Friday, October 03, 2008

Lovely Day on Facebook, Jessica, Hooking Up, Little Big Planet and College Humour

I feel really good today. I haven't felt like this for a while. Yesterday afternoon I added some old friends I used to know back in my secondary school days on Facebook. Now I was like Alex Day aka Nerimon who hated Facebook a year ago because of certain things which I think I mentioned in an entry before. If not I felt that way as well. I think its great that you can find people who you used to know from the past on Facebook. I found a friend on Facebook who is releasing an album soon and that is awesome.

Its really great seeing how people you used to know are doing in their life now. Its brillant I have to say.

OK Its Jessica's (xbrokenmindedx) 18th birthday today and I remembered by looking in Facebook and it said it was her birthday. So I decided to leave a comment on her facebook to say Happy Birthday. Had a quick chat on MSN and felt sorry when she didnt get many cards, so when I see her tomorrow, I will give her a birthday card when I meet her tomorrow. I consider Jessica one of my strongest online friends who I truly like. So cant wait for tomorrow.

Now there is new channel called Hooking Up which has sparked some controversy on the net because it features a few big youtubers teaming up to do a new show and I have to agree with a lot of people that it does leave a bad taste in my mouth. I dont mind Kevjumba because he is cool, not a fan of sxephill accept for the casual vlog he does. I aint a fan of Lonelygirl15 but I think the show is so high valued which I have to say I aint a fan. I wont embed any the episodes for you to suffer through.

Now I saw an advert for a game that is coming out on the Playstation 3 in the next couple of weeks on the 24th of October called Little Big Planet, now this looks really cool. Since the Myboxx blog has sort of stopped I decided to post it on here instead.

Looks so awesome, I can tell you really great stuff to see.

One more thing I going through some of the youtube channels and I found a video from College Humour which I found very hilarious.

Its called Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

They should make this into a film, would be the best thing ever.

OK Im done for now, see you guys Sunday.


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Anonymous said...

That Sarah Palin thing is brilliant !