Saturday, January 03, 2009

Disney Films & Live Your Own Life

Hey everyone

Now I did my last video yesterday which was Barry Aldridge Asks 8 (Favourite Disney Film) I felt really proud by this video. Sure I lost a few subscribers but I was expecting that, happens to everybody that you havent done a video for a while with your subscriber number going up then once you have done a video it goes down a bit.

I have decided to get rid of the Video Bar of the right side of the page and embed my videos again in my blog.

Its for people who didnt have it in their subscription box which everyone knows that Youtube has a few bugs appear all over the site, Plus I hate the Video Bar that was on the side of my blog.

So heres the video

I did watch the Lion King before starting to film the video and I still after putting the video up, it is the best Disney film I have ever seen but only just.

My other favourite Disney films include Toy Story 1 & 2, Monsters Inc, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Aristocats, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

It was so difficult for me to decide on a favourite Disney film, glad I was able to choose one.

While rendering the Barry Aldridge Asks 8 video I was watching Aladdin for the first time in 5 years and I nearly forgot how awesome this film was. The songs were so epic in that film as well. Whole New World is the one that everyone remembers from Aladdin. I like also "Friend Like Me" done by Robin Williams.

When I put out the video I was expecting like only a few comments and I would be happy to reply but I was well surprised to get nearly 100 comments within the first day which it normally for me to get 100 comments would take weeks.

Edit at 4:55 GMT (Saturday 3rd January) - I have reached 100 comments for the video.

A lot of people gave me good answers to my question that I would say a quarter of them agreed with me about Lion King being a classic. A lot of peoplem mentioned the Pixar films which was cool. Someone thought American Tale was a Disney but its actually made by Universal, easy mistake to make because it did have a Disney feel throughout the whole film.

I am really glad for that video to be honest and is one of my favourite videos that I have put out.

Now I had a couple of responses to my video already here they are

The first one comes from a user called vampiricana and he agreed with me about Lion King being a classic

The second one comes from a user called conawillvlog and he said Toy Story was his favourite Disney film which was made by Pixar.

EDIT - 4:55pm GMT (Saturday 3rd January) - I have had some more responses to the question which included one of the funniest responses I have ever seen. It comes from a user who I have subscribed to today called billtvmacon

OK I have been thinking about Where I am going to go on Youtube next that I am going to go to a slightly new direction. I will be still be awesome to the max but need to find something new in the process without losing my integrity and how I started on Youtube.

I will give the odd channel shoutouts if I can while going down this new direction.

First of all I need to get a new camera maybe ask for one for my birthday which is coming up next month.

To me I think that everyone should lead their own life and destiny. Thats something I have been thinking by doing more of own videos that I feel I can pull off.

I bought T.I.'s New album (Paper Trail) and it had a track called "Live Your Life (Feat. Rihanna)" and I believe every lyric within the verses by T.I. and the hook by Rihanna is very true.

Heres the music video

OK everyone I hope you enjoy your weekend.

See you next time.


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Bujio said...

Hey Barry. Loved your blog article. I think all the Disney movies are classics, to be fair, but besides Hercules (which we discussed in your video comments), I think Aladdin is perhaps my second favourite. I always liked the more fantasy style movies as opposed to the less fantasy. Movies like the Rescuers and the like were fun, but they didn't appeal to me as much as movies like Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast, or other fairy tale movies. They always just seemed more real to me.

I must say, though, that while the Disney movies are amazingly entertaining, I find it annoying how much they tend to butcher the stories that they portray. Let's take Aladdin for example:

It is true that Aladdin was one of the tales from the Arabian Nights. It was not, however, set in Arabia. It was set in China. And it wasn't pronounced Uh-lad-in, it was pronounced Al-uh-deen. There were two genies in the story, one of the ring and one of the lamp, with the lamp being more powerful. The main antagonist was not Jafar (who was from another tale altogether), but was a magician from Africa. The princess he marries is not Princess Jasmine, but rather it is Princess Badroulbadour. (I can see why they changed her name, but Jasmine was also from another story.) There are many more examples, but I don't want to bore you.

Anyway Barry, I just wanted to compliment you once again on your fine art. Take care, Mate!!