Monday, September 15, 2008

Doctor Who Exhibition (Video), BlogTV - Every Tuesday 9pm GMT & 4pm EST and What Can Sony do in the future?

Right I have finally put up the video of my day at the Doctor Who Exhibition which I had a good day.

I put the video up really late last night, so thats the reason why it didnt go to my blog straight away and I was feeling really tired to do one. Which I didnt mind not doing one yesterday.

Like I said in the video I am going to be doing a BlogTV every Tuesday at 9pm GMT and 4pm EST, which I did a test show last week which I found fun. Come along and have fun.

Right final topic I was talking to Alan (TEMPHUiBIS) on skype last night and we were talking about Playstation 3 games (So all you playstation fans will like this part). Anyway Alan asked me "What games have you got on the PS3?" and then I gave him a long list which gave him an idea. The video below explains.

I think this is a really good idea because it is true that my game collection will expand in the future like my dvd collection is massive. If Sony put this in then it would be brillant to know what games they have for the Playstation 3.

Next channel recommendation is coming, dont worry. After the channel recommendation I may do a video talking about my Doctor Who DVD collection which will also go onto the Trock forum.

OK Thats it for now


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