Saturday, January 17, 2009

Real Life I have Enjoyed Lately + Pulling out of 365 Project

Now lately I have really been enjoying real life which is fantastic.

I have been on and off the Internet lately which I dont spend too much time lately either doing videos or writing blogs which I am doing right now lol.

I have been watching a lot more DVDs lately than Youtube videos which will shock some of you but there are some youtubers I would watch on a regular basis.

Over Christmas I did feel miserable for some reason the day after. So I took some time from the Internet and Youtube. With the time out, I felt really happy and felt alive once the new year came.

DONT WORRY I STILL LOVE THE INTERNET (Pardon the caps) but sometimes we all need to get away for a bit.

Now I havent mentioned in my blog that I had to pull out of the 365 Project for the day I have chosen. The reason is that I maybe too busy to do it on that day having fun for my birthday and wouldnt have time. I have already contacted Calum to tell him the news.

Also with my Camera broken there is defintely no way I would be able to do a 365 video.

Plus with the new camera I mentioned in my last entry it would take at least a day to figure how to use the new camera to make a video which wont be until February.

Now being without a camera I thought would be a bad thing but it has turned out to be brillant. I think when I come back next month I should be really good to go out and I will feel fresh to do any video.

Like I said before I will be heading down a new direction for my videos who knows.

Have a great weekend everyone


EDIT - (1pm GMT) I found a video from one of my favourite youtubers BillTvMacon and its really good and its called Macon Youtube Gathering


Bill said...

Barry, thank you once again! I can surely relate to your taking some time off. Youtube is to relate real life, not be real life. You have your priorities straight. However, I wouldn't give anything for the insanely great and creative people I've met through posting.

Thank you for using your Youtube success to inform, entertain, teach and encourage others. Personally, I can't wait to see footage from that awesome new camera!

Anonymous said...

Barry, I am sorry I was such an asshole but like you know it all gets ontop of you and I was looking for someone to blame, though your a part of those who only interact with eachother, you do comment and interact with others aswel.

NEW YEAR NEW START? I guess what I mean is its stupid to block eackother on YT etc we have our differences and I make no apologoy for my feelings to the elitest and the jokes at others expences as I think its wrong.

Hope you can understand. With uppermost respect now and for the future, take care Barry.


el director! said...

sometimes it is VERY HEALTHY to get away from the net for a while. enjoy it b!