Saturday, September 20, 2008

Outting In London Today with Cheekychen plus Supertitions, Looking For Alaska and Video Responses coming back

OK This is going to be a very long entry in my blog today, but I have got so much energy in me and could go on for hours about the day in general.

OK it was a meet up organised by Cheekychen to go to the DESIGNERSBLOCK in Convent Garden in Central London

Here is the video of the details of what we did and how it was organised by Cheekychen (Paul)

OK I left home at around 10 and then arrived in London at around 11.50am in the morning which I arrived in Convent Garden at about 12 and met up with Paul (Thetreeorthebear) and we walked around Convent Garden. Now while looking for the others Paul (thetreeofthebear) and I saw a guy in Convent garden shallow a whole balloon which looked like hot dog or corn dog for the US readers. Now that was actually a bit sick but very brave. Now the guy who did that was playing some rude jokes on people but he did it in a way that was very clever and brave that he could get away with it, which is really cool.

OK after a little bit we were able to meet up with Jade and Hatti just outside the main part of Convent garden and chilled there. we waited for Paul (Cheekychen) to turn up. I met up with James (wyatthaplo) and hes really a nice guy and chilled out to chat to. OK then everyone turned up where I met Lizzi and Laura for the first time then Paul (Cheekychen) arrived which was great that now the meet up could begin. Now at around one o'clock we decided to go into the DESIGNERSBLOCK in Convent Garden which we went in there for 2 hours. During that time I was able to See Drew again (Drewscruff) and he lend me the Looking For Alaska which I will mention in a minute. After looking around DESIGNERSBLOCK for a couple of hours we decided to chill outside of Convent Garden with some annoying preachers of Jesus which everyone found really funny. I found it very annoying after a while but we went to the South Bank to chill for an hour which was really cool.

Afterwards we went to the pub in Waterloo station then again in the South Bank and that finished our day.

OK I did a video response to Drewscruff also known as Andrew, I first met him back at NSGs Vlog In The Park on 08/08/08 which was a fun day and met him again today at Cheekychen's thing in DESIGNERSBLOCK.

Here is the link to his channel - Drewscruffs Channel

Here is Drews Original video -

Here is my response -

Now its about dreams superstition, Please watch the video to understand this OK.

Also Drew has also lend me the "Looking For Alaska" which is written by John Green of the Vlogbrothers.

Which I will start reading for tomorrow night which should be fun. Now I have been looking on where they classified it as a Childrens book, which I was told by others at Cheekychen's meet up that it contains adult themes I have to wait and see, once I get started on the book.

Now I have heard that Alex Day aka Nerimon has cried over "Looking For Alaska" now there aint no shame for anyone crying in my opinion. I heard a few people have cried over this book saying how awesome and emotional this book is. I can't wait to get starting to read on them. So I may do a video review on "Looking For Alaska" because I enjoy doing reviews to be honest.

OK onto the issue of video responses which sort of cut out in my latest video is that I am bringing them back if I can ever get quick capture sorted.

Thats it for the moment.

Night everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Barry, I did a video book review of Looking for Alaska (no spoilers) at

Let me know when you finish the book.