Monday, January 26, 2009

NatzTheFlip - Amazing Talent

Hey everyone

I have been coming back to Youtube every now and then and good news is that I am starting to like the Internet again a lot which is excellent news.

Now today Im here to talk about a Youtube Talent I found in the last month that I really like and its username is NatzTheFlip.

NatzTheFlip's Youtube Channel

She has an amazing voice. Everytime she does a song whether it is an original or cover she is totally amazing. One of my favourite voices on Youtube. Everytime she does a song it totally opens into my soul which not many singers can do that. Which is amazing.

Here's a couple of songs to show Natalite

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade (cover)

Mario Kart Love Song (cover)

She also does Vlogs as well if you are interested.

I may find more Youtube Talent and put them in some of my Blog entries in the future which should be fun.

Enjoy yourselves



Saturday, January 17, 2009

Real Life I have Enjoyed Lately + Pulling out of 365 Project

Now lately I have really been enjoying real life which is fantastic.

I have been on and off the Internet lately which I dont spend too much time lately either doing videos or writing blogs which I am doing right now lol.

I have been watching a lot more DVDs lately than Youtube videos which will shock some of you but there are some youtubers I would watch on a regular basis.

Over Christmas I did feel miserable for some reason the day after. So I took some time from the Internet and Youtube. With the time out, I felt really happy and felt alive once the new year came.

DONT WORRY I STILL LOVE THE INTERNET (Pardon the caps) but sometimes we all need to get away for a bit.

Now I havent mentioned in my blog that I had to pull out of the 365 Project for the day I have chosen. The reason is that I maybe too busy to do it on that day having fun for my birthday and wouldnt have time. I have already contacted Calum to tell him the news.

Also with my Camera broken there is defintely no way I would be able to do a 365 video.

Plus with the new camera I mentioned in my last entry it would take at least a day to figure how to use the new camera to make a video which wont be until February.

Now being without a camera I thought would be a bad thing but it has turned out to be brillant. I think when I come back next month I should be really good to go out and I will feel fresh to do any video.

Like I said before I will be heading down a new direction for my videos who knows.

Have a great weekend everyone


EDIT - (1pm GMT) I found a video from one of my favourite youtubers BillTvMacon and its really good and its called Macon Youtube Gathering

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Excitement, Facebook and Other Stuff

My birthday aint for another month but I am really excited. All the presents Im getting from my folks are already set. They got me the Monty Python Boxset on everything they ever made back in November 2008.

Then on Monday they got me a new camera which is a Sony DCR-SR35 which I cant use until my birthday which is the 10th February for anyone who didnt know plus they got me tickets to go and see the Lion King Musical in Convent Garden, London which is awesome for the 12th of February thats amazing.

OK I was on Facebook the other day and I changed my status on my relationship from single to nothing. I thought nothing would come out of it. Then my facebook friends were wondering what was going on and if I found someone and for the record I havent and I wanted my relationship status to be private and thats all OK. sorry to be bear of bad news so thats that done.

I bought a Tripod on Tuesday which is great so then I can use the camera in any position without using books or shelfs anymore to place the camera

OK I have bought Nightmare before Christmas on Blu-Ray today and its amazing and going to give my mate Arron my DVD of it. I have bought Doctor Who Operation from an underground Toy Shop which is awesome but the Tweezers are annoying.

I have bought Jenga from Amazon today, the proper one which is awesome because I bought a cheap version of it over christmas and it sucks. So I got the proper version at last HOORAY.

Thats all for now.


Have a great week


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indy Cinema, London Stuff and Next Video Idea

Hey everyone

I went up London today with my mate Arron who is my best friend. Now I wanted to go to London on Saturday for ages.

Now I was supposed to meet Arron at 11 and completely forgot for the first time ever, which it is the other way LOL. Arron came out the good guy today. Anyway I turned up an hour later and went to London Bridge straight away and went walking for a bit.

Now while in London, we went to the BFI Building which looks into Indy cinema and thought about the Indy scene which can be so much better than a lot of mainstream films/movies. We had a good talk about the film industry and agreed on some things which we are keeping a secret to Arron and Myself.

Anyway we are having a good trip up London where have gone all over the place while I have a sore foot which was really bad. The Apple store was cool, where I told Arron about Street Fighter 4 and Mega Drive Collection games coming soon to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

We were going to buy some Super Mario Bros DVDs but decided against, thinking we could find them on the Internet which is more likely.

Arron has been mad on the Football scores and telling me that there is going to be Transformers 2 later this year in June and Toy Story coming in June 2010.

Strangely we went to no pubs we just went to coffee shops which is really odd. It was really good and we had Hot Chocolates as drinks which is so better. It is helping me to stay awake because lately I have been going to bed at around 8pm in the evening and dont know why, so DONT ASK.

I am writing this entry in an Internet Cafe across Charing Cross Station which is really cool. Good thing is that I cant remember the name LOL.

Now I got a video idea for my next one, which I will be still using my Family Camera's because my one is broken, so I need a new camera and may ask for one for my birthday next month, been looking at different Sony ones.

The Idea Im thinking of is a response to a user called Hughsnews. He came out with a funny video explaining different options of what he would do if we had 4 minutes left to live in the world.

His video is below.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Bye guys


EDIT - 11th January (9:15am GMT) - I may scrap doing the video response to Hughsnews, the idea didnt come out right when I was thinking through the idea.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Which one are you?

I was sent this video this morning.

