Sunday, October 19, 2008

Looking Forward, MyBoxxcollective is back and Ginger Chris

OK Guys I havent done a blog in the last few days which only one or two of you would find really wierd. To be honest I am happy not to do a blog every day because nothing really exciting happens every day. I do wish that something happens everyday.

But anyway here it is. Life can be full of promises, hopes and dreams which I believe to be true. You got to seize the moment otherwise it will fall out of your arms and go to someone else. So if you got something going for you, LIVE FOR THE MOMENT.


Im glad the project is back
MyBoxxCollective Blog MyBoxxcollective Youtube Channel

These are for people who may not know or forgotten about the MyBoxxCollective

I may do a video for the channel later on which goes on about this entry I did a couple of days ago. Is Computer Game Violence linked with Real Life?

Hopefully I will get it done today WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

OK I would like to end the video with a Brillant and possiblity my Favourite Ginger Chris (Cowinparachute) video of all time where he talks about continunity announcers. Yes.

Ginger Chris has one of the best blogs I have ever read.


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Ginger Chris said...

barry, you utter gentleman. I feel well honoured that I got a mention on your blog.