Sunday, January 04, 2009

Matt Smith (11th Doctor) - Good Choice But Will Wait And See

Hello everyone

Now yesterday was the day that the New Doctor was announced to the world. It was on BBC1. The show had a look at the previous doctors and then announced the new Doctor.

Now I will admit the show gave some clues about the identity of the Doctor. That it was a he, he was an unknown, youngest ever doctor and he was 26. So I looked at a page that look at different people who could be the Doctor from the BBC site and with all the clues I found out it was Matt Smith then 10 minutes they reveal Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor.

They showcased a few clips of him in the confidential show and I found him to be interesting but I will not fully judge until his time has come. Now one of the things I did expect was people saying they would miss David Tennant which I will as well.

But the kind of thing that has me is that people are commenting on how his appearence and start jumping on him straight away on appearence, which I rather judge him on performance than what he looks like.

I think Matt Smith could be potentially good. Nice choice Steven Moffat. Bring On 2010.

Here is the extended interview from the BBC talking to the Doctor to be in 2010 Matt Smith.

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