Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mid September Update (Reality, Things You Cant Live Without, Second Facebook, Interview For Music Video and First Thoughts of Batman Arkham Asylum)

Hey guys

Before I begin I have a new Barry Aldridge Asks which features Mickeleh on Whats Your Favourite Doctor Who Story?

OK onto the blog entry


It is back to reality for me this month which is a pain but as the saying goes "What goes up must come down", after having a lot of fun then comes the dull period that nobody likes. I have been looking for work and its been awhile since I had some work and Im now looking anything in particular even if it is a christmas job, I wouldnt mind a christmas job but I rather have a permanent job. I know I aint going to get big on the Internet which actually is good news, I rather have the normal life to be living as a normal job would be better for me.


Now I was reading Benjy's blog and it was interesting to find out 5 things he couldnt live without, I can understand him having Elly (Benjy's Girlfriend) as one of them, if I had a girlfriend I would say that too. I would join in but I did this a while ago but mentioned more things as I have done a video about it which a few people responded as while which I will also include -

BillTVMacon Response


Laurenb2k8 Response

Lomasca Response

MyNameIsChrisYeah Response

Shadowlostarts Response

LinserProductions Response

Hope you enjoy and I really liked Benjy's entry to bring these videos back to people attention.


I know some of you are wondering why I have a second facebook account called Barry rnng Aldridge and it is me. The second one is for online friends only as I have seen a few people do this like AlexTheMagix, IMustBeTino and Eddplant and thought this is an excellent idea. I will be keeping some online friends on my original facebook but not many as I have some thoughts that I would like to share with certain people but not everyone without using messaging. I had a few friends who suggested my new one to my original one which was really funny to see.

I still have people adding me on my original facebook which I may defer to in the future if it keeps up.


I forgot to mention in my last blog entry that I took part in a trailer for my friend TEMPHUiBIS for an interview that I did back in August which was uploaded last Saturday. This is a brilliant trailer and the video that is coming out on the 26th is awesome. I have already watched TEMP's video and by the end of it I was clapping and thought it was the best music video I had seen for a long time based on ideas and creativity. Well done TEMPHUiBIS.

Here's the Interview Trailer


OK guys I have finally bought Batman Arkham Asylum and I have to say this is a brilliant game and couldnt stop talking about on Twitter to be that damn good. The look of the game is brilliant, It has a good flow to what you can do. You use the Grapel to hide behind gargoyle and you can glide kick your enemies. The combo moves are awesome but can be a pain at times with the AI. I love the boss battles so far especially the ones with Scarecrow which are creepy but really good storytelling. It has a fantastic story and I agree with a lot of people that it is the Best Batman game and the best comic book game ever.

I will do a proper review in the future with a Youtube video which I havent done a game review in ages for Youtube and would be nice to do again.

Here's the opening bit from Batman Arkham Asylum

OK guys thats it for now

Speak soon



Anonymous said...

Nice blog Barry =D

Gary + Cheeky said...

The 5 things video is such a great idea, loved seeing it and watching Lomas' too x