Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep?? Is it possible to stay awake for a long time?

You know the other night I was speaking to Vee and we were talking about random stuff and she mentioned to me that she never slept for 3 days and to me that is impossible and I am thinking to myself how could she do that?

Now the longest I stayed awake is 30 hours after watching some boxing matches back in 1997 involving Tyson Vs Holyfield I not the ear biting match that was number II but the classic match that a lot of people thought Tyson would beat Holyfield but it went the other way the result which was awesome. So sleep is my worst enemy at times.

OK I heard when I went to her blogtv and she said she done 4 days, HOW???? well thats the case, I need to try that one time to see how long I last without sleep.

That could be a good challenge.

Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

I think if you stayed up for 3 days you could sleep for 2 days at least but I would not fancy trying that.