Thursday, October 30, 2008

David Tennant Leaves Doctor Who and The Media

Now I dont normally talk about TV Show stories that have appeared in the media, but I thought I may share with you my opinion.

To be honest I am glad that David Tennant, Now before you say that I hated David Tennant, I loved him as the doctor, he was brillant to watch and had a certain charm to him. But I felt it was time for him to leave the show without him becoming a typecast, because he is a fantastic actor that can play many different types of role in the field. Now if he stayed on, he may only be remembered to do Doctor Who. I want to see him do other plays and television shows and admire him as a brillant actor for so many roles than the Doctor.

OK I was reading Alex Day's dairy where I agree with him that it ruins the surprise but The BBC and the media have been ruining surprises on who's leaving and who's coming on Doctor Who for years and years even before its return back in 2005. I think the public see the show as the saviour of television, which I see a lot of it probably 90% of it as crap. I remember years ago when the media ruined the last episode of Friends for each series and I was going mad like a lunatic.

I think the media would think that by spoiling shows they would have get some interest from the public to buy their papers or look at their web sites. Each company wants to be successful and dont care about the consequences. They want the audience so bad, that they would act like whores on the Internet to get interest from the public. With that they dont care about ruining surprises.

Anyway going back to Doctor Who, Now I foresaw this because of Stephen Moffat taking over the running of Doctor Who, now in the past, when someone takes on the Executive Producer they want to do the show in their own way not by the precessdor who came before him/her. I knew a new Doctor would be placed. I think this is an excellent direction to show it going different ways as it could get a lot more darker or more funnier because Stephen Moffat is a master at doing them type of stories.

Thats all guys.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Three Days I Ever Had For A Long Time (Arrons Birthday and Youtube Feature)

Its weird I did a short blog entry last time, it was because I was having so much fun that made me want to enjoy the fun of the day where my Mate Arron's family had arrived for a special Sunday dinner to celebrate Arrons birthday.

Anyway onto the three day thing.

Saturday (25th October 2007)

My brother Roger had come down to see me where I live and I couldn't go to the gathering at the London Eye. I heard some mixed reactions but I had something else going on, where the night before, I told people on my mobile that I couldn't come. Anyway my brother arrived at half 9 to 10 o'clock which was really early. I was glad to see Roger, we were sorting out stuff then we moved onto the Nintendo Wii, where we played Wii Sports for a couple of hours. There was a decision where we were going to go to either Brighton or Worthing. We decided to go to Worthing and it was a good day I was able to get the Young Ones on DVD.

The Young Ones is really good sitcom which was shown in 1982 & 1984. I felt the second series was better than the first but anyway I'm going off track. After buying the DVD Box Set, I went to the pub in Worthing with them to discuss about many different topics including Religion, Politics, Television and the future of the world. It was really good to be with my mum and brother and we had to sort out some stuff including my brothers birthday and Christmas. Anyway I had to head back home to watch the DVD and chill out for a few hours before heading off to Croydon to see Arron for his birthday.

Now during while I was on the train I had been thinking about my future a bit, where I feel like I have done shit for a while and felt the Internet was starting destroy me at the time, I felt that my real life was going great again. I got up to Croydon at around half 10 and met up with Arron, his work pals and his school mates at the George in Croydon. We stayed there until half 12 where we went off to Tiger Tiger. Now Arron was really worried that we wouldn't get in the club because of my trainers but we got in YES.

We stayed there until 3am (after the clocks have gone back) and we headed back to Arron's place. His mates headed back home and I stayed over at Arron's for the night. During the walk back to my mates place I had a thought that I may quit Youtube because I felt there was so much drama and bullshit going on that I couldn't take it anymore. (Sorry to go Emo but thats the truth)

Sunday (26th Of October 2008)

After 4 hours sleep we got both got up and I met Arron's Dad for the first time. We both felt really good, It was Arron's Birthday YES. We decided to head back to Croydon around 11 o'clock to see whats about. Arron kept going on about Fable II the game for the Xbox 360. We looked around a really cold Croydon and I was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday because I didnt bring along any other. OK We had to avoid food in general but we gave in at the end with these Milkshakes that were done using sweets, we had Maltersers Milkshakes. Around 1 o'clock we decided to head back to Arron's place for some tea.

