Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buy Barry Aldridge (This has made me laugh)

Weird title but here we go, Calum (Calumrb22) send me a skype link with some weird advertisement which surprised me and made me laugh.

Here's the link - Buy Barry Aldridge

Thats all for now


Things to do (27th September)

Hey everyone I got a future list to do -

1) Get Friends DVD (All 10 seasons) for 50 quid (Thats a bargain.)
2) Start building website which I would be happy to do.
3) Really go hard on looking for a job.
4) Meet up with NSG (Which that is happening next week.)
5) Start saving money because I have been spending a lot after the Friends DVD set I will think about saving.

Thats it for now.


Obama Llama (Happy Dance) Video

I know most people have seen this but I really like it and think this is really funny. This is for anyone who reads my blogs but dont go on youtube too much plus anyone who missed this in their subscription box.

Sorry to anyone else but I love this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The silly things, My Relationship With Alcohol and My Past Revealed.

We all do silly things, I made a silly mistakes on posting videos in my blogs without any subject area. I did this last night now Dave left a fair comment saying most people who look at my blog are already subscribed to me which is a good statement, Nice one Dave. But I do have one or two friends who aint on youtube and may easily go to my blogs and see my video from there. But in Daves statement I can see what he means. So No more videos on their own blogs unless they are accompanied with something that has happened to me. I think I was tired when I put them up and when you are tired you dont think anything else and so some really silly things.

Thanks Dave.

OK second thing I woke up this morning I was reading through the blogs and I was reading Charlies blog who I have met at a youtube gathering and still havent had a chat with yet well I did but only small chats to be honest.


He was talking about heading into adulthood and about not drinking and never again which I truly respect because I dont drink either, the drink I will mostly like to drink at a bar, pub or social meeting would be either Coke or J20 (Orange and Passion Fruit).


Now I never ever had my first drink until I was 18. Now thats an achievement and some people would call me a dick for waiting that long, if that is todays society. However after a bit after my 18th, I found out from my mum that she gave me a bit of drink when I was baby maybe a year or two years old, which I was really upset I dont remember if I told my mum how I felt about it but have to wait and see.

Now the one difference between Charlie and Me is that Charlie is the oldest in his family, while I am the youngest in my family. So I kept on being begged on by my brother Roger "Come on have one" when we were younger and you know not thinking. Everybody makes mistakes. There were times I listened to my brother to have a drink and sometimes I regret about drinking and sometimes I dont regret doing that. I think my brother was doing it because I think yeah he was feeling sorry for me.

I think that in the society we live in, it is very normal for binge drinking and drinking alcohol, so Roger probably wanted me to fit into that society. Its the same with my mate Arron when I first met him. I felt it was ok and tried it out. I would never go over the level of drinking too much after happened in 2003. I will be honest I was a bit silly to sell out Roger but I will admit when he does get drunk. It really scares me to the bone, I felt like I was facing Satan. Roger never hit me once but I felt so scared at the time I was going to be knocked out. Its due to the fact he was being very polite but the problem with people who are drunk they are more likely to not to listen to you. I felt bit ashamed with Roger when he was drunk and I didnt know how to handle the situation, I wish I knew how at the time. I aint the smartest guy to be honest and neither the dumbest.

For a couple of days I had a problem with looking at Roger like he sold me out, in which he only got drunk and had some fun. The reason I felt upset was because I thought of him as a role model and that where the betrayal happened. I felt I should have handle the situation better at the time. I wish I gave my brother a chance to explain but I felt like a fucking idiot but luckily though I forgive him thinking, hey the rest of the family were on holiday and needed some time to have some fun which I can understand. So I had an odd drink every now and then accept when it came to christmas and I would get a few alcopops like Smirnoff Ice mainly because at least it contains very little vodka and some Lemon which mixed really well.

Now in 2004 I was sorta put off alcohol for a bit of time when my brother got stabbed. I did a video a while back about knife crime

OK there are 2 reasons that I stopped drinking now and Im glad I have stopped.

1) I watched a wrestling documentary on a guy called Jake The Snake Roberts which he talked the alcohol and drugs that messed up him big time. All the different wrestlers that have died from them in general which has surprised me. Around that same time before I went to hospital I found out one of my favourites Eddie Guerrero passed away because he also had problems with drink and drugs.

2) I had an operation back in November 2005 which I mentioned in my re-introduction video which was a response to Charlie. My appendix had just burst after the England Vs Argentina match in Geneva which ended 3-2. I ended up going to the hospital on the 21st of November 2005, I remember that day because the first series of Doctor Who was released on DVD. So I had my appendix removed and I felt I could lose another organ if I carry on drinking. So I made the decision to stop drinking.

On New Year's Eve 2005 I decided to do a New Year's resolution of giving up alcohol. Now my whole family thought I was mad to do this seriously. Now it was during that time I found it really hard because I had a shit of load of Smirnoff Ices that I drunk back in Christmas 2005. So I decided to keep on going without drinking through the months.

I proved a lot of people wrong including my family that I could survive a year without alcohol which is really awesome. I think there was some guessing that I would give up the cause after a week. My Mum was really surprised by me on this. It was after I moved out with my family from South London that my mum reminded me that I had done a year with the drink which is really awesome. I had moved down to Brighton at the time, which it is a fantastic place the Brighton Marina.

Then on my 24th Birthday, I had met up with my brother Roger and my friend Arron which they met for the first time. They got along really well that day. I remember that my brother and my mate were trying to get me to drink. Now we met up with some really nice people down the wetherspoons at the Brighton Marina eventually I dont regret this I had a drink for the first timw which was a Smirnoff Ice (Red) and it was nice and relaxing just because it was my birthday, so at point I thought just one for the team then it would stop. It surprised my brother and my mate because they thought I wouldn't do it. But at that point I thought just one day would be cool, because they came to see me for my birthday. So I gave up drinking again after until last christmas.

Now my mum forgot about that I had given up drinking but I felt that my mum shouldn't drink all of the Smirnoff Ices that she bought and thought for one more time, have some drinks. Lucky though I finished them by new year which was really cool.

Now when it came to helping me out in life, Roger is awesome and thank him for that. The same goes with Arron

Roger wanted me to have friends because he was seeing I wasnt making any friends and thought it could help out thats my opinion on the whole thing. But I didnt really care about friends unless it was in the classroom or outside waiting for lessons to happen. So I think that what makes Roger great. Now when I was a bit more dont want to know anyone when I was younger, maybe it was because of my autism that I didnt want anyone to be around me. Its sad but true.

I think thats why he introduced me to alcohol once I turned 18 for which I can understand that my brother Roger has been trying to get me into the social friend and will always respect him. I think the same goes with Arron and they both realise that it is up to me whether if I should drink or not. I wasn't sacred to say No to alcohol before I was 18 years old.

I am not going to stop people from drinking because thats their life but in my opinion I have found out that you can have fun with life without the bottle. Thats something I told Daveyboyz when we met back in May for Zipsters Gathering. Daveyboyz understood that argument and would sometimes throw a joke at me to get me to drink lol.

So I agree with Charlie on about not drinking because I agree that in my opinion it could mess you up plus the taste for me is bad accept with Smirnoff Ice (Red) for the reason that it has a lemonade type taste.

In the situation that If I had a younger sibling like brother or sister well I won't force them to drink or not to drink because its telling a dog what to do in tricks but thats my opinion. But I would give them some advice looking at both ends of the scale, like dont do it like you want to fit into a certain group of friends who dont care about you. While I rather they made their own decision and if they get into trouble with the situation they could come to me.

Bye everyone


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Creative Barry

Ok everyone.

It feels really good even though I had the roughest wake up in a long time.

Right yesterday I started to making some music on my Magix Music Maker software, now I think this could be a lot of fun, I had always wanted to make music but this will be for fun. I think that doing something creative helps to get rid of stress that you have. Its really cool. I think everyone will agree with me on that part.

Now I bought Sex and the city yesterday on Blu-Ray and it is one of the best films I have seen this year. I have watched it twice in a row last night and I havent done that for a film in a long time.

Thats it for now.

