to the day. Although the rain during parts of the day and me walking back to the station were a pain but I will say I did enjoy the rain when walking back to Bristol Temple Meads Station.

I did take part in a Dailybooth picture with Jerry Cooke, Fawn, Cass, Daniel and someone I cant remember their name. It was taken at the Apple Store in Cabot Square, Bristol yesterday.

There was so much stuff that happened which could take some time to do a video and the earilest for it could be Wednesday as I have an idea for the Intro before the title sequence and its one of the best things I have ever thought about.

Here are a couple of photos I found on Facebook that included me at the gathering

It was thanks to Leigh (Luquos on Youtube) who tagged me in those pictures from Facebook.

Overall I found this years Bristol Gathering to be my favourite of the year and it was really cool that it took many different levels, it was great. There are some videos from the gathering that was upload ASAP by John (StressedTechincan) on his secondary channel and its nice short clips of what was going on.

I like the Gallery one because it had some great artwork and woodwork. Anyway It was a great day overall.

Vlog is coming later this week and the reason he doing it later this week is because of TRAIN LAG.

For the first time ever I am suffering from TRAIN LAG because the journey back home even though it took 3 and half hours it felt like forever going back home to Lancing. Im still suffering it now. Could be until Monday afternoon at the earilest that I will be fully be back to normal. I will be heading out to Portsmouth on Tuesday for some thinking time like I did in Bath a month ago. So Yeah once I get over the Train Lag and got the idea for the intro, the Bristol gathering video will be up and running.

OK Finally


This game is a game I want to get in the future it looks so good and I played it in HMV Worthing the other week, had some problems with what to do but it looks so good and what a brilliant game. I have been deciding whether to buy it or not because of money issues. I have been watching a few reviews from Youtube from IGN, The Gadget Show, ITN's Game On Channel and Youtubes own DigitilSoul

IGN Review

The Gadget Show Review

Game On Review

DigitilSoul Review

With the reviews being positive I will be getting this game indeed over the next week, people are saying not to get the collectors edition because the Batrang being the worst piece of plastic ever.

Im getting better again now at blog writing after saying I have been shit over the last couple of weeks.

Thats it for now. My next blog entry will feature my Bristol Gathering and any other videos from the gathering I know that Lomasca will be having a video from the event which I am excited about because I have seen some of it and also take part in some of it as well.

Take Care everyone


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

One Down & One Go + Shrek

Hey Guys

I had a really good day on Saturday at Summer In The City. As a big gathering went it was the best one I have been to and it was really good day. I have done a couple of videos which was one at the Apple Store on the evening just after I left Hyde Park

The Second Video I did was the main vlog talking about the whole experience.

The videos explain it best about my day at the gathering.

God Im getting shit at writing blogs now.

Anyway as the title explains that there is gathering coming up this Saturday and it is in Bristol being organised by JacobDyerMedia. I am really looking forward to the gathering. Here's the gathering video done by Jacob Dyer and Chris Lomas (Lomasca), its a really funny video and well done to both of them.

The Bristol gathering was my favourite from last year and I know its going to be the same. I know that Gary (CheekTV), John (StressedTechnican), James, Sophie (Sophink91) - Maybe and some others will be coming.

When I was thinking about the Bristol Gathering and last years gathering the first thing I thought of was NSG's Video of the gathering and I regard it as the best gathering video ever.

It symbolize the day best.

I will be taking along my camera for the event as I have been taking my camera on a lot of travels lately which is brilliant.

OK soon as I got home from the gathering, the very next day I decided to watch Shrek for the first time in ages and I have to say it was brilliant to watch.

One of my favourites up there with the Classic Disney Stories and some of the Pixar films.

Well thats it for now, Im starting to realise Im not good at writing blogs at the moment, may need to get back into practice.

Anyway for anyone coming to Bristol on Saturday I will see you then if not It could be awhile before I go to another gathering.

Speak Soon