Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Simpsons & My Final Thoughts About The Summer

Hey Guys


I have been starting to watch The Simpsons, well before it started to really suck around Season 10. I have been watching eariler Simpsons episodes because I find them more easier to watch than the later episodes.

The comedy timing was there between Season 3 to Season 7. Season 8 and 9 had a few good episodes but the season were average to good at best. Around Season 10 it got so bad and the jokes were so random that it lost the original essence that it once had, which is a shame. Now they are up to Season 20 and going on to Season 21 which is amazing but to me I feel the show should have stopped around Season 9 or 10 but at least its got a new school fanbase that know the later years of The Simpsons. It was weird that I followed the religion of The Simpsons up until I was 16 when the show stopped being good.

To people asking me what my favourite seasons of the show was is Season 5 & 6. Here's a picture from Dailybooth.


This summer is the best one I have ever had, Its a shock to me, normally Summers can be a drag to me because of the weather which I have mentioned. OK here are my final thoughts.

I will say that my gatherings throughout the summer was The Indepedence Day Gathering that I went to on the 4th of July organised by Alasdir and The Bristol Gathering organised last weekend by Jacob Dyer. They were very relaxed gatherings where everyone got to talk to everyone and there were no issues with one another. The Bristol one was really good because it was the only gathering that I went to that wasnt in London.

Summer In The City was amazing but I agree with StressedTechincan when reading his blog that I felt I went to better gatherings. I know a lot of people say it was the best weekend they ever had for a gathering and meeting a load of people but to me I felt I didnt have enough time to get know people where the two I mentioned I got to know a lot more people. There was a part of me that didnt want to be there as I felt I was forced to come, please dont ask about that Im over it now.

The London Film & Comic Convention was good and better than 2008 one but not as good as the 2007 one. Worthing Birdman as I mentioned was good but may try the Airshow next year unless they are different dates then I could go to both the Shoreham Airshow and Worthing Birdman.

The trips to the Westcountry were brilliant, I still call Bath Spa a place of Heaven and Bristol is still brilliant which was the gathering I mentioned. I would go back to the Westcountry anyday once I get the funds to go.

OK thats the last time I will be talking about the summer.

Have a great week everyone


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Dave said...

Imagine if it rained in Bath... It would be like Hell in Heaven!