Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feeling Great

Hey Guys

Just a quick entry tonight just turned midnight here in the UK which is cool, not normally up this late but I dont mind.

On Monday Got a CheekTV T-Shirt from Cheeky and its brillant

Today I got the Chameleon Circuit CD through the post which is cool.

Voluntary work is going well and Im OK. Got other things going on.

The last Face 2 Face Interview with Ivens (Badm4ths/Blogmaths) has received some really great feedback thanks guys.

Good news is that another Face 2 Face is coming over the weekend and its going to be a classic and I think it will be one to be remembered for a long time to come.

Have a guess of who do you think it is apart from the person that knows they are next?

Well Im done now

Must get some sleep.

Night everyone



Caution Wet Paint said...

good to hear that the voluntary work is going well

Benjy said...

Im guessing Cheeky :P

Darren said...

Is it John Cox?

Barry Aldridge said...

Finished filming the latest Face 2 Face that is going up on Sunday.