Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Sell Christmas Stuff Early Confuses Me

Hey everyone and good morning, afternoon or evening whether you read this. OK one thing I got to mention in Yesterdays stuff.

I went to Worthing to check out some of the Autumn stuff because now the summertime is over. Now I met up with my mum in Debebhams store and went to the 2nd floor while looking at pillow cases and bed stuff which most of you will find boring but now this shocked this year.

CHRISTMAS BEING SOLD EARLY AGAIN, WHY???????????? OK sorry for the caps but I wanted that statement to get out there. But every year since the late 90s I think they have been selling christmas stuff 3 months before it hits christmas why??? This confuses me deeply which I find very sad. Why the commericalisation of christmas which I agree is killing christmas the holiday in general, Dont get me wrong I love presents but not as much as I use to but I feel we are exploition the new generation with saying that they want a new spiderman toy or a new board game COME ON man. Anyway Rant Over thats how I feel.

Right I got nothing more to say this morning, hopefully I will be more cheerful this afternoon. I hope to see my friend Arron today which is great and see if we can do something hooray.


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