Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday Not Sure???????

Aint it funny I had a few saturdays with nothing much and I was able to do my own thing and I was really looking forward to the gathering on saturday organised by Chris Lomas then suddenly this thing drops on me out of nowhere.

I heard that my brother is coming down to see me for the day. Now I havent seen him in ages. Last time was the stag night party for his mate. Now Im torn between online friends and family. I consider family to be more important because there is real love and nothing fake.

Anyway I may be able to meet with my mate Arron for his birthday in the evening because I will be travelling with my brother up to Croydon.

Anyone going to the gathering have a great time, cant wait to see the videos.



Jon said...

I think family should come first.

Unfortunately I can't make it Sat either.


Bujio said...

Hey Mate.

Family definitely comes first. I myself have never been to a Youtube gathering. Everytime I prep up to go something always comes up. Either I don't have the money or my family needs me for some reason. I'm sure you will have a great time with your brother. Maybe you could make a video about it.