It was about 4 o'clock and I had met up with all of Arron's family for tea and it reminded me of Christmas because how the dinner was set up, which is really awesome. Best thing that happened was a number of different discussions could make it into a sitcom which is really awesome. It was that brillant.

Now around dinner Arron's family and myself gave him his birthday presents, his family got him a Sony camera which looked really awesome.

OK I got him a Football Money Box and the Spaced Collectors Edition DVD.

Hey Guys.

I was speaking to Alan and I told him that he got spotlighted in the Gaming section of UK Youtube for a video that was really good about Biggest Let Down Game that he played.

Here's the video

It was really cool but I had to get going to Bromley to a pub I cant remember my name. Met up with Arron's friend Chris from his old job and they spent the night drinking while I had some coke and then J20 to drink. I had some KFC. KFC is always awesome. OK we were on the way home and Arron was really drunk and I was designated driver in a certain sense. On the bus Arron threw up in his mouth and couldn't speak until we got off the bus so I couldn't understand what he was saying. Once we got off the bus he threw up. We went to bed and his cats kept on at me and couldn't get any sleep.

Monday (27th of October 2008)

I woke up after only 4 hours which sucked worst than the previous day which we went to bed eariler. OK I had weird feelings like I was so tired where the back of my mind was saying, "Something good is going happen" like a vision, I know its crazy. I sometimes feel like I can see the future or sort know what happens I don't know. We decided to head to Mcdonalds for breakfast. Now Arron was still sick and needed some breakfast badly. So we had our breakfast and then headed off to Croydon for a couple of hours and then decided to head home. My mum was surprised I got back home early than originally planned. Now I went to the bath because I had wore the same clothes for three days running. So after a bath I went upstairs to my room. Checking on some stuff.

I was checking through my e-mail and had a couple of comments for my last video "Why Did I Join Youtube?", someone left a comment saying "congrats on the feature" and I went WHAT???, so I went to the video and checked the stats and it said I got Featured.

FEATURED. I SHOUT "YES YES YES YES YES" like a football fan who had seen his team score a brillant goal. Checked the front page of UK Youtube and I GOT FEATURED. I was surprised and shocked, never expected it at all. You have to go to my youtube channel if you ain't seen the video. I am proud of the video but never expected it to get featured. I got Skype messages and text messages from people to say congrats on the feature (Thanks Guys)

Now going out to dinner with my family. I was telling them about my weekend and what happened on youtube earlier that day. I did go to the beach near me before the dinner to reflect on my life. I had achieved all of my goals with Youtube but I will stay on the site because I love it to be honest. Its brilliant.

Anyway the dinner went well and the chat with my family went really well. It was nice to be back home to see my family again.

That's all I got on the three days that I can remember for a very long time.

Bye guys


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chilling Elsewhere and Future Thinking.

Hey Guys. Im chilling at my mate Arrons place for his birthday. I arrived in East Croydon on Saturday Night which I am glad I went. It was one of the best things I have done so far.

OK I couldn't go to the gathering on yesterday which kinda sucked but like I said Family comes first then friends I have known for a while.

I have been thinking about my future?????

EDIT - 4PM (GMT) I had gone Twitter mad this afternoon which is very unusual for me to do.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday Not Sure???????

Aint it funny I had a few saturdays with nothing much and I was able to do my own thing and I was really looking forward to the gathering on saturday organised by Chris Lomas then suddenly this thing drops on me out of nowhere.

I heard that my brother is coming down to see me for the day. Now I havent seen him in ages. Last time was the stag night party for his mate. Now Im torn between online friends and family. I consider family to be more important because there is real love and nothing fake.

Anyway I may be able to meet with my mate Arron for his birthday in the evening because I will be travelling with my brother up to Croydon.

Anyone going to the gathering have a great time, cant wait to see the videos.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

BlogTV Cancelled

Hey Guys, just thought to say I am not going to do BlogTV tonight. Got things going on, SORRY.

Another entry will come later BYE.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Computer Game Violence Linked with Real Life

Hello everyone

This is my first proper post for the Myboxxcollective. I like with Jazza am really proud doing this post.

This was something I really wanted to get off my chest for a long time. I had enough of the media attacking computer games for them being violent and turning children into muggers.

