Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proud Day (Yesterday)

I had a really awesome day yesterday.

I am really proud of the Autism blog I did yesterday there is going to be another part and that will be it. Its like digging a hole into the ground and finding a treasure chest, (OK Bad metaphor) but its like finding something good.

OK I took part in a challenge that was set up by Alex Day aka Nerimon called "No Pauses" where you had to an uncut vlog without pausing, erming or other stuff. I thought this was a brillant challenge.

My attempt is over on the video bar if you aint seen it. I only lasted 25 seconds.

Now one of my friends contacted me and said "Barry you said you weren't going to do a video for a while. Why did you do one?" OK there was no reason behind it but I felt like the challenge was something really cool that hasnt been done before.

My next video will defintely be next week, I got two ideas to choose from -

1) Do an update vlog involving either Friends DVDs, John Green Books (Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns)

2) Do a serious video looking at Autism and the charity of NAS (National Autistic Society), It is based on my last blog entry about it.

Although this maybe difficult because next week Im going to busy going to the Job Centre Twice within three days, I maybe meeting up with my pal Arron on the Wednesday.

So it will be either Monday or Friday that I will film either one. Im hoping to do Option Two but who knows.

OK Friends Update - I am up to Series 6 Episode 9 of the show, where Joey, Ross and Monica go to a New Year thing for a TV Show.

Thats all for now guys.

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

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