Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nerdfighter Gathering (27th June)

OK This entry is basically a video to explain about the gathering I went to yesterday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A lot of Gathering Glory

Hey everyone

It seems to me I will be busy for the next three weekends going to different gatherings which is awesome. Will it tired me out will have to wait and see. But I think its great because it is summer time and the weather is nice.

On the 27th I will be attending the Nerdfighter Gathering which I mentioned a couple of entries ago. At the London Eye.

On the 4th I will be attending the Indepdence Day Gathering which I mentioned in the last entry. Also at the London Eye.

and now on the 11th of July there is going to be the first ever Portsmouth Gathering which is awesome being hosted by Danny also known as JumpNBounce on Youtube.

Saturday July 11th, 12:00pm(?) @ Gunwharf Quayes shopping precinct, literally just around the corner from Portsmouth Harbour train station. (Got that from Dannys Video Description)

So I am excited about this which is really good.

Also Summer In The City now has a video to promote the event and I have to say I love whats gone behind it. Well done to the organisers for really thinking to make this the best gathering for the summer. I think it will be a winner.

Heres the video to promote the event

Good news is that UK Youtube has helped out a bit to promote this video which is really good. I know there are going to be more videos to come about the Summer In The City. Like I said before I will wait and see about 24 hours before whether I can come or not. Lets hope it is a yes answer. If I do come It will be on the second day only.

Right enough information.

If you are coming on the 27th I will see you then.



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen (Review) + 4th Of July Gathering (CONFIRMED)

Hey Guys

I went to see the new Transformers film yesterday and it caught my surprise that the UK was the first countries to get the film. Its a summer blockbuster from America and they don't get it until the 24th of this month which surprises me.

Anyway this is going to be short and sweet. I was expecting a lot from this film. I would say the humour is a lot better in this film but the action at times was a let down. I felt it suffered in the last third of the film. the first two thirds of the film was definitely better than the first film altogether. I wont give anything away apart from Prime suffers a defeat in the middle and Sam + his friends have to find something in the middle east.

I would say it is equal to Transformers, I hope other people may find some value with the film.

Right I mentioned about a gathering that is happening on the 4th of July and now it has been confirmed. Its being organised by RogueBlueJay.

Details are in short
4th July
Independence Day Gathering
12 (Noon)
London Eye

I know its the same spot as the Nerdfighter gathering but this was planned behind the scenes a while ago as the video has only gone up today by RogueBlueJay.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Barry Aldridge Asks (10) - Favourite Doctor Who?

Hey Guys

Barry Aldridge Asks is back again. After doing 4 Face 2 Face Interviews in a row. I decided to bring back my other series. I was thinking about doing a Doctor Who one for a while, but once I got my hands on the Chameleon Circuit CD and listened to Exterminate, Regenerate it made go back and watch all of Doctor Who.

So before the video I watched a few dvds I mentioned in the video starring Patrick Troughton. To me Patrick Troughton is one of the best actors that ever lived. Shame though he passed away in 1987.

Hope you enjoyed it, I feel it is one of the best Barry Aldridge Asks I have ever done.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chinwag Interview with MyNameIsChrisYeah

Hey guys

Today Im here to tell you I did an interview with a Youtuber called "MyNameIsChrisYeah" its part of his Chinwag Interview series which is different to my Face 2 Face and its really good to watch.

Theres nothing more I can say but enjoy the interview

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping up can be tricky & Nerdfighter Gathering

I will say lately I havent been in the right mind to do Blog entries maybe due that Im used to doing blogs that could have a positive outcome and I prefer doing them. I know there are times I will be negative but I keep it at a low so then I dont have to look back and read them.

Anyway in other news I will be attending the Nerdfighter gathering that is happening on the 27th of June 2009 co-hosted by Maureen Johnson and Charlieissocoollike which should be fun. Charlie knows Im coming because I send an e-mail on Monday to say Im coming. Which is cool, I aint been to a gathering since Last September (I swear I have said that before. but never mind).

Heres a link to more information - Nerdfighter Gathering

I will still attend the gathering a week after at the same spot being held by Roguebluejay.

Summer In The City Im not willing to discuss if Im coming or not at the moment because I have no idea, one day I could be up for it and then the next I wouldnt be.

Anyway take care everyone


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Barry Aldridge Face 2 Face with CheekTV

Hello everyone

Time for another Face 2 Face Interview and todays guest is Cheeky from CheekTV

Now I will say that this interview is completely different from interviews I have done in the past. I first heard of Cheeky/CheekTV a week before the Love Hate Society Gathering and he asked for an interview and then I saw the gathering video he did and I thought it was one of the funniest videos I have ever seen and Cheeky has come out of nowhere which is awesome.

With this interview I knew that Gary (Who controls Cheeky) would come out with a script being cheeky and I couldnt stop laughing. So when it came to the Interview I thought I'll act opposite and be serious until the end of the interview.

I feel proud doing this as I always wanted to do a comedy interview and Cheeky was the right person..... I mean Puppet to do it.

Go check out CheekTV Youtube Channel.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feeling Great

Hey Guys

Just a quick entry tonight just turned midnight here in the UK which is cool, not normally up this late but I dont mind.

On Monday Got a CheekTV T-Shirt from Cheeky and its brillant

Today I got the Chameleon Circuit CD through the post which is cool.

Voluntary work is going well and Im OK. Got other things going on.

The last Face 2 Face Interview with Ivens (Badm4ths/Blogmaths) has received some really great feedback thanks guys.

Good news is that another Face 2 Face is coming over the weekend and its going to be a classic and I think it will be one to be remembered for a long time to come.

Have a guess of who do you think it is apart from the person that knows they are next?

Well Im done now

Must get some sleep.

Night everyone


Monday, June 01, 2009

Barry Aldridge Face 2 Face With Badm4ths/Blogmaths

Hey Guys

I am here again to give you some Behind The Scenes to this interview with Michael Ivens aka Badm4ths and Blogmaths.

Now Ivens wanted to do an interview after watching my interview with Doctor Noise which was the last one and he liked the format and wondered if he could get an interview.

So I asked for his e-mail on Youtube PM and Facebook messaging and I send him the questions.

I had to send the questions twice, when I looked back after sending it the first time, the questions didnt sound right so I send the questions again and then on the 31st of May he send me as a surprise his answers and I was able to finish the interview.

Now Ivens is a great guy to be around who has a lot of potential and I wish him the best with his production if it goes well.

I really like this interview like my other ones and it has a good pace to it.

Speak again soon guys