Monday, September 08, 2008

Morning Thoughts - 8th Of September (Diary, BlogTV and Was on a Downer)

I am starting to treat my Bazzer Spot as a diary, which I thought I would never do. Its kinda weird. I first opened up this back in 2006 and then stopped using it because I was bored with it quickly, then when all the people I know online are using blogs instead of youtube lately for vlogs, I decided to jump on the bandwagon, I know some of you are thinking that. At first I thought I would never blogger again but Im now glad I came back to it which is great.

Anyway some people are still asking me about BlogTV and well now it is September I may do a show on Tuesdays maybe around 9pm GMT who knows it could happen but for the time being I feel I may not do well with BlogTV tbh.

Now I feel a bit crumbled at the moment and I dont know why this morning. Maybe its because the summer is over. Going through some hard times at the moment. Its crazy I know, had such a good weekend now feel on a downer now. I hate writing depressing stuff to be honest.

So I said I was going to e-mail some dream to Mhazz and Charlie which may take a little longer because I have to write up the story which is a lot and plus I got other things on my plate including looking for work which everyone knows in the UK it is very hard to look for work. So sorry guys need to think things about whats going on with me at the moment. But when I get time I will do it and should be promising.

Edited at 9.50am (Monday 8th of September) - WELL GOOD NEWS, I feel quite a bit better now, I got fucking Transformers on Blu-Ray through the post this morning which is BRILLANT. I will watch it later on and may give an opinion in a blog later on. So yeah the dream will come but may take a couple of days to write Mhazz and Charlie. I feel so much better after my package this morning YEAH.

Bye Now everyone.

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