Friday, September 19, 2008

My Day In Brighton again (Wooooooooooooooo)

Now I have just finished the June videos of Brotherhood 2.0 and it was fun watching them in Domician Republic plus them explaining about Microfinacing which I have heard about before but not too much about the term. I will start the July videos on Monday when I got some free time from not looking for a job.

OK yesterday I went out with my mate Arron to Brighton, it was really awesome. But first I had to go to the Job Centre and had some fantastic news that really cheered me up. With news I was going to get a lot of help from the people at Quickstep or Workstep cant remember really. I know that Britain has some real problems with employment which is shocking but it is true though. Got to write an e-mail in a bit to look into that.

Anyway back to my day with Arron, we just chilled in Brighton for the day, watched Pineapple Express and it is really cool film but could have been better.

Plus afterwards we just went to pubs and bars for drinks which was cool as usual. Nothing more.

OK I thought I'll leave you with a video that cheered up when watching Brotherhood 2.0 June Archive. Its a Surprise one.

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