Monday, October 13, 2008

Friends DVDs Journey have ended

Hey Everyone

Just this morning I have finished watching all of the Friends DVDs from Series 1 to 10, which it took 9 days to watch. Dont worry I had food and drink during the process, It was brillant watching this again. Even though it ended 4 years ago it feels a lot longer but it was 4 years ago that the show had ended.

Friends is one of my favourite sitcoms that also include Scrubs, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools & Horses.

You have to watch Friends it is totally brillant. Although I feel the later series (Especially Nine & Ten were ok but didnt have an impact like the eariler ones)

OK at the moment Im editing a new vlog instead of doing a video about Autism which could take me a long time to explain about it but I have already done it on my blog.

This week I maybe busy to update you every day. Im going to be at the Job Centre quite a bit and seeing my mate.


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Caution Wet Paint said...

Personally, not a 'Friends' fan, but glad you enjoyed it!