Saturday, January 10, 2009

Indy Cinema, London Stuff and Next Video Idea

Hey everyone

I went up London today with my mate Arron who is my best friend. Now I wanted to go to London on Saturday for ages.

Now I was supposed to meet Arron at 11 and completely forgot for the first time ever, which it is the other way LOL. Arron came out the good guy today. Anyway I turned up an hour later and went to London Bridge straight away and went walking for a bit.

Now while in London, we went to the BFI Building which looks into Indy cinema and thought about the Indy scene which can be so much better than a lot of mainstream films/movies. We had a good talk about the film industry and agreed on some things which we are keeping a secret to Arron and Myself.

Anyway we are having a good trip up London where have gone all over the place while I have a sore foot which was really bad. The Apple store was cool, where I told Arron about Street Fighter 4 and Mega Drive Collection games coming soon to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

We were going to buy some Super Mario Bros DVDs but decided against, thinking we could find them on the Internet which is more likely.

Arron has been mad on the Football scores and telling me that there is going to be Transformers 2 later this year in June and Toy Story coming in June 2010.

Strangely we went to no pubs we just went to coffee shops which is really odd. It was really good and we had Hot Chocolates as drinks which is so better. It is helping me to stay awake because lately I have been going to bed at around 8pm in the evening and dont know why, so DONT ASK.

I am writing this entry in an Internet Cafe across Charing Cross Station which is really cool. Good thing is that I cant remember the name LOL.

Now I got a video idea for my next one, which I will be still using my Family Camera's because my one is broken, so I need a new camera and may ask for one for my birthday next month, been looking at different Sony ones.

The Idea Im thinking of is a response to a user called Hughsnews. He came out with a funny video explaining different options of what he would do if we had 4 minutes left to live in the world.

His video is below.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Bye guys


EDIT - 11th January (9:15am GMT) - I may scrap doing the video response to Hughsnews, the idea didnt come out right when I was thinking through the idea.

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el director! said...

Great to hear your trip in town. My personal place for 'indie' cinema is either the Prince Charles in Leicester Square or the Rio in Dalston. They both have a great selection of off centre films.