Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO (The Dairy for last few days) + MSN Group Chats (Too Confusing)

OK its strange that I haven't updated my blog for the last few days but it does feel really good. At least to some people it may think I have a life lmao.

OK Sunday I hadn't done much which was ok, just chilled out and thinking about options about what to do which was awesome. Smivadee put on another brillant BlogTV show which was being himself which was awesome. I had a nice walk down to the coastline, I never like to say the word "Beach"

Now on Monday I was talking with my mum about my dancing skills lol. We were having a laugh and I thought of a competition to do a Obama Llama song which I give away my Youtube T-Shirt.

Now I really do like this t-shirt but if you want to give out a prize, it should be something that matters and I always to do a competition. Now if want to know more, I have just added a video bar of my videos which I think is a lot better than embedding the videos yourself.

The second thing I did on Monday finally ordered The Friends boxset (50 quid) Sweet.

OK Tuesday I woke up and my CD of Tom Milsom's Debut album had arrived and it is really sweet to listen to. On the envelope Tom left a heart shape on it next to my name which was really cool. I thought that he does it to everyone which I think is really cool. I had a listen to it and glad I bought it, it is really awesome.

I watched quite a few superhero films yesterday which was awesome. Cats & Dogs, 2 Spiderman Films and Fantastic 4.

Finally Charlie and Alexs BlogTV was really cool. The 7 hour show was cool. The main highlight was Charlie and Alex getting their heads shaven which was really awesome. Im glad they did it. It was for charity people COME ON, its going to grow back. They raised 4 grand in the end for cancer research which was brillant, lots of people donated which some people donate 100 pound which was awesome. I think it was really cool. It has 3000 viewers for the hair cuts and then once they were over it went down to two thirds of that. Which I stayed to the end and felt asleep before the midnight thing and never got to say happy birthday to Charlie but will do on his facebook this morning. Also give congratulations to both Charlie and Alex on the show. I hope they do it again next year or even eariler than that.

OK its Wednesday morning and thinking about the day.

1) May watch more films today lmao, Im a sad bastard.
2) May work on some more music for today, just for fun.
3) Easy one - Say Well done to Charlie and Alex on Facebook for an enjoyable show on BlogTV yesterday.
4) I know this one is a pain but Im stilling looking for a job, IT IS REALLY HARD TO GET ONE at the moment.

OK have a great day. I may write a music entry for Tom Milsom's album in my music blog as my first entry with the introduction.

Bye for now TTFN.

Edit at 9.10am (GMT Or BST whatever)

OK the only thing that upset me yesterday was people putting me into group chats on MSN. I really really dont like them anymore. I find it very difficult and confusing to keep up with the others. Im alright one to one but big groups discussions are really hard for me. Now I kept on saying I was really busy and some people thought I was taking the piss but I really wasn't.

SO PLEASE STOP INCLUDING IN REALLY BIG CHATS. unless it is a small group other than that I dont want to know. Dont ask me on MSN why, I have explained it.

Anyway Like I said above, I did enjoy yesterday apart from that.

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