Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping up can be tricky & Nerdfighter Gathering

I will say lately I havent been in the right mind to do Blog entries maybe due that Im used to doing blogs that could have a positive outcome and I prefer doing them. I know there are times I will be negative but I keep it at a low so then I dont have to look back and read them.

Anyway in other news I will be attending the Nerdfighter gathering that is happening on the 27th of June 2009 co-hosted by Maureen Johnson and Charlieissocoollike which should be fun. Charlie knows Im coming because I send an e-mail on Monday to say Im coming. Which is cool, I aint been to a gathering since Last September (I swear I have said that before. but never mind).

Heres a link to more information - Nerdfighter Gathering

I will still attend the gathering a week after at the same spot being held by Roguebluejay.

Summer In The City Im not willing to discuss if Im coming or not at the moment because I have no idea, one day I could be up for it and then the next I wouldnt be.

Anyway take care everyone



Neelesh said...

I did have a nerdfighter account, but I forgot the email adress and password so I never use it anymore ... And I have like 100000000 different email adress's :/

I'll have to find time to try them all LOL

Have fun :)

Darren said...

You said 2008, lol

Barry Aldridge said...

Neelesh Thanks

Darren changed it as soon I saw your comment lol.