I may do a full review of Sex and the City in myfilm blog, I dont know yet.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Creative side has come back (YES)

Before I can begin the blog, anyone can comment on the blog I have changed the settings so people can comment on it whether it is anoymous or someone known.

Yes Now yesterday and today have reignited my passion for doing creative stuff which is really cool. I dont mind doing the odd vlog every now and then. Now yesterday I mentioned about DESIGNERSBLOCK that I went to yesterday and this morning my mum was looking around for music software.

Now I feel a bit more creative and willing to do something about it. I will be starting on my own web-site very soon which should be awesome. I had been promising myself for months to do this.

Plus I have created a few more blogs now. I have created a music one, art one, book one and film one for the time being because I feel like I want to seperate them into different groups that I dont want to do so many entries in one of my blogs so thats I have seperated them.

I have changed the title of this blog from Bazzer Spot to Barry Aldridge's Life, so this blog will focus more on my life and what I am doing with Youtube like I will be continuing the Brotherhood 2.0 videos from tomorrow and telling you how it goes.

OK Onto the other four blogs that I have done

Barry Aldridge Music World - It looks different music whether it is Indy music that comes from Youtube to Mainstream artists which could be spotlight looks into a different artist or a review of an album. I will be looking at news articles and give my opinions on them.

Barry Aldridge Look at Books - Its just me looking at Books in general where I give a review or give some information about upcoming books that I maybe interested in and give you my take on them.

Barry Aldridge Film World - This is where I will do some film reviews and giving you some of the latest film news in general whether I can. Indy films and Mainstream films will be both looked into.

Barry Aldridge Art World - This is my look into different arts plus this is maybe the first blog I may focus on because of yesterday in Convent Garden with the DESIGNERSBLOCK exhibition which should be cool.

Plus I will be updating the look of my blog later on BYE.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Outting In London Today with Cheekychen plus Supertitions, Looking For Alaska and Video Responses coming back

OK This is going to be a very long entry in my blog today, but I have got so much energy in me and could go on for hours about the day in general.

OK it was a meet up organised by Cheekychen to go to the DESIGNERSBLOCK in Convent Garden in Central London

Here is the video of the details of what we did and how it was organised by Cheekychen (Paul)

OK I left home at around 10 and then arrived in London at around 11.50am in the morning which I arrived in Convent Garden at about 12 and met up with Paul (Thetreeorthebear) and we walked around Convent Garden. Now while looking for the others Paul (thetreeofthebear) and I saw a guy in Convent garden shallow a whole balloon which looked like hot dog or corn dog for the US readers. Now that was actually a bit sick but very brave. Now the guy who did that was playing some rude jokes on people but he did it in a way that was very clever and brave that he could get away with it, which is really cool.

OK after a little bit we were able to meet up with Jade and Hatti just outside the main part of Convent garden and chilled there. we waited for Paul (Cheekychen) to turn up. I met up with James (wyatthaplo) and hes really a nice guy and chilled out to chat to. OK then everyone turned up where I met Lizzi and Laura for the first time then Paul (Cheekychen) arrived which was great that now the meet up could begin. Now at around one o'clock we decided to go into the DESIGNERSBLOCK in Convent Garden which we went in there for 2 hours. During that time I was able to See Drew again (Drewscruff) and he lend me the Looking For Alaska which I will mention in a minute. After looking around DESIGNERSBLOCK for a couple of hours we decided to chill outside of Convent Garden with some annoying preachers of Jesus which everyone found really funny. I found it very annoying after a while but we went to the South Bank to chill for an hour which was really cool.

Afterwards we went to the pub in Waterloo station then again in the South Bank and that finished our day.

OK I did a video response to Drewscruff also known as Andrew, I first met him back at NSGs Vlog In The Park on 08/08/08 which was a fun day and met him again today at Cheekychen's thing in DESIGNERSBLOCK.

Here is the link to his channel - Drewscruffs Channel

Here is Drews Original video -

Here is my response -

Now its about dreams superstition, Please watch the video to understand this OK.

Also Drew has also lend me the "Looking For Alaska" which is written by John Green of the Vlogbrothers.

Which I will start reading for tomorrow night which should be fun. Now I have been looking on where they classified it as a Childrens book, which I was told by others at Cheekychen's meet up that it contains adult themes I have to wait and see, once I get started on the book.

Now I have heard that Alex Day aka Nerimon has cried over "Looking For Alaska" now there aint no shame for anyone crying in my opinion. I heard a few people have cried over this book saying how awesome and emotional this book is. I can't wait to get starting to read on them. So I may do a video review on "Looking For Alaska" because I enjoy doing reviews to be honest.

OK onto the issue of video responses which sort of cut out in my latest video is that I am bringing them back if I can ever get quick capture sorted.

Thats it for the moment.

Night everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Day In Brighton again (Wooooooooooooooo)

Now I have just finished the June videos of Brotherhood 2.0 and it was fun watching them in Domician Republic plus them explaining about Microfinacing which I have heard about before but not too much about the term. I will start the July videos on Monday when I got some free time from not looking for a job.

OK yesterday I went out with my mate Arron to Brighton, it was really awesome. But first I had to go to the Job Centre and had some fantastic news that really cheered me up. With news I was going to get a lot of help from the people at Quickstep or Workstep cant remember really. I know that Britain has some real problems with employment which is shocking but it is true though. Got to write an e-mail in a bit to look into that.

Anyway back to my day with Arron, we just chilled in Brighton for the day, watched Pineapple Express and it is really cool film but could have been better.

Plus afterwards we just went to pubs and bars for drinks which was cool as usual. Nothing more.

OK I thought I'll leave you with a video that cheered up when watching Brotherhood 2.0 June Archive. Its a Surprise one.

Pledge To Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 6)

OK quick update sorry, but anyone hating me for updating my blogger a lot over the last couple of days, please this is a pledge I am proud of doing. Ok I have finished the May videos of Brotherhood 2.0 back in 2007.

Here's a couple of videos of how when John Green went to the Netherlands with the Yetti. Enjoy.

May 22th - Amsterdam

May 24th - Happy Dances

I know I got too much time on my hands at the moment but at least I am honest about it.

Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 5)

OK Im back doing the Brotherhood 2.0 videos this morning and its from the month of May. The rules again are to watch, rate and comment all of the video Brotherhood 2.0 videos YEAH.

See you guys in a bit

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Have I Ever Surprised Myself?

OK Before I begin the main blog, I am taking a little rest from the Brotherhood 2.0 video pledge until tomorrow morning where I will contiune to do from May Videos which should be awesome. Im really glad Im doing this pledge but need a break to finish off. The rules are the same with watching all videos, rate them and comment them.

OK I was mend to do this days ago where Myles Dyer asked the question "Have You Ever Surprised Yourself?"

Here's my answer involving making videos and the camera story in Catford involving a Security Guy which surprised me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 4)

OK Right part 4, I had finished watching the April Vlogbrother (Brotherhood 2.0) videos, I think it is going really well. I am going to do the May and June ones probably tomorrow evening because during the day I will be with my mate Arron in Brighton hopefully going to see Pineapple Express in the cinema which I heard it is a corker of a film.

Right speaking about Vlogbrothers again, while I was in their BlogTV Chat tonight, Katrina (Walllofweird) found this article which to everyone in the room found really funny. It is a mix of Vlogbrothers/Doctor Who with the Shakesphere code.

The Journey To Awesome

Love it and I heard Katrina can find some brillant articles over the net, so if I go to another vlogbrother chat room and hopefully Katrina will be there and she will deliver some more goods.

OK I was speaking to my cousin Joe and he told me he liked some of the youtubers who I have actually have met. The tubers he likes at the moment are Mhazz (omgmhazzrocks) and Dave (Musicfromblueskies) as he likes their music which is super special awesome. YES

Im off to bed now

Whoa four entries in one day, amazing.


Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 3)

OK another update Im up to near the end of march which its getting cool to see them getting to rhythm of movie magic which is awesome and I think this is where the project gets near to the peak which is super special awesome coined by LittleKuriboh.

OK I went back to a January 31st 2007 entry where Hank does some riding on a bulldog.