I believe it is more to do with someones upbringing than what they see on TV and play on their Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3.

This was something I worked on for my university thesis which I found very little evidence to find a common factor between real life and computer game violence.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking Forward, MyBoxxcollective is back and Ginger Chris

OK Guys I havent done a blog in the last few days which only one or two of you would find really wierd. To be honest I am happy not to do a blog every day because nothing really exciting happens every day. I do wish that something happens everyday.

But anyway here it is. Life can be full of promises, hopes and dreams which I believe to be true. You got to seize the moment otherwise it will fall out of your arms and go to someone else. So if you got something going for you, LIVE FOR THE MOMENT.


Im glad the project is back
MyBoxxCollective Blog MyBoxxcollective Youtube Channel

These are for people who may not know or forgotten about the MyBoxxCollective

I may do a video for the channel later on which goes on about this entry I did a couple of days ago. Is Computer Game Violence linked with Real Life?

Hopefully I will get it done today WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

OK I would like to end the video with a Brillant and possiblity my Favourite Ginger Chris (Cowinparachute) video of all time where he talks about continunity announcers. Yes.

Ginger Chris has one of the best blogs I have ever read.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

London + Winter = Awesome

Now I went up to London with my mate Arron yesterday to check all over Central London and it is one of the best days I ever had in a long time.

OK the day started really badly with trains being delayed a bit which kinda suck but the rest of the day turned out to be awesome.

I met up with Arron in East Croydon and I got so much love for East Croydon as well its brillant to chill at as well. Then we decided to head up to London on the way to London Victoria.

We looked around a lot of different stores

1) DVDs and GAME Stores
2) Guitar places in Denmark Street
3) Forbidden Planet/Hamleys in Regent St
4) Nike Town in Oxford Circus
5) Lilywhites in Piccadilly Circus


Now I was able to start my shopping for christmas really early which I got some stuff for My Dad and my brother. I was able to get something for Arron's birthday which he was with me but he dont mind this gift at all. We find it really difficult to find something for each other whether it is birthday or christmas.

OK the only thing I will mention that I bought was an Irish Football shirt from Lilywhites for a fiver which was a shocker because I had been looking for one for ages. I was so pleased to get one.

After the great day we went back to Croydon to see the England game, which ended really well and finished 3-1.

BRILLANT DAY. Arron is one of my best friends YES.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things going well......... Plus BLOGTV TONIGHT 9PM GMT

OK I had a brillant morning which turned out to be better than I really thought.

Had a good meeting at the Job Centre where I am going to get some extra help from someone at IRLB which turned to be an excellent appointment.

I went to Worthing and bought a few items today which were a couple of DVDs (Adulthood & Al Murray's Happy Hour Series 1) and Burnout Paradise on the Playstation 3. I played the game and thought it is a really good game that I may play on for hours in the long run, which is cool

Adulthood is the sequel to a film called Kidulthood which was released Indepedently back in 2006. The concept came from Noel Clarke (Mickey From Doctor Who),

The first film (Kidulthood) was about some kids who have the day off school because someone commited suicide the day before and its about how the kids do their day and experiences which lead to them going around Central London for the day.

Heres a trailer to Kidulthood

Now the second film (Adulthood) takes place straight after the first film which has one of the main characters is trying to change but I wont tell you because you have to watch Kidulthood to find out.

OK onto BlogTV Tonight at 9PM GMT which I will be on at.

I got a list of what to talk about tonight

1) Friends (TV Series)
2) Friends comparing to British Sitcoms
3) Youtube Gathering on October 25th (London)
4) British Cinema/Worldwide Films
5) Randomness
6) BlogTV & Stickam
7) Questions


Monday, October 13, 2008

Friends DVDs Journey have ended

Hey Everyone

Just this morning I have finished watching all of the Friends DVDs from Series 1 to 10, which it took 9 days to watch. Dont worry I had food and drink during the process, It was brillant watching this again. Even though it ended 4 years ago it feels a lot longer but it was 4 years ago that the show had ended.

Friends is one of my favourite sitcoms that also include Scrubs, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools & Horses.

