Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday Excitement, Facebook and Other Stuff

My birthday aint for another month but I am really excited. All the presents Im getting from my folks are already set. They got me the Monty Python Boxset on everything they ever made back in November 2008.

Then on Monday they got me a new camera which is a Sony DCR-SR35 which I cant use until my birthday which is the 10th February for anyone who didnt know plus they got me tickets to go and see the Lion King Musical in Convent Garden, London which is awesome for the 12th of February thats amazing.

OK I was on Facebook the other day and I changed my status on my relationship from single to nothing. I thought nothing would come out of it. Then my facebook friends were wondering what was going on and if I found someone and for the record I havent and I wanted my relationship status to be private and thats all OK. sorry to be bear of bad news so thats that done.

I bought a Tripod on Tuesday which is great so then I can use the camera in any position without using books or shelfs anymore to place the camera

OK I have bought Nightmare before Christmas on Blu-Ray today and its amazing and going to give my mate Arron my DVD of it. I have bought Doctor Who Operation from an underground Toy Shop which is awesome but the Tweezers are annoying.

I have bought Jenga from Amazon today, the proper one which is awesome because I bought a cheap version of it over christmas and it sucks. So I got the proper version at last HOORAY.

Thats all for now.


Have a great week


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Bill said...

That's a sweet looking camera, Barry. Congratulations. Whatever directions your videos make, this should make a great work horse. Happy (before the birthday) birthday!