Now It just reminded about a day out that Charlie, Alex and Kayley (Five Awesome Girls) where they looked around Bath in search of Pigs.

Kinda cool I noticed this when someone left a comment talking about Charlie, Alex and Kayley doing a similar thing but this time with pigs.

OK I got to get back to watching the April entries later on today around 9pm GMT.

Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0 (Part 2)

OK Update on the situation I have watched, rated and commented all the Brotherhood 2.0 videos in the months of January and February 2007. Im going to take a rest but thought I'll leave you with this classic video from them. Its the Everyone Poops In My Pants (Picture Book) created by Hank Green

Pledge to Watch Brotherhood 2.0

OK Everyone

I have decided to take up the pledge or challenge to watch all of the Brotherhood 2.0 videos from last year, which John and Hank Green did which should be a lot of fun.

Here is the opening video from Hank from the 1st Of January

Here is the three things I have to do

1) Watch the videos
2) Rate the videos
3) Comment the videos

Sounds easy but it is going to be difficult


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BlogTV Tonight at 9PM GMT, 4PM EST

OK this is the only time I will be doing this, but I will be on BlogTV tonight and Every Tuesday at 9PM GMT and 4PM EST.

Sorry I have been a promoting whore with this but I thought just for this week I will do some promotion that I am on.

Here's the link Barry Aldridge BlogTV Channel

See you there, if not maybe next time.


Edited - Good Show I thought, will stick to one a week but will not promote it anymore.

Transformers Cartoons

OK ever since I watched Transformers on Blu-Ray, I have been watching the cartoon that came out in 80s when I was 5 years old. Now am I sad for watching them? I got too much time on my hands and I had the toys once.

Bye for Now ttfn.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep?? Is it possible to stay awake for a long time?

You know the other night I was speaking to Vee and we were talking about random stuff and she mentioned to me that she never slept for 3 days and to me that is impossible and I am thinking to myself how could she do that?

Now the longest I stayed awake is 30 hours after watching some boxing matches back in 1997 involving Tyson Vs Holyfield I not the ear biting match that was number II but the classic match that a lot of people thought Tyson would beat Holyfield but it went the other way the result which was awesome. So sleep is my worst enemy at times.

OK I heard when I went to her blogtv and she said she done 4 days, HOW???? well thats the case, I need to try that one time to see how long I last without sleep.

That could be a good challenge.

Bye for now.

Doctor Who Exhibition (Video), BlogTV - Every Tuesday 9pm GMT & 4pm EST and What Can Sony do in the future?

Right I have finally put up the video of my day at the Doctor Who Exhibition which I had a good day.

I put the video up really late last night, so thats the reason why it didnt go to my blog straight away and I was feeling really tired to do one. Which I didnt mind not doing one yesterday.

Like I said in the video I am going to be doing a BlogTV every Tuesday at 9pm GMT and 4pm EST, which I did a test show last week which I found fun. Come along and have fun.

Right final topic I was talking to Alan (TEMPHUiBIS) on skype last night and we were talking about Playstation 3 games (So all you playstation fans will like this part). Anyway Alan asked me "What games have you got on the PS3?" and then I gave him a long list which gave him an idea. The video below explains.

I think this is a really good idea because it is true that my game collection will expand in the future like my dvd collection is massive. If Sony put this in then it would be brillant to know what games they have for the Playstation 3.

Next channel recommendation is coming, dont worry. After the channel recommendation I may do a video talking about my Doctor Who DVD collection which will also go onto the Trock forum.

OK Thats it for now


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doctor Who Convention (Aftermath), New Facebook, Nick Love Films and Life for me back In South London

OK I went to the Doctor Who Convention in Earls Court yesterday and it was really cool. Now It was good but not as good as I thought. I got into Earls Court Hall at 12.30 and went around for an hour. Now I went with my mum and took some pictures which it didn't come out the best quality. They will be up in tomorrow's blog entry. I like the Cyberman photo that came out which was cool. Now we forgot to take photos of the Dalek but did take some video of it which was really cool. They will be up tomorrow the photos but monday or tuesday with the video. I dont want to rush it. So after Earls Court I just went up London to look around as usual. Now I will warn you about the photos aint the best quality because of the strobe lighting and a bit too much darkness within the convention. I did like the behind the scenes when creating the monsters which the Odd ones were really good.

Now this aint my video of the exhibition or convention or whatever but it is done by the Phoenix Productionz it goes on for 10 minutes but it is really good in showing the convention.

Now I took my mum to the Apple Store and showed her around to see if there were any differences with PC World and she said she really liked the store. So thats a thumbs up and will think about getting a Mac, once I get a job in what I want to do.

OK Next bit the New Facebook, right I love the new facebook which a lot of people are going to hate me for. But I really like it and got used it very quickly. I think the haters of the new facebook are ones who have used Facebook for a very long time and got use to the old one and dont like change. COME ON PEOPLE. we all have to change at times which it can be for the better and worst but thats how life goes, now if everything remained the same wouldnt it be boring, I dont know. I love the new facebook.

OK I have been watching a couple of Nick Love's films which were The Business and Goodbye Charlie Bright. Now the first one I watched was The Business, where you have Danny Dyer's character (Frankie) leaving 1980s London behind and gone to Spain for the life in luxury, brillant huh. My family hate the film but I love it not Nick Love's best film which the other film I watched today was Goodbye Charlie Bright.

Goodbye Charlie Bright is an awesome film and it was made before Nick Love became respected in the british film industry which I find really cool. So I watched the film it features the guy who played Joe years ago in Eastenders which was a character who was from Bolton and the character David Wicks was his dad. It is basically about Charlie getting fed of South London and wants a new life and new start. He also his a best buddy named Justin who wants to waste his life away with Charlie. It is a Indie film which makes it better for storylines and character development. It is based in South London which is the area I grew up in. So I will be talking about that next.

Now Im thinking way back in History where I used to live in South London. Now South London is a place that I was proud to live in. I used to live in Forest Hill which is SE23 for anyone that know the postal codes of London. Forest Hill to me has a bit history which can be both good and bad. Forest Hill has the best museum called the Horniman Museum and it also features some gardens which are really cool as well.

Here's the link - Horniman Museum In Forest Hill

I used to go the Horniman's when I needed some time to reflect on life and on University when I went to UEL (University Of East London) which I found it hard at times and needed the time to reflect on how to pass the course and the Horniman would help me out to do this.

There is so much I could talk about South London which I will leave for another time.

For some reason I thought of an old Charlieissocoollike video that he did called Tuesday.

I think it was because of South London life was similar to the video plus the thought of Nick Love films based on Goodbye Charlie Bright made me think of this video for a weird reason.

Anyway have a great one going to watch some youtube videos about computer games


Friday, September 12, 2008

Doctor Who Convention & DVD Collection

OK I am going to the Doctor Who Convention in Earls Court today which is awesome. Now originally it was going to open until the end of the month but due to the popularity of the convention over the past months it has decided to go on until the end of November YEAH. Hopefully I can get in today to look around and do some filming of it and hopefully share it with you all.

OK Part 2 I watched a video from TEMPHUiBIS and he was showing his DVD collection which he said a lot of youtubers do show their collections. I may do a video in the future showing mine, but it could be more than one video lol. Its because I got a huge collection. I may do one seperate on Doctor Who DVDs.

OK Thats it everyone. Have a good weekend.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

RocknRolla film is awesome and Back In The Day

OK everyone I watched RocknRolla yesterday with my folks and it was one of the best films I have seen for a long time, its really good british film that I could just sit back and relax to. I watched it at the Brighton Marina which is one of my favourite places to go to.

Here's the trailer to RocknRolla

Now I was watching Smivadees latest video called "I Remember When"

It made me think back about the memories that have gone over the years. I think back to the 1980s and 1990s as well where I remember the Nintendo Vs Sega Console Wars, Thundercats, Thomas The Tank Engine, Sooty, Rainbow, Stickers where you trade with others, Football, Rounders and lots more.

Yeah it takes me to think of a lot of things that happened in my life. Its great to think back through past memories. Its weird, the feeling of getting older is sinking to me, I know crazy Im 25 now and not 8 anymore which makes me feel sad but I have to keep thinking of the future in general Yeah.