You have to watch Friends it is totally brillant. Although I feel the later series (Especially Nine & Ten were ok but didnt have an impact like the eariler ones)

OK at the moment Im editing a new vlog instead of doing a video about Autism which could take me a long time to explain about it but I have already done it on my blog.

This week I maybe busy to update you every day. Im going to be at the Job Centre quite a bit and seeing my mate.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autism (Part 2)

Hey Everyone I thought I will finish off talking about my autism

One thing I have problems with is reading other people actions. It taken me a long time to realise people don’t mean what they say, that you have to look at body language, their expressions. People call it reading between the lines I think. I know most women think men never do this. When I was younger I was involved in research on the theory of mind at the at the Maudsley hospital. This was done with Simon Baron Cohen. I went twice a week we did games and role play. They tried to teach me that others don’t know what I’m thinking, what I feel they don’t feel what I know other don’t. It helped a bit but still found it hard to learn from experiences.

The internet has helped me by the encounters I had. Like some people I thought of as friends are not, that people don’t always mean what they say . I know some people see me as an easy target but I’m not stupid. I just think differently I try to see the best in people until they do something to change my mind.

Now I was going to do a video about it but it could take sometime to get research together. So It could be a while if I do a video about Autism.

Oh yeah Friends Update - Im up to the final series of the show. Just another 10 episodes to go.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proud Day (Yesterday)

I had a really awesome day yesterday.

I am really proud of the Autism blog I did yesterday there is going to be another part and that will be it. Its like digging a hole into the ground and finding a treasure chest, (OK Bad metaphor) but its like finding something good.

OK I took part in a challenge that was set up by Alex Day aka Nerimon called "No Pauses" where you had to an uncut vlog without pausing, erming or other stuff. I thought this was a brillant challenge.

My attempt is over on the video bar if you aint seen it. I only lasted 25 seconds.

Now one of my friends contacted me and said "Barry you said you weren't going to do a video for a while. Why did you do one?" OK there was no reason behind it but I felt like the challenge was something really cool that hasnt been done before.

My next video will defintely be next week, I got two ideas to choose from -

1) Do an update vlog involving either Friends DVDs, John Green Books (Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns)

2) Do a serious video looking at Autism and the charity of NAS (National Autistic Society), It is based on my last blog entry about it.

Although this maybe difficult because next week Im going to busy going to the Job Centre Twice within three days, I maybe meeting up with my pal Arron on the Wednesday.

So it will be either Monday or Friday that I will film either one. Im hoping to do Option Two but who knows.

OK Friends Update - I am up to Series 6 Episode 9 of the show, where Joey, Ross and Monica go to a New Year thing for a TV Show.

Thats all for now guys.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Autism (Part 1)

This is probably one of the most serious posts I have ever done and one of the most honest blogs I have ever done. Now I'm going to talk about something that I have had my whole life, which I didn't want to in the past.

I have autism which I had mentioned in my Re-Introduction video which was a response to Charlie's Re-Introduction video.

Now Autism is nothing really serious but it affects me in day to day life activity.

I become really obsessed with things in general like lately I have been obsessed with Friends DVDs which once I start watching them then I have to finish them.

I have trouble understand human psychology like I have trouble reading peoples expressions like they may say one thing but their expression may show something different, it is really hard for me to understand human behaviour. Thats why I smile a lot, I dont always get what is going on. It makes me really sad at times.

Like for example I was reading one of my online friends blogs and I thought he was attacking over something within Youtube. Now I thought this was a personal attack and sent the person an e-mail to express my opinions. Now the person replied back saying they were only joking and people leaving comments on his blog knew he was joking.

I have always had problems with language. English is a bit like learning a foreign language to me like I know the words, but its how to express them in every day conversation. Sometimes I don't mean to upset people on MSN, Skype and outside the Internet. Sometimes I may not get what someone is saying especially sarcasm as I would go "WHAT?". Sometimes I feel I need someone to hit me over the head for me to get what they are going on about.

Being on the Internet has really helped me

The main characteristics of Autism according to Wikipedia

"Autism is distinguished by a pattern of symptoms rather than one single symptom. The main characteristics are impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior. Other aspects, such as atypical eating, are also common but are not essential for diagnosis. Individual symptoms of autism occur in the general population and appear not to associate highly, without a sharp line separating pathological severity from common traits."