My friend said it reminded him of the Youtube community and asked which one am I?

I know my place lol.

Which one are you?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Saints Row 2 Beats GTA IV & Billtvmacon

OK I have been playing Saints Row 2 for the last few days.

it is totally better than Grand Theft Auto IV. I never thought I would actually say that but it is totally true. Im so glad I got it from for £17.99. I thought Grand Theft Auto IV would be the grand daddy but then came along Saints Row 2 and blew it out of the water.

A very worthy buy. OK the graphics aint as good as Grand Theft Auto IV, it does look a bit choppy but I had a lot more fun with the gameplay in Saints Row 2.

I made my character with an Aussie accent and turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done. It made me laugh so much, I thought I would never do that in an 18 rated game. Although Grand Theft Auto does provide laughs at times, I think Saints Row 2 put the icing on the cake.

OK the other day when I was talking about the Disney blog that I did and mentioning about the comments that surprised and got a few responses and I mentioned in an edit a user by the name of Billtvmacon who did the funniest response to my question, Now I thought today I would autoplay his Response and then he did a video which is below

He took the situation and ran with it. It was totally brillant. He made it his own and I thought this was so funny, and I couldnt stop laughing and I decided to put this as my autoplay on my channel.

He is the one to watch, SERIOUSLY, I MEAN IT, he deserves so many more subscribers because he is awesome and does the best responses on Youtube. I MEAN IT.

OK guys have a good week, I may write another entry over the weekend.



Sunday, January 04, 2009

Matt Smith (11th Doctor) - Good Choice But Will Wait And See

Hello everyone

Now yesterday was the day that the New Doctor was announced to the world. It was on BBC1. The show had a look at the previous doctors and then announced the new Doctor.

Now I will admit the show gave some clues about the identity of the Doctor. That it was a he, he was an unknown, youngest ever doctor and he was 26. So I looked at a page that look at different people who could be the Doctor from the BBC site and with all the clues I found out it was Matt Smith then 10 minutes they reveal Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

They showcased a few clips of him in the confidential show and I found him to be interesting but I will not fully judge until his time has come. Now one of the things I did expect was people saying they would miss David Tennant which I will as well.

But the kind of thing that has me is that people are commenting on how his appearence and start jumping on him straight away on appearence, which I rather judge him on performance than what he looks like.

I think Matt Smith could be potentially good. Nice choice Steven Moffat. Bring On 2010.

Here is the extended interview from the BBC talking to the Doctor to be in 2010 Matt Smith.

Bye for now

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Disney Films & Live Your Own Life

Hey everyone

Now I did my last video yesterday which was Barry Aldridge Asks 8 (Favourite Disney Film) I felt really proud by this video. Sure I lost a few subscribers but I was expecting that, happens to everybody that you havent done a video for a while with your subscriber number going up then once you have done a video it goes down a bit.

I have decided to get rid of the Video Bar of the right side of the page and embed my videos again in my blog.

Its for people who didnt have it in their subscription box which everyone knows that Youtube has a few bugs appear all over the site, Plus I hate the Video Bar that was on the side of my blog.

So heres the video

I did watch the Lion King before starting to film the video and I still after putting the video up, it is the best Disney film I have ever seen but only just.

My other favourite Disney films include Toy Story 1 & 2, Monsters Inc, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Aristocats, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

It was so difficult for me to decide on a favourite Disney film, glad I was able to choose one.

While rendering the Barry Aldridge Asks 8 video I was watching Aladdin for the first time in 5 years and I nearly forgot how awesome this film was. The songs were so epic in that film as well. Whole New World is the one that everyone remembers from Aladdin. I like also "Friend Like Me" done by Robin Williams.

When I put out the video I was expecting like only a few comments and I would be happy to reply but I was well surprised to get nearly 100 comments within the first day which it normally for me to get 100 comments would take weeks.

Edit at 4:55 GMT (Saturday 3rd January) - I have reached 100 comments for the video.

A lot of people gave me good answers to my question that I would say a quarter of them agreed with me about Lion King being a classic. A lot of peoplem mentioned the Pixar films which was cool. Someone thought American Tale was a Disney but its actually made by Universal, easy mistake to make because it did have a Disney feel throughout the whole film.

I am really glad for that video to be honest and is one of my favourite videos that I have put out.

Now I had a couple of responses to my video already here they are

The first one comes from a user called vampiricana and he agreed with me about Lion King being a classic

The second one comes from a user called conawillvlog and he said Toy Story was his favourite Disney film which was made by Pixar.

EDIT - 4:55pm GMT (Saturday 3rd January) - I have had some more responses to the question which included one of the funniest responses I have ever seen. It comes from a user who I have subscribed to today called billtvmacon

OK I have been thinking about Where I am going to go on Youtube next that I am going to go to a slightly new direction. I will be still be awesome to the max but need to find something new in the process without losing my integrity and how I started on Youtube.

I will give the odd channel shoutouts if I can while going down this new direction.

First of all I need to get a new camera maybe ask for one for my birthday which is coming up next month.

To me I think that everyone should lead their own life and destiny. Thats something I have been thinking by doing more of own videos that I feel I can pull off.

I bought T.I.'s New album (Paper Trail) and it had a track called "Live Your Life (Feat. Rihanna)" and I believe every lyric within the verses by T.I. and the hook by Rihanna is very true.

Heres the music video

OK everyone I hope you enjoy your weekend.

See you next time.