May do an entry later.


11th September (A Day I Can Remember) and New Video Looking at Doctor Who and Another Barry Aldridge Asks

Hello everyone

Its been 7 years since the Twin Towers have been knocked out which is shocking to think that one of the worlds disasters happened on this day 7 years ago. I sometimes think if there was a conspirancy behind this or was this a geniune terrorist but I think it is something we will never know what really happened on that day and before.

OK Good News is that I got a brand new video involving looking at Doctor Who History again this time looking at the story (Genesis Of The Daleks) starring Tom Baker plus I did a Barry Aldridge Asks (3)

Now I decided to use the Vlogbrother style of doing more than one part videos. Also The Black & White mixed in colour within the video was inspired by the Five Awesome Guys when Alan and Johnny do when it came to their days of doing videos on the channel.

OK Thats it for this morning, will do another entry later with a look at Rocknrolla film which I loved seeing yesterday.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning Glory - BlogTV, CorporalCadet, Video Ideas and TEMPHUiBIS

Hey Morning. Had a rough waking up and I hate that to be honest you get in a right f'n mood, anyway on this entry.

Had fun on BlogTV for an hour last night which was cool. I hate the mod game to be honest, its not fun anymore its getting a bit silly. Anyway I had fun with it and surprised BlogTV did an automatic recording which was a shocker.

Now I have seen Levi's (CorporalCadet) latest entry and thought it was hilarious to see. Check it out.


Here is Levi's Channel - CorporalCadet

He did it for me, so I thought I would return the favour.

I have been low on video ideas, thats why you haven't seen a video from me in a bit. But will come out with one next week with a visit to a Doctor Who Convention on Friday which should be awesome at Earls Court. On videos Im thinking of either Channel Recommendation, Barry Aldridge Asks or Another Doctor Who History thing. Those are the three Im thinking at the moment.

Oh yeah I was watching a video from TEMPHUiBIS

The video is about happiness and he has asked what are the 10 things that make you happy and TEMPHUiBIS is a great guy, as I met him back at NSGs Vlog In The Park. Like I said in one of my past blogs which I cant remember which one lol. He does vlogs on Playstation 3 Games, Life and Music.

Check him out please - TEMPHUiBIS

OK Im done here

Bye for now.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Transformers (Blu-Ray) = Awesome

OK this is the shortest entry ever.

Transformers on BLU-RAY is awesome and I mean really awesome.

Buy the film whether it is on DVD or Blu-Ray GET IT thats my opinion.


Why Sell Christmas Stuff Early Confuses Me

Hey everyone and good morning, afternoon or evening whether you read this. OK one thing I got to mention in Yesterdays stuff.

I went to Worthing to check out some of the Autumn stuff because now the summertime is over. Now I met up with my mum in Debebhams store and went to the 2nd floor while looking at pillow cases and bed stuff which most of you will find boring but now this shocked this year.

CHRISTMAS BEING SOLD EARLY AGAIN, WHY???????????? OK sorry for the caps but I wanted that statement to get out there. But every year since the late 90s I think they have been selling christmas stuff 3 months before it hits christmas why??? This confuses me deeply which I find very sad. Why the commericalisation of christmas which I agree is killing christmas the holiday in general, Dont get me wrong I love presents but not as much as I use to but I feel we are exploition the new generation with saying that they want a new spiderman toy or a new board game COME ON man. Anyway Rant Over thats how I feel.

Right I got nothing more to say this morning, hopefully I will be more cheerful this afternoon. I hope to see my friend Arron today which is great and see if we can do something hooray.


Monday, September 08, 2008

The End Of Day - Bristol Gathering Videos

Well nothing much to talk about accept a couple of Bristol Gatherings I really like that I saw today. They were from JacobDyerMedia and NSG.

JacobDyerMedia's video had some great laughs in it. Including me acting a fool at certain points plus some phone call moments where the camera was held near Jake's phone to help me get around Bristol, which I had the shittiest map ever.

The Second video from NSG I really like so much, it expresses so much passion where it is very well edited from NSG with a new song performed by him called "Dreams" which is an awesome track as well. I have put this video as my autoplay on my channel.

Oh yeah I have forgotten to watch Transformers today but I will do but not until tomorrow evening because Im seeing my friend Arron which should be awesome Yeah.

Night everyone have sweet dreams.

Morning Thoughts - 8th Of September (Diary, BlogTV and Was on a Downer)

I am starting to treat my Bazzer Spot as a diary, which I thought I would never do. Its kinda weird. I first opened up this back in 2006 and then stopped using it because I was bored with it quickly, then when all the people I know online are using blogs instead of youtube lately for vlogs, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, I know some of you are thinking that. At first I thought I would never blogger again but Im now glad I came back to it which is great.

Anyway some people are still asking me about BlogTV and well now it is September I may do a show on Tuesdays maybe around 9pm GMT who knows it could happen but for the time being I feel I may not do well with BlogTV tbh.

Now I feel a bit crumbled at the moment and I dont know why this morning. Maybe its because the summer is over. Going through some hard times at the moment. Its crazy I know, had such a good weekend now feel on a downer now. I hate writing depressing stuff to be honest.

So I said I was going to e-mail some dream to Mhazz and Charlie which may take a little longer because I have to write up the story which is a lot and plus I got other things on my plate including looking for work which everyone knows in the UK it is very hard to look for work. So sorry guys need to think things about whats going on with me at the moment. But when I get time I will do it and should be promising.

Edited at 9.50am (Monday 8th of September) - WELL GOOD NEWS, I feel quite a bit better now, I got fucking Transformers on Blu-Ray through the post this morning which is BRILLANT. I will watch it later on and may give an opinion in a blog later on. So yeah the dream will come but may take a couple of days to write Mhazz and Charlie. I feel so much better after my package this morning YEAH.

Bye Now everyone.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Old Doctor Whos Are Classics

Ok before I begin I like to thank people for leaving feedback on the entry I did this morning, on what they thought and I thought they brought up some excellent points in which I thank them. I respect anyones opinions no matter positive or negative.

OK onto this evening's entry and involves more on the classic era of Doctor Who. Now I have been watching a lot more of them again which is brillant, I truly love Doctor Who from the classic era to the new series that Russell T Davies brought back in 2005. Now I love the new series but I like I said in certain videos or blog entries, I feel the classic series has been ignored slightly which is a shame but without the classic series you wouldn't have Eccleston and Tennant being the doctors at all. In my opinion I think respecting the past and looking towards the future is the best way to be.

OK the stories I have watched this week were Genesis of the Daleks (Starring Tom Baker) and then I watched a couple of Jon Pertwee Stories which were Doctor Who & The Silurians and Inferno.


Now I first watched Genesis Of The Daleks and some people have regarded this as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time.

This by far one of the stand out stories in Doctor Who's history. It's been one of the most repeated on terrestrial TV and there's a chance that your copy may have a sticker proclaiming it being voted the best story ever. There are so many reasons why this story deserves these accolades that I wont have enough time to tell them.

Story wise this is a reimagining of the Dalek origins as The Doctor is sent back in time to stop or halt their development. The way this is done adds a new layer to the story in the fact that it fits in with the time war of recent seasons and can be seen as the Time Lords launching a pre-emptive strike. The Doctor and companions are thrown into the last days of a war between the two Skaro factions Kaleds and Thals. The early episodes show The Doctor getting caught up in the war events while trying to save his companions when the later episodes become tight character episodes featuring the scientists who created the Daleks.

An important introduction in this story is Davros who is really the villain in the story (the Daleks are not at the forefront as much as other stories but do have an important part). This isn't the panto villain of later appearances but a serious portrayal by Michael Wisher, possibly one of the most impressive guest performances and one other actors to play the part would never equal. Peter Miles as Nyder is the other standout guest performance but there are others who perform well including a few faces you may recognise.