Wikipedia Links


Causes Of Autism

Heritability of Autism

I will talk more about this another time. Enjoy the day.

I'm off to see Friends on DVD now.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sorting out Life, Thinking Of New Computer and Friends Update.

Well for anyone wondering why I aint been online that much lately on either MSN or Skype is because I want to sort out certain aspects within my life which I rather not talk about.

I may get a new computer which will be a Vista one which would piss people who likes Mac but I dont have a Job at the moment, so once I get a Job, one of the first things I will get is a Macbook Pro. I will explain about why not the Macbook Air another time.

Computers are getting really cheaper, I remember a time they were so expensive like a grand for the really old fashioned style computers, thats it.

OK onto the Friends update, Im up to Series 4 and half way through it. It is one of the best shows ever. No more is needed to be said.

Thats all I got for now.


Badman (NSG Music Video)

OK Guys

Just Like I promised the street music video of NSG's Badman which the idea came from Epiphanized (Doug Armstrong).

This is a brillant video. OK I get beaten up but Im OK LOL.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

NSG BBQ & Friends (TV Series)

OK yesterday I went to NSGs BBQ and it was really awesome. I really like the BBQ that NSG did it was also for Jessicas Birthday as well. Now it was truly awesome. I met up with Benjy, Spencer, Lewis, Chris, Doug, Jessica, Jordan, Tom and Ian.

If I forget anyone but I had a full day yesterday that was really good. I bought along Orange Juice and few bits of food which everyone had. We took the bus to NSGs where we met up with Teoh and Mark. Sophie came later where we were chilling in NSGs back garden for a bit and it was really good, after a while we decided to promote a blogtv show which even I know some of them hate BlogTV with a passion which I can understand, thats their opinion.

Anyway we went to NSGs Studio Bedroom to have some chill and do the blogtv show which I think it was Tom's idea to do a blogtv thing everytime there is a gathering which is a good idea. Even though it aint an original idea I remember Zipster doing with Stickam when he came over to the UK over the summer. But for BlogTV it is a first which I see.

OK after a bit chilling with NSG, I cant remember who came up with the idea but it was a street video of Badman. Which was an excellent idea, NSG thought it was a brillant video. I did as well. Now NSG wont be putting it on his channel. I think Jessica (xbrokenmindedx) will put it on her channel and as soon as put up I will put it in my blog as an extra bit. Hooray.

OK while I was at NSGs my Friends DVD Boxset of every episode ever made came through the post yesterday which is awesome. Im half way through Series (Season) 1 which it is one of my favourite seasons of Friends. I also love series 2, 3 and 4 of Friends. I dont mind series 5 & 6 as they were good at various points. after Series 7 I felt it really suffered but will give them another chance, which I promised to with Lost.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lovely Day on Facebook, Jessica, Hooking Up, Little Big Planet and College Humour

I feel really good today. I haven't felt like this for a while. Yesterday afternoon I added some old friends I used to know back in my secondary school days on Facebook. Now I was like Alex Day aka Nerimon who hated Facebook a year ago because of certain things which I think I mentioned in an entry before. If not I felt that way as well. I think its great that you can find people who you used to know from the past on Facebook. I found a friend on Facebook who is releasing an album soon and that is awesome.

Its really great seeing how people you used to know are doing in their life now. Its brillant I have to say.

OK Its Jessica's (xbrokenmindedx) 18th birthday today and I remembered by looking in Facebook and it said it was her birthday. So I decided to leave a comment on her facebook to say Happy Birthday. Had a quick chat on MSN and felt sorry when she didnt get many cards, so when I see her tomorrow, I will give her a birthday card when I meet her tomorrow. I consider Jessica one of my strongest online friends who I truly like. So cant wait for tomorrow.

Now there is new channel called Hooking Up which has sparked some controversy on the net because it features a few big youtubers teaming up to do a new show and I have to agree with a lot of people that it does leave a bad taste in my mouth. I dont mind Kevjumba because he is cool, not a fan of sxephill accept for the casual vlog he does. I aint a fan of Lonelygirl15 but I think the show is so high valued which I have to say I aint a fan. I wont embed any the episodes for you to suffer through.

