Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Creative side has come back (YES)

Before I can begin the blog, anyone can comment on the blog I have changed the settings so people can comment on it whether it is anoymous or someone known.

Yes Now yesterday and today have reignited my passion for doing creative stuff which is really cool. I dont mind doing the odd vlog every now and then. Now yesterday I mentioned about DESIGNERSBLOCK that I went to yesterday and this morning my mum was looking around for music software.

Now I feel a bit more creative and willing to do something about it. I will be starting on my own web-site very soon which should be awesome. I had been promising myself for months to do this.

Plus I have created a few more blogs now. I have created a music one, art one, book one and film one for the time being because I feel like I want to seperate them into different groups that I dont want to do so many entries in one of my blogs so thats I have seperated them.

I have changed the title of this blog from Bazzer Spot to Barry Aldridge's Life, so this blog will focus more on my life and what I am doing with Youtube like I will be continuing the Brotherhood 2.0 videos from tomorrow and telling you how it goes.

OK Onto the other four blogs that I have done

Barry Aldridge Music World - It looks different music whether it is Indy music that comes from Youtube to Mainstream artists which could be spotlight looks into a different artist or a review of an album. I will be looking at news articles and give my opinions on them.

Barry Aldridge Look at Books - Its just me looking at Books in general where I give a review or give some information about upcoming books that I maybe interested in and give you my take on them.

Barry Aldridge Film World - This is where I will do some film reviews and giving you some of the latest film news in general whether I can. Indy films and Mainstream films will be both looked into.

Barry Aldridge Art World - This is my look into different arts plus this is maybe the first blog I may focus on because of yesterday in Convent Garden with the DESIGNERSBLOCK exhibition which should be cool.

Plus I will be updating the look of my blog later on BYE.

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YouKnowThatDaveKid said...

Good idea Barry, but the thing about having more than one blog is it means people having to go to different sites for different things which some people could find too much of a hassle. You could have just edited the blog layout so you could have a music section, a book section, a film section and an art section.

Anyways, Good Blog