Here's a clip of Davros testing the first Dalek at the end of episode 1


Now I always like watching Doctor Who & The Silurians because it is a very dark tone story. It is very dark at certain times especially the characters. The real strength of this story lies in the beautiful parallels between Mankind and the Silurians. The Doctor and the elder Silurian leader have the wisdom & know that the two races can happily co-exist, but unfortunately they are backed up by headstrong idiots who kill first, ask questions later. This is one of Pertwee's finest performances & he is ably backed up by a strong supporting cast, especially the joy that is Fulton MacKay (who of course so nearly became the Doctor himself). The Silurian costumes are a bit clunky but do the job, their presence strengthened by their hyped-uped somewhat demented voices. What really makes this 7-part tale shine is the ethical dilemma that the Doctor has; are the Silurians really the bad guys, all they want after all is to reclaim the home that was their's to begin with. A cracking episode with a wonderful conclusion that really shows us the difference between the Doctor and the members of U.N.I.T that he has allied himself with. To top it all off, no-one can say Silurian like Pertwee.

Now with this clip someone created a new series trailer with the story and with old theme music from 1970s which I like this idea.


This 7 parter tells the story of a British government sponsored Drilling experiment, The rather obtuse Scientist in charge believes that drilling through the earths crust would tap into reserves of a super gas that could cheaply fuel the UK for years to come, The Doctors involved as an adviser and as far as the chief scientist is concerned an unwelcome one, Whilst tinkering with his own experiment off activating the Tardis's Main console he quickly becomes concerned by the drilling and the sudden appearance of members of staff who after coming in contact with a mysterious green Goo have turned into bizarre green versions of Lon Chaney Jr.

Later whilst the Doctor is using the Tardis console he accidentally gets transported to a parallel universe, in this universe the drilling experiment is under way in a UK governed by a 1984 Big Brother style government.

In this parallel UK they successfully drill through the earths crust unleashing all sorts of bad stuff, bad stuff like the world blowing up, The Doctor of course escapes back to his own universe to prevent the drilling and the same thing happening to his UK.

The Lon Chaney Jr monsters running around are obviously an after thought, you get the impression they probably wrote it and thought " Bugger we've no monsters, here's 50p!! , down the corner shop and get some Green poster paint and a wolfman mask", never the less this really doesn't detract from the story, it adds a little excitement, even if it is a little bewildering. There are a few other flaws, not massive ones, I accuse myself of petty niggling to even think of them, just ignore all that and enjoy!, enjoy a ripping good Dr Who story from a time that's lost to us, savour it.

This is a clip where Stahlman starts to turn into a monster

Doctor Who - Monster Professor - Inferno


All three of these stories of Classic Doctor Who are very dark in tone, has great character tones where you learn about that all of the characters who people say are the bad guys maybe misunderstood especially in the Inferno with Stahlman where he thought he was doing something right but in the end didn't realise his actions could lead to the end of the world.

It was the same thing with Davros with him thinking he could play God as the leader of the Daleks but at the end of Genesis if you have seen it you know what happens, if you haven't seen it.

OK thats it for a history lesson about Doctor Who which I like doing these. I may do a video about this one day which should be awesome to do.

Future of Gatherings in the UK

Hey everyone

Now while I was in Bristol I sort of thought of the future of gatherings which to some may find wierd but it is true.

Now I was thinking that Bristol was an original location to a gathering I think original locations are a good idea. Now during the period between May and now 7th of September there were so many UK Gatherings that I have lost touch in how many I went to in general. I know I have been to five London ones during that period whether it was small meet-up like back in June at the Science Museum or offical gatherings like David and Vlog In The Park plus I had been to Youstage a week ago and Bristol yesterday. Now with Youstage it was an original idea with a 3 day trip in Sudbury Suffolk with everyone camping out which was a cool idea if I was younger but I was getting a bit old for some of the stuff they did but hey it was a brillant time when I went for only one day but I heard it was a success and some saying it was the best gathering they went too, to some people this may become a shock but it wasnt the best gathering I went to but it is up there in my top 10 of gatherings.

Now with Bristol I got to give Jake a lot of credit, he was one of the first people to get sick and tired of London gatherings in general and that the Westcountry has never had a gathering. So Bristol was set and I looked to forward it and glad I went because it was the most fun I had in a long time, seriously though. OK there was another London gathering yesterday which made me blooming heck, London is getting old fast on gatherings seriously, I dont mind going up to London for day trips but not gatherings lately which is a shame.

Now I know of some of you are thinking "Barry why are you attacking gatherings in general?" I love gatherings dont get me wrong but some of them are too frequent like every 2 weeks but its my own fault as well for going to them because I like to see some of the friends I made off Youtube or Internet community and also meet new people which I did every gathering I had been to over the 4 month period of heavy gatherings which is surprising but amazing. Well the good thing is all yesterday there aint a gathering I heard until the end of October/Beginning of November which is good news because I need to get back to Reality a bit to be honest.

OK Heres a list of what the future of gatherings should be

1) Original Locations - like Birmingham, Wales, Cornwall, North East of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic Of Ireland and other places that I cant remember at the moment.
2) London Gatherings need to stop for a 6 month period (I know I know that some of you are thinking Barry WHY?) London has been overused and the only way I would go to a London gathering is for two things A) A new twist is added like a birthday thing or christmas thing that has never been done before and B) Somewhere that is different in London like Greenwich or somewhere in London that hasn't been explored like a new museum or a park we aint been to YEAH.
3) This one some of my youtube friends are going to hate but I think gatherings should be less frequent (I know some of you have gotten close to people on the Internet because you have created such strong bonds with people), with them begin less frequent it becomes a real special moment when we come and give each other hugs, kisses and handshakes to people. So gatherings every week is not a good idea or even every two weeks is a good idea but at least once a month is a good idea to do gatherings in my opinion or even better three months at a time but at least only once a month for a gathering.
4) I think there should be more gatherings again in places like Manchester and Bristol plus I dont think one day is enough, it should be a two day for them places.

OK some of you may think it is wrong for me to have an opinion on this issue but I felt it was the right thing to talk about because I am a bit concerned that gatherings are getting watered down with the same locations, same things being done and they always like every 2 weeks or something.

So I think the future of gatherings need new innovations and ideas that would help the future.

Leave a comment on what you think, I prefer a comment but if you want to e-mail me you can at

OK for anyone wondering that have not read my Bristol Gathering (Aftermath) entry I DID ENJOY IT YESTERDAY so read the previous entry if you havent already.

OK Got to go and will come back with another entry later on.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bristol Gathering (Aftermath)

OK everyone I just got back from the Bristol gathering and I had the most fun I ever had at a Youtube gathering. It was really good.

OK like I said eariler I left Lancing at 9am to get the quarter past 9 train to Worthing then at Worthing I got the 9.22am train to all the way to Bristol Temple Meads which was cool. I arrived at the station probably 20 minutes late but still determined to get to the gathering.

Now I looked at the crap map that I printed out from the computer which didn't help too much, so I kept on ringing Jacob to find out where they were. Lucky though after 30 minutes going around, I found a silver ball and then met up with Daniel McLean who is a Bristol Local I know from Youtube and we talked about what we had been up to and talked about Wall-E which is an awesome film which I compared it to E.T.

Then I was able to meet up with the others at a local bar where I got hugs and handshakes from different youtubers - Cheekychen, Ian, NSG, Chris, Tom Milsom, Jon Richards, Danny (Jons Mate), Kenny (Jons Mate), Kai, Hatti, Tino and of course Jake Dyer which I got a brillant hug from him.

So after spending a bit of time at the bar we decided to head up the hill where we spilt up into groups, where Jake took the majority to the comic book shop, where myself, Ian, Daniel, Jon, Danny, Kenny, Kai and NSG went off to find some food to eat and went to one of the local bars in Bristol which was good. Daniel recommended the squeezed orange juice fresh from oranges and it was really good to drink. I had a call from the London gathering that was happening on the same day and it was nice to hear from them.

