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OK I know a lot of people wouldn’t read this and I don’t think anybody cares about my blog but I am willing to chat about this. OK Friendships are a very tricky thing in life. I have chats with different people and I have learned both sides of the coin they say.

OK you may have to read the whole of this blog to understand that it is not a one sided blog but looks into both sides of friendship


Now earlier this morning I was reading through the blogs and went to Dom’s blog (MyShowbizName) and I was looking at his entry about stickam. Where he mentioned that he formed some friendships just before Christmas with certain people and enjoyed his time on stickam anyway he said through the course of time after certain events happen he felt that some of the friendships he had were disappearing and that people have moved on to talk to other people and certain people have gotten bigger statuses within the Internet community.

Within minutes after reading, Dom gave me a quick hello and we started to chat about the entry. He was saying that Stickam had lost its closeness with people and I felt the same way too. I put in a statement and for people wondering why I haven’t used stickam is two reasons.

1) The computer I mainly use to write my blogs and do videos still thinks I am banned from stickam even though I got a new account which is weird

2) The second reason is that most of the stickam chat rooms I go into are now people always bitching and complaining and its me feeling fratustred plus it is making people move on from stickam. This includes me because I prefer BlogTV thanks to this.

Dom said the other thing he didn’t like about stickam is that he “don't really like, the people who now regularly go in get their kicks out of constantly picking on somebody. I find that tiresome, maybe it's because a lot of them are young like 16 and they aren't mature enough to know the effects it has” Now this is something I can understand where there are people getting kicked out of a room for silly reasons whether it is font colour of your text or a petty argument over whether this celebrity is good or bad or that they are dissing someone constantly day after day which gets boring very quickly because they are talking about the same things over and over again.

Now this makes me sad which I said to Dom that a few of them are 18 and should be mature on how to handle things but instead acting like 5 years old when they don’t understand the consequences when they kick someone that person maybe alone and may need someone to talk or what would happen if they met that person in real life and dire things could happen (which is most unlikely).

Dom explained that his blog was talking about people he met contact with on a daily basis on stickam in which he saw as a core group. Dom was saying that he is not a youtuber who makes friends with everyone, he thinks and I can understand his argument that if you have too many friends then them friendships could become impersonal and meaningless. Dom also said he prefer close relationships with people. I put into a further argument that if you get a lot of friends you wouldn’t know who are your real friends, who would stand by you. Dom agreed that it is easy to have a lot of friends but you do question if they are real any of them friendships that you have.

OK a while later I was talking to PJ and he also understood the argument about friendships.


A bit before talking to PJ, I was having a chat with Benjy.

I told Benjy that I was down. Benjy was concerned and I truly believe that because I have met him three times and he is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, he is a gentle giant. I had done a lot of thinking about and Benjy said to me if you need anything you can come to talk with me and I thanked him for that. He told me about a story that happened a couple of years where he didn’t feel happy and now he feels happy again, which is awesome. His aim on youtube is to help people which I think is a brilliant thing. I think that is the whole point.

There are many friends that I have picked up over my stay within the Internet community while lasted a long time, some have lasted a short time. But friendship I have had has been very good and I understand everyone to a certain degree. It is awesome, as I think that it could be learning about each other, on how to deal with situations. That is the best thing ever about the youtube community

So friendships can a mixed bag I do understand Dom’s case that some friends wouldn’t be there for you, if you were down and out from a situation. But I just watched a Video from Benjy himself talking about the Youstage experience and I feel there are some true friendships that can evolve when you have a large group of friends. He did say as a quote “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOUTUBE” which I share the same feeling as well. There are times I want to leave but after seeing his video

By this video that Benjy has done, it shows their a community strength between users which I like seeing which happens on certain stickam rooms and certain blogtv rooms.

I also liked certain videos from Y2kjonrichards and Laurbubble looking into the festival in general where Jon’s one gave an account of his weekend and then showed footage of the whole deal. While Laura’s one showed the atmosphere and how people get together as well.

Jon Richards Video

Laura (Laurbubbles) Video

Also watching all of the Youstage videos made me aware of that friendships can never die whether they are real life or online friendships that center around communites in general. I think it is a brilliant thing, which people get together for gatherings and other things.


Now while I was writing this very long blog I had some good news that a youtuber known as Little Rich got featured for quite a funny video which I found really really good. It was called Dominatrix 2 - The White Rabbit which I found brilliant, love Little Rich’s stuff always.

Here’s the featured video below

If you missed the first part you check it out below as well –

The subtitle for this one was called The Wrong Door

Great stuff to end on


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Caution Wet Paint said...

the problem with internet friendships is that no one has to take them seriously, as you are unlikely to meet the person in real life. and i must admit, i never got into the whole stickam thing...