Saturday, September 13, 2008

Doctor Who Convention (Aftermath), New Facebook, Nick Love Films and Life for me back In South London

OK I went to the Doctor Who Convention in Earls Court yesterday and it was really cool. Now It was good but not as good as I thought. I got into Earls Court Hall at 12.30 and went around for an hour. Now I went with my mum and took some pictures which it didn't come out the best quality. They will be up in tomorrow's blog entry. I like the Cyberman photo that came out which was cool. Now we forgot to take photos of the Dalek but did take some video of it which was really cool. They will be up tomorrow the photos but monday or tuesday with the video. I dont want to rush it. So after Earls Court I just went up London to look around as usual. Now I will warn you about the photos aint the best quality because of the strobe lighting and a bit too much darkness within the convention. I did like the behind the scenes when creating the monsters which the Odd ones were really good.

Now this aint my video of the exhibition or convention or whatever but it is done by the Phoenix Productionz it goes on for 10 minutes but it is really good in showing the convention.

Now I took my mum to the Apple Store and showed her around to see if there were any differences with PC World and she said she really liked the store. So thats a thumbs up and will think about getting a Mac, once I get a job in what I want to do.

OK Next bit the New Facebook, right I love the new facebook which a lot of people are going to hate me for. But I really like it and got used it very quickly. I think the haters of the new facebook are ones who have used Facebook for a very long time and got use to the old one and dont like change. COME ON PEOPLE. we all have to change at times which it can be for the better and worst but thats how life goes, now if everything remained the same wouldnt it be boring, I dont know. I love the new facebook.

OK I have been watching a couple of Nick Love's films which were The Business and Goodbye Charlie Bright. Now the first one I watched was The Business, where you have Danny Dyer's character (Frankie) leaving 1980s London behind and gone to Spain for the life in luxury, brillant huh. My family hate the film but I love it not Nick Love's best film which the other film I watched today was Goodbye Charlie Bright.

Goodbye Charlie Bright is an awesome film and it was made before Nick Love became respected in the british film industry which I find really cool. So I watched the film it features the guy who played Joe years ago in Eastenders which was a character who was from Bolton and the character David Wicks was his dad. It is basically about Charlie getting fed of South London and wants a new life and new start. He also his a best buddy named Justin who wants to waste his life away with Charlie. It is a Indie film which makes it better for storylines and character development. It is based in South London which is the area I grew up in. So I will be talking about that next.

Now Im thinking way back in History where I used to live in South London. Now South London is a place that I was proud to live in. I used to live in Forest Hill which is SE23 for anyone that know the postal codes of London. Forest Hill to me has a bit history which can be both good and bad. Forest Hill has the best museum called the Horniman Museum and it also features some gardens which are really cool as well.

Here's the link - Horniman Museum In Forest Hill

I used to go the Horniman's when I needed some time to reflect on life and on University when I went to UEL (University Of East London) which I found it hard at times and needed the time to reflect on how to pass the course and the Horniman would help me out to do this.

There is so much I could talk about South London which I will leave for another time.

For some reason I thought of an old Charlieissocoollike video that he did called Tuesday.

I think it was because of South London life was similar to the video plus the thought of Nick Love films based on Goodbye Charlie Bright made me think of this video for a weird reason.

Anyway have a great one going to watch some youtube videos about computer games


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