I felt I made the right decision by going to the Bristol one because Bristol is a brand new location and like I said before. The Westcountry has never had a gathering so WELL DONE JAKE on bringing a gathering to the westcountry. OK once we finished in one of the bars we went back down to the Millenium Square in Bristol to meet up with Mhazz (Yeah she came, which was awesome, I feel she is one of the souls that help to make a gathering complete) and Charlie. Now we had some quick chats then decided to head to the local laser shoot out thingy but on the way I had to get some cash which I didn't use at the end plus I think Mhazz, Charlie and Tom Milsom wanted Subway so I Followed back and then soon so were the others. I didnt eat until I sort of snatched bite some of Mhazz's bread sandwich, SORRY MHAZZ, anyway after subway, I can't remember his name said he found an art gallery where it has some looks of art which were really good, there was one piece I didnt like but thats ok. I knew that Mhazz would be scared of the giant insect.

Anyway I think Jake damaged one of the pieces of art and thought it would be best to disappear quickly from the gallery. So went to find the laser thingy and they were some problems and decided it would be best to find a starbucks and chill there. Where there was some good chats going about, where I felt I violated Mhazz and Tom Milsom but also myself which was odd, I can not remember what it was about to be honest, so ask Mhazz because she has a good memory. Even she told Daniel, NSG and Ian about this, Daniel and Ian gave me high 5's which were awesome.

We couldnt stay in starbucks because they were closing at 5.30pm which is weird, but it aint London so I understood so went back to the station where we just chilled for a couple of hours before everyone started to rush off home. I went off at 7.10pm to get my train for home. I arrived back home at 11pm which took nearly four hours but had a brillant day. This is my last gathering for a while and glad I went to Bristol. It is a brillant place. I told Jake there should be another one next year six months after this one around Spring/Summer which is an idea on the cards.

Daniel McLean would like the next Bristol gathering to be on a sunday because his bar is dead which is a brillant idea. Maybe a weekender in Bristol is even better.

Ok I got to go to bed, I felt so tired writing this.

Have a good night


The Morning Before The Bristol Gathering

OK its the morning of the 6th and I heard its going to rain today in Lancing and Bristol which sucks but got to do it anyway. I promised I would go to Bristol. Yesterday afternoon I found out that Mhazz can't go, which is a blow but still got to keep looking forward for today. I hear of engineering works and Im hoping it doesn't affect me. I wish I could stay the night in Bristol but got things going on tomorrow.

It will be my first visit to Bristol and hopefully not my last to one of the biggest places in the Westcountry. Like I said I got so much love for the westcountry of England. I get the 9 o'clock train from Lancing then get off at Worthing for 4 minutes and then it is a straight train with stops to Bristol Temple Meads.

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Morning Glory - New Tasks

Well a new day to me is also a new start in any achievement whether its going to a new place or starting on a new book (I do have trouble reading).

OK the thing is after the saturday gathering in Bristol I will be looking for new things to achieve like trying to finish a book for once which I know some of you may find crazy but it is true. I may get John Green's Books very soon which are Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. Paper Towns is also coming soon and I further wait until the UK release.

I may even ask my friend Drew to borrow them for a bit, because he shown me the An Abundance of Katherines book back at NSGs Gathering. So Yeah that could be an idea, will have to talk to him about it. Anyway plus I really want to read some of Kevin Smith's books as well because I think Kevin Smith is one of the writers within our generation which is saying something to be honest.

Now next thing I was looking back at yesterdays entry and I still stand by what said in the entry and Dave from Blue Skies say I mentioned that I agree with someone at least 11 times, which I found that funny because I have been known to repeat myself. LOL.

Finally to keep this entry short, If you are in a sad mood there are two options I follow to keep me going

1) Watching Doctor Who (Classic Series or New Series started by RTD)
2) Watching Sitcoms or Comedy films either on DVD or Blu-Ray

Thats all for now. Will do a later entry.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bristol Gathering (Excitement), Friendships (Part 2), My Excellent Day and Another Brillant Youtube Featured Video

Right I got some real excitement, about the Bristol gathering is happening on Saturday. Like I said before and I know some of you are getting sick of me talking about it but it is the first gathering in the Westcountry. I LOVE THE WESTCOUNTRY a lot and enjoy a holiday every time I go down there.

Im taking the train to head down there at 9am and be at the station 30 minutes after the start which is a pain but lucky though I got Jacob's number as soon as I arrive. Brillant OK. Here's the video again but for one more time I promise, I am excited and full of energy for this. I love the westcountry air. Its brillant.

Heres the video

I had the best sleep in a long time last night which was really cool. I slept from 10pm to 9am this morning. Which is brillant because I had a bad night the day before so this was good for me.

Anyway I realised I was going to be late for the Job Centre if I stay in bed any longer when it was this morning. So woke up and checked on the Internet as always, some of you are probably thinking BORING, but anyway I check on the blogs I normally read and then I found out Alex Day's latest entry which he did at 1.30am in the morning was also talking about friendships as well. I was reading through his entry and have to agree a lot about it because I sort of touched on these issues a bit when I did the entry yesterday.

I have to agree with a lot what Alex has said in his entry SIMPLE SUMMATIONS

Now when Alex touched on the fact that people have a habit of creating drama with no reason or intend, this was something that Dom and I talked about on MSN yesterday morning where we discussed and I will quote this again from Dom, that he "don't really like, the people who now regularly go in get their kicks out of constantly picking on somebody. I find that tiresome, maybe it's because a lot of them are young like 16 and they aren't mature enough to know the effects it has" So I agree with Alex that people we know online are starting up drama for no real reason but just because maybe they are bored or some other reason. This is where real conflict happens and leads the community to go under which I find sad to be honest. I agree that Drama is never good for anyone, that I agree that we dont have much time to look at the bright side of what the Internet can bring to people rather than saying I want to start something with someone. I will admit I am guilty of being apart of drama when I did the effing parody entry when I attacked Daveyboyz for saying that Mhazz's video is breaking copyright when I believe it is a parody. I feel really guilty doing that entry and lucky though Davey and myself had a chat about this and we are cool after that and I think our respect has gone up, which I think is brillant.

What I also notice from these friendships that Cliques are forming and excluding others from outside them cliques. I remember talking to Davey (Daveyboyz). I know some of you have a problem with him but it is a good point that he bought up. when I saw him in Brighton the week before Youstage and I can understand that this is happening when we talked about it. I first noticed this back to David and then at NSGs one where people are just meeting up just to see their friends who they talk to online and rather meet new people. I did feel kinda guilty of this when later on at the David Gathering, when I only chatted to people I knew online. I tried to do that
at NSGs gathering where I did bring along my best friend Arron and but at the same time I chatted to different people at different times which was really good. I even made a couple of new online friends (Drew and Alan aka Temphibius), whilst chatting to others who were new to me. I will admit I didnt get to know every one but at least I made an effort to talk to new people that day, which was great. So while meeting old friends again is great but at the same time I believe you should go to events/gatherings to meet new people and not exclude them. People who have organised gatherings in the past have done and made sure they talk to everyone, which I think it is one of the main jobs to do.

I did the same thing back at Youstage where I didnt chat to the same people all the time so I made sure I chatted to different people like One minute Im talking to Lucy and Tom Milsom, then chatting to Tino and his friend, then chatting to Angela and Dave later on that Friday afternoon. So I made sure I chatted to different people, I think others have done that too as well that day, which is good but I felt that some of the cliques were still there.

Anyway Sorry I am drifting off a bit and must make you bored, where was I, oh yeah Alex has said that there is elitism between The Top users + their friends and their viewers which I agree with sadly. This is what I call the Big Brother effect.

Now when we start making friends online we start to bring in characteristics that we know from the real world which is very sad. I like Alex wish that the Internet should be an escape from reality and not the substitute to the real world. Sadly I believe this is something that is very difficult to try and do nowadays but I do believe in hope, there has to be a solution to it.

I have to agree with Alex that we do take for grant or foolishy disregard real life friends, old lovers and even family. Which I did for a portion of time but luckily though I knew when to pull out lately, when I remember back at the Youstage Festival I had to go back home for personal problems within the family when I got a call back on that Saturday Morning, I told everyone I had to go and one or two told me to stay at the festival which made me sad because I feel they had no regard to their loved ones. Which made me sad. I felt I did the right decision by going home to sort out the problems.

