Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bristol Gathering (Aftermath)

OK everyone I just got back from the Bristol gathering and I had the most fun I ever had at a Youtube gathering. It was really good.

OK like I said eariler I left Lancing at 9am to get the quarter past 9 train to Worthing then at Worthing I got the 9.22am train to all the way to Bristol Temple Meads which was cool. I arrived at the station probably 20 minutes late but still determined to get to the gathering.

Now I looked at the crap map that I printed out from the computer which didn't help too much, so I kept on ringing Jacob to find out where they were. Lucky though after 30 minutes going around, I found a silver ball and then met up with Daniel McLean who is a Bristol Local I know from Youtube and we talked about what we had been up to and talked about Wall-E which is an awesome film which I compared it to E.T.

Then I was able to meet up with the others at a local bar where I got hugs and handshakes from different youtubers - Cheekychen, Ian, NSG, Chris, Tom Milsom, Jon Richards, Danny (Jons Mate), Kenny (Jons Mate), Kai, Hatti, Tino and of course Jake Dyer which I got a brillant hug from him.

So after spending a bit of time at the bar we decided to head up the hill where we spilt up into groups, where Jake took the majority to the comic book shop, where myself, Ian, Daniel, Jon, Danny, Kenny, Kai and NSG went off to find some food to eat and went to one of the local bars in Bristol which was good. Daniel recommended the squeezed orange juice fresh from oranges and it was really good to drink. I had a call from the London gathering that was happening on the same day and it was nice to hear from them.

I felt I made the right decision by going to the Bristol one because Bristol is a brand new location and like I said before. The Westcountry has never had a gathering so WELL DONE JAKE on bringing a gathering to the westcountry. OK once we finished in one of the bars we went back down to the Millenium Square in Bristol to meet up with Mhazz (Yeah she came, which was awesome, I feel she is one of the souls that help to make a gathering complete) and Charlie. Now we had some quick chats then decided to head to the local laser shoot out thingy but on the way I had to get some cash which I didn't use at the end plus I think Mhazz, Charlie and Tom Milsom wanted Subway so I Followed back and then soon so were the others. I didnt eat until I sort of snatched bite some of Mhazz's bread sandwich, SORRY MHAZZ, anyway after subway, I can't remember his name said he found an art gallery where it has some looks of art which were really good, there was one piece I didnt like but thats ok. I knew that Mhazz would be scared of the giant insect.

Anyway I think Jake damaged one of the pieces of art and thought it would be best to disappear quickly from the gallery. So went to find the laser thingy and they were some problems and decided it would be best to find a starbucks and chill there. Where there was some good chats going about, where I felt I violated Mhazz and Tom Milsom but also myself which was odd, I can not remember what it was about to be honest, so ask Mhazz because she has a good memory. Even she told Daniel, NSG and Ian about this, Daniel and Ian gave me high 5's which were awesome.

We couldnt stay in starbucks because they were closing at 5.30pm which is weird, but it aint London so I understood so went back to the station where we just chilled for a couple of hours before everyone started to rush off home. I went off at 7.10pm to get my train for home. I arrived back home at 11pm which took nearly four hours but had a brillant day. This is my last gathering for a while and glad I went to Bristol. It is a brillant place. I told Jake there should be another one next year six months after this one around Spring/Summer which is an idea on the cards.

Daniel McLean would like the next Bristol gathering to be on a sunday because his bar is dead which is a brillant idea. Maybe a weekender in Bristol is even better.

Ok I got to go to bed, I felt so tired writing this.

Have a good night


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