Thursday, October 16, 2008

London + Winter = Awesome

Now I went up to London with my mate Arron yesterday to check all over Central London and it is one of the best days I ever had in a long time.

OK the day started really badly with trains being delayed a bit which kinda suck but the rest of the day turned out to be awesome.

I met up with Arron in East Croydon and I got so much love for East Croydon as well its brillant to chill at as well. Then we decided to head up to London on the way to London Victoria.

We looked around a lot of different stores

1) DVDs and GAME Stores
2) Guitar places in Denmark Street
3) Forbidden Planet/Hamleys in Regent St
4) Nike Town in Oxford Circus
5) Lilywhites in Piccadilly Circus


Now I was able to start my shopping for christmas really early which I got some stuff for My Dad and my brother. I was able to get something for Arron's birthday which he was with me but he dont mind this gift at all. We find it really difficult to find something for each other whether it is birthday or christmas.

OK the only thing I will mention that I bought was an Irish Football shirt from Lilywhites for a fiver which was a shocker because I had been looking for one for ages. I was so pleased to get one.

After the great day we went back to Croydon to see the England game, which ended really well and finished 3-1.

BRILLANT DAY. Arron is one of my best friends YES.

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Caution Wet Paint said...

I still never get early Xmas shoppers. I thoroughly believe in Xmas Eve rush!