I agree with Alex that friendships should be simpler that hanging out with them, having a laugh and having fun should be way forward. I will admit that I wish I was back at Youstage but how ever I believe that moving on and looking forward to the future is actually the best option to keep your life going, never think about past regrets but keep moving on. Which before or after reading Alex's entry on this issue Im always thinking about what could tomorrow bring thats the beauty of life. I will explain about my day very soon. So in a way I agree with Alex that wishing for something to happen rather than take action is the wrong way to look at it.

I do believe that photo albums are a good way to keep the memories of what happened at a particular event but at the same time we do need to live and not think it is over when a gathering/festival ends and then starts at the next gathering/festival. I keep my life going and going after them when the gathering ends when I meet up with my real life friends or other people I know like family I haven't seen in ages. Also life contiunes when we suffer through heartaches of either school, work or being a bum at home, so I believe in keep moving forward which who knows during one of those hard days it could lead to a promising future. I do like my own personal space as well, which I did some of the time when I was at Youstage festival when reflecting that I am having a brillant life and seeing a good tomorrow when I was on the Hammocks when others were worried that I had disappeared. I agree with Alex that sometimes we do need to have our spaces and maybe have a longer period before we see each other again. I agree with Alex's last paragraph when he says that "if we dont see each other for a little while, it'll just give us more stories to tell when our paths cross again."

So this saturday at the Bristol gathering will be my last one for a while sadly but I will be back for a gathering just need a rest from them. Im not ignoring you if you are reading this but I need to focus on my own life then like Alex when I meet you guys again at a gathering I should have some stories to tell you about how my life is going.

OK enough about that sorry to anyone who felt a bit offended with that part. OK onto my day in general.

Like I said I woke up at 9am having a lay in which was brillant because I aint had a lay in like that in ages which is fantastic. Like I said eariler I was going to be late for the Job Centre if I stay in bed any longer. So after checking on the blogs and then getting ready to go to Worthing for a Job Centre interview to sort out my position. I left the house at around 10.30am to get train tickets to Worthing. I went to the Job Centre got there around 30 minutes early and looked up some jobs and may have found something in Hampshire for a Hotel to start a website. Now for me it is a long way on the train but I rather travel far away for ajob than sitting on my arse at home doing shit. OK I met up with Steph who is the advisor who helps me out and found some brillant options which I wont discuss because that may bore you to be honest. Right after a successful meeting with Steph I went to Worthing Town Centre, it was raining so hard and I didn't care because the new HMV store opened up this week because this was a big deal to Worthing because it is the first big music chain store to open Worthing, looks like Worthing is on the way up YEAH.

So I came back home at around 2 so I could chill and this leads to my final point.

OK Finally some more good news on the Youtube Front. My Friend NSG, remember the beatbox video I put on this blog saying I really liked it, well it got featured on the UK and Ireland Youtube front pages. This is an awesome collbo featuring quite a few friends.

Here's the video one more time.

Have a good day everyone.

If I dont do an entry tomorrow, the next entry you will get is a quick one on Saturday before I head off to Bristol for the gathering.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Proper Epic Movie Like Is Here

Well it is finally here.

Tom's masterpiece of Proper Epic Movie Like and it is an excellent film. Tom has said in a youtube message to the main cast that this is probably his best piece of work that he has done for youtube. Now I believe it is feature worth material and could get featured. I hear that Liam (LittleRadge) and Dave (Musicfromblueskies) have put the video in their autoplay to help it gain some exposure so hopefully the editors can look it and hopefully put it on the front page.

Here's the video below -


OK I know a lot of people wouldn’t read this and I don’t think anybody cares about my blog but I am willing to chat about this. OK Friendships are a very tricky thing in life. I have chats with different people and I have learned both sides of the coin they say.

OK you may have to read the whole of this blog to understand that it is not a one sided blog but looks into both sides of friendship


Now earlier this morning I was reading through the blogs and went to Dom’s blog (MyShowbizName) and I was looking at his entry about stickam. Where he mentioned that he formed some friendships just before Christmas with certain people and enjoyed his time on stickam anyway he said through the course of time after certain events happen he felt that some of the friendships he had were disappearing and that people have moved on to talk to other people and certain people have gotten bigger statuses within the Internet community.

Within minutes after reading, Dom gave me a quick hello and we started to chat about the entry. He was saying that Stickam had lost its closeness with people and I felt the same way too. I put in a statement and for people wondering why I haven’t used stickam is two reasons.

1) The computer I mainly use to write my blogs and do videos still thinks I am banned from stickam even though I got a new account which is weird

2) The second reason is that most of the stickam chat rooms I go into are now people always bitching and complaining and its me feeling fratustred plus it is making people move on from stickam. This includes me because I prefer BlogTV thanks to this.

Dom said the other thing he didn’t like about stickam is that he “don't really like, the people who now regularly go in get their kicks out of constantly picking on somebody. I find that tiresome, maybe it's because a lot of them are young like 16 and they aren't mature enough to know the effects it has” Now this is something I can understand where there are people getting kicked out of a room for silly reasons whether it is font colour of your text or a petty argument over whether this celebrity is good or bad or that they are dissing someone constantly day after day which gets boring very quickly because they are talking about the same things over and over again.

Now this makes me sad which I said to Dom that a few of them are 18 and should be mature on how to handle things but instead acting like 5 years old when they don’t understand the consequences when they kick someone that person maybe alone and may need someone to talk or what would happen if they met that person in real life and dire things could happen (which is most unlikely).

Dom explained that his blog was talking about people he met contact with on a daily basis on stickam in which he saw as a core group. Dom was saying that he is not a youtuber who makes friends with everyone, he thinks and I can understand his argument that if you have too many friends then them friendships could become impersonal and meaningless. Dom also said he prefer close relationships with people. I put into a further argument that if you get a lot of friends you wouldn’t know who are your real friends, who would stand by you. Dom agreed that it is easy to have a lot of friends but you do question if they are real any of them friendships that you have.

OK a while later I was talking to PJ and he also understood the argument about friendships.


A bit before talking to PJ, I was having a chat with Benjy.

I told Benjy that I was down. Benjy was concerned and I truly believe that because I have met him three times and he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, he is a gentle giant. I had done a lot of thinking about and Benjy said to me if you need anything you can come to talk with me and I thanked him for that. He told me about a story that happened a couple of years where he didn’t feel happy and now he feels happy again, which is awesome. His aim on youtube is to help people which I think is a brilliant thing. I think that is the whole point.

There are many friends that I have picked up over my stay within the Internet community while lasted a long time, some have lasted a short time. But friendship I have had has been very good and I understand everyone to a certain degree. It is awesome, as I think that it could be learning about each other, on how to deal with situations. That is the best thing ever about the youtube community

So friendships can a mixed bag I do understand Dom’s case that some friends wouldn’t be there for you, if you were down and out from a situation. But I just watched a Video from Benjy himself talking about the Youstage experience and I feel there are some true friendships that can evolve when you have a large group of friends. He did say as a quote “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUTUBE” which I share the same feeling as well. There are times I want to leave but after seeing his video

By this video that Benjy has done, it shows their a community strength between users which I like seeing which happens on certain stickam rooms and certain blogtv rooms.

I also liked certain videos from Y2kjonrichards and Laurbubble looking into the festival in general where Jon’s one gave an account of his weekend and then showed footage of the whole deal. While Laura’s one showed the atmosphere and how people get together as well.

Jon Richards Video

Laura (Laurbubbles) Video

Also watching all of the Youstage videos made me aware of that friendships can never die whether they are real life or online friendships that center around communites in general. I think it is a brilliant thing, which people get together for gatherings and other things.


Now while I was writing this very long blog I had some good news that a youtuber known as Little Rich got featured for quite a funny video which I found really really good. It was called Dominatrix 2 - The White Rabbit which I found brilliant, love Little Rich’s stuff always.

Here’s the featured video below

If you missed the first part you check it out below as well –

The subtitle for this one was called The Wrong Door

Great stuff to end on


Is J0ames The Wizard Of Youtube?