Now I saw an advert for a game that is coming out on the Playstation 3 in the next couple of weeks on the 24th of October called Little Big Planet, now this looks really cool. Since the Myboxx blog has sort of stopped I decided to post it on here instead.

Looks so awesome, I can tell you really great stuff to see.

One more thing I going through some of the youtube channels and I found a video from College Humour which I found very hilarious.

Its called Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

They should make this into a film, would be the best thing ever.

OK Im done for now, see you guys Sunday.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Im thinking about Christmas already

Christmas is coming soon again and its only the 2nd of October, good hey. I think everyone would enjoy christmas as kids because it really means something. Now for a period I will admit I hate christmas because I felt it so commericalised and give me give me give me give me, which got me mad at the whole situation. Now recently over the last couple of years I have gotten my love for christmas while ignoring the commericalisation of the holiday.

So remember christmas is a time to be with the ones you really care about.

I'll leave you with a photo of me outside the christmas shop.

Bye Now

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

First Entry to Obama Llama Song (Youtube Dance Competition)

Hey Guys, I thought I would be waiting a week for the first entry but good news I have the first entry.

Brillant its from a user called Sourfraser.

Thought I'll say that every entry of the Obama Llama song dance competition will be put into this blog so then everyone can enjoy.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOO (The Dairy for last few days) + MSN Group Chats (Too Confusing)

OK its strange that I haven't updated my blog for the last few days but it does feel really good. At least to some people it may think I have a life lmao.

OK Sunday I hadn't done much which was ok, just chilled out and thinking about options about what to do which was awesome. Smivadee put on another brillant BlogTV show which was being himself which was awesome. I had a nice walk down to the coastline, I never like to say the word "Beach"

Now on Monday I was talking with my mum about my dancing skills lol. We were having a laugh and I thought of a competition to do a Obama Llama song which I give away my Youtube T-Shirt.

Now I really do like this t-shirt but if you want to give out a prize, it should be something that matters and I always to do a competition. Now if want to know more, I have just added a video bar of my videos which I think is a lot better than embedding the videos yourself.

The second thing I did on Monday finally ordered The Friends boxset (50 quid) Sweet.

OK Tuesday I woke up and my CD of Tom Milsom's Debut album had arrived and it is really sweet to listen to. On the envelope Tom left a heart shape on it next to my name which was really cool. I thought that he does it to everyone which I think is really cool. I had a listen to it and glad I bought it, it is really awesome.

I watched quite a few superhero films yesterday which was awesome. Cats & Dogs, 2 Spiderman Films and Fantastic 4.

Finally Charlie and Alexs BlogTV was really cool. The 7 hour show was cool. The main highlight was Charlie and Alex getting their heads shaven which was really awesome. Im glad they did it. It was for charity people COME ON, its going to grow back. They raised 4 grand in the end for cancer research which was brillant, lots of people donated which some people donate 100 pound which was awesome. I think it was really cool. It has 3000 viewers for the hair cuts and then once they were over it went down to two thirds of that. Which I stayed to the end and felt asleep before the midnight thing and never got to say happy birthday to Charlie but will do on his facebook this morning. Also give congratulations to both Charlie and Alex on the show. I hope they do it again next year or even eariler than that.

OK its Wednesday morning and thinking about the day.

1) May watch more films today lmao, Im a sad bastard.
2) May work on some more music for today, just for fun.
3) Easy one - Say Well done to Charlie and Alex on Facebook for an enjoyable show on BlogTV yesterday.
4) I know this one is a pain but Im stilling looking for a job, IT IS REALLY HARD TO GET ONE at the moment.

OK have a great day. I may write a music entry for Tom Milsom's album in my music blog as my first entry with the introduction.

Bye for now TTFN.

Edit at 9.10am (GMT Or BST whatever)

OK the only thing that upset me yesterday was people putting me into group chats on MSN. I really really dont like them anymore. I find it very difficult and confusing to keep up with the others. Im alright one to one but big groups discussions are really hard for me. Now I kept on saying I was really busy and some people thought I was taking the piss but I really wasn't.

SO PLEASE STOP INCLUDING IN REALLY BIG CHATS. unless it is a small group other than that I dont want to know. Dont ask me on MSN why, I have explained it.

Anyway Like I said above, I did enjoy yesterday apart from that.