OK onto my 69th Channel Recommendation - J0ames

Enjoy everyone

Plus the next two are Ornsack followed by Johncox88


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I first wanted to be a Rapper years ago

OK I never mentioned this before but when I was 15 years I wanted to be a rapper. Now I would listen to the great MCs like NWA, 2Pac, The Notorious BIG, Nas, Kanye West, Rakim, Gang Starr, Eminem, Royce Da 5'9, The Game and lots of others that I can not remember.

I loved Hip Hop music since I first watched a Simpsons episode involving the group Cypress Hill where they were doing a festival thing and then my brother lend me their CDs and thought this was the shit.

So one of the first songs I listened to was called Illusions from their Temples Of Boom album which was their 3rd.

Another track I liked was Insane In The Brain from their album "Sunday" which I think it was their second album

OK then my brother introduced me to Death Row Records which were a dominating record company in Hip Hop back in 97 but the company was starting to die out and got into the Hip Hop genre so deep after the passing of 2Pac and The Notorious BIG.

Now I really loved this track from The Notorious BIG which he called Mo Money Mo Problems, now the video Im going to show is with the skitty bits I rather hear the tune to be honest but its a good video.

I try to mimic Biggies verse which is the 3rd verse which anybody didnt know that. OK now moving on where my passion for Rap Music started to grow and grow and I was waiting for the first White MC that isnt Vanilla Ice and then in 1999 when I was still listening to the days of the Bad Boy Vs Death Row, my brother told me about Eminem who is under Dr Dre's wing. I first heard My Name Is and thought this could be interesting to listen to. Now I became a bigger fan when his Marshall Mathers LP and this track called Stan.

This is the long video for anybody interested.

This is another one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time Stan So YEAH.

My other favourite track from Eminem which came out years later and it was called When I'm Gone which is a beautiful track that makes me cry at times when the 3rd verse comes.

When Im Gone is one of my favourite tracks of all time it gave me some inspiration about life in general.

Now when Hip Hop kept changing its styles and changing directions I heard this track from Young Jeezy which was about Dreamin. Now I love this track so much. The 3rd verse got me some inspiration to move forward with my life and never look back.

OK what does this have to do with me wanting to be a rapper, well it was a dream of mine which is really cool. I have never mentioned this before because I was sacred that I would be treated like a lost lamb waiting for the slaughter from a wolf. Now I started to freestyle to friends when I was 15 trying to fit in to be honest and grabbed everyones attention which was cool. Now I stopped after 16 because I was a bit embrassed to do it in front of my real friends who always stood by me and felt I would be letting them down. I know I know being a scaredy cat.

Then lately on youtube I started to grow the confidence again to the rapping again but feel a bit embrassed to do it still I DONT KNOW, but I want to rap again.


The Simpsons Old Memories

OK I was watching a video last night from a user called Lisasimpson on Youtube.

She has started a good question that what is your favourite simpsons episode and what is your favourite simpsons character?

Here's her video -

Please do a response to her because I think the Simpsons is one of the best programmes during the early 1990s.

OK I did a response

1) What is your favourite Simpsons episode?

My Answer is Bart Gets An Elephant (5.15) Production code 1F15.

Wikipedia Link here - Bart Gets an Elephant Details

2) Whats your favourite Simpson character? and Who is your favourite non Simpson Character?

OK My Favourite Simpson Character is Homer, because he is a legend from Season 3 onwards.

Link on Homer here -


My Favourite Non-Simpson Character is Chief Wiggum. Hes funny a lot of the time.

Here's a link to Chief Clancy Wiggum -

OK Thats it for now.

Speak later


Monday, September 01, 2008

Youstage - Just Remembered Stuff

OK on my entry Youstage + Trock (Gatherings) I received this comment from a few angry people "OK so this is john, chris, liam, sinead and dave and we're appalled that we didn't get a mention in this blog."

Now I feel a bit bad not mentioning them but in my defense 1) I cant remember every single thing that happened which my mind is going and 2) If you are going to write a blog about the whole day DONT DO IT WHEN YOU ARE TIRED, thats what happened, when I wrote it. There was stuff I couldn't remember from the Trock Online gathering as well

But good news thanks to that comment it reminded of other things that happened at Youstage so I only just remembered them.

1) I got a nice hello from John Cox and Ginger Chris
2) I got a rugby tackle hello from Liam and Dave from Blue Skies. Tom Milsom wanted to join in for fun and nearly punched me in the mouth but he said sorry.
3) I saw Sinead and didn't get to say hello which made me feel bad, so Sinead you can get your own back on me next gathering
4) I played Football with Benjy showing off some skills but not too much.
5) Jessica told me she was MrsBAldridge youtube account.
6) Myles wanted to do a reactment of my Ukele dream plus extra which never happened.
7) I saw Metallicamatt once I woke up from the Hammock
8) I told Liam and Ed that Hammocks are great and awesome.
9) Lucy, Dave from Blue Skies and Mhazz were also worried about me when I disappeared in the Hammock for 2 hours.
10) On The Way before getting the train from Sudbury to Marks Tey. James and Myself watched an episode of Black Books Series 2 whilst waiting for our train from the nice van driver who had a dvd player in her van.



Blink and Awful Lot Of Running (Trock Song Reviews)

OK on saturday night, Nerimon aka Alex Day aka Nerimon set up a Trock Online Gathering last saturday to help with people who couldn't go to the Youstage gathering over last weekend. Right it was basically like I said the other day they played some songs. Now Alex has asked me if I could review the Trock songs they played, which I said I would be able to which is great.

OK I am not going to review all the songs they did at the moment but I will review 2 of the songs they play at the Trock Online Gathering on Stickam

The two songs are Blink and Awful Lot Of Running.

OK first of all I will review Blink (Written by Charlie)

Now before I start the review I will admit I was a bit nervous for this new Trock movement thinking it could go wrong but these two songs.

Now the way the song is recorded (Blink) was very professional from Charlie it looked like he went back in time to see the masters of music who ever they are asked them for some Rock Indie Lightning and it gave Charlie the strength to come out with this song. Now The song is based on the episode called Blink as well which is in the New Doctor Who Series 3. It is about Sally Sparrow who has to save the whole course of time. I love how Charlie mixes in the guitar and I cant remember the other instrument which has already made me a shit reviewer (LOL). Im wondering if Charlie took any coke before writing the song (NO not the drug, it is the drink OK) as It has helped him to be really active with the song. You can tell the passion in his eyes and voice when coming out with this song. The only drawback with it nothing to major is that people keep on asking it every day when Im online. I think the song is still Album worthy material but I hope it doesn't get overplayed and watered down otherwise once the album comes out, I will probably skip the track which will be a shame. Still a brillant track.

Here's the video of the track done by Charlie

Blink (****)

OK onto An Awful Lot Of Running done by Alex.

Now I heard this a while and good news is that I didn't hear this one as much as the Blink song but thats good news because I heard (as long Alex corrects me) I think this is going to be the lead single from the album. Now this song is incredible, He used the Doctor Who theme as a template to help with the song. Now this song is incredible to listen to. Now I think that Alex had a dream one time where he was the Doctor and his companion was Mhazz. So they went through time and space and discovered the musical planets where Alex could find the right notes of music and then have a shag with his scottish girlfriend in this dream.

Now why was I thinking about this because I keep on thinking of Alex and Mhazz together is because I think of them as the Youtube couple, SO STOP ASKING ME OK.

Right back to the song. Alex has the better voice in my opinion out of him and Charlie. Sorry Charlie but I still love you for what you do for Youtube and the community in general. Anyway Alex has executed the song with perfection as his voice guides the riffs perfectly. He showed he is a master at generating the song which is awesome. Alex showed the rock gods that he aint going to back down from no one. Its like a mission that he wants to and thats his aim to make CC to succedd and open up the genre Trock to the mainstream masses. My main worry is that I hope Alex doesn't over promoted this track when trying to get it into the charts which he wants to do. Brillant track better than Blink in my opinion

An Awful Lot Of Running (****.5)

Here's the video of An Awful Lot Of Running and Alex explaining about Trock.

OK thats my reviews of two Trock songs.

Hope you enjoyed.

Bye Now