Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Morning Glory - BlogTV, CorporalCadet, Video Ideas and TEMPHUiBIS

Hey Morning. Had a rough waking up and I hate that to be honest you get in a right f'n mood, anyway on this entry.

Had fun on BlogTV for an hour last night which was cool. I hate the mod game to be honest, its not fun anymore its getting a bit silly. Anyway I had fun with it and surprised BlogTV did an automatic recording which was a shocker.

Now I have seen Levi's (CorporalCadet) latest entry and thought it was hilarious to see. Check it out.


Here is Levi's Channel - CorporalCadet

He did it for me, so I thought I would return the favour.

I have been low on video ideas, thats why you haven't seen a video from me in a bit. But will come out with one next week with a visit to a Doctor Who Convention on Friday which should be awesome at Earls Court. On videos Im thinking of either Channel Recommendation, Barry Aldridge Asks or Another Doctor Who History thing. Those are the three Im thinking at the moment.

Oh yeah I was watching a video from TEMPHUiBIS

The video is about happiness and he has asked what are the 10 things that make you happy and TEMPHUiBIS is a great guy, as I met him back at NSGs Vlog In The Park. Like I said in one of my past blogs which I cant remember which one lol. He does vlogs on Playstation 3 Games, Life and Music.

Check him out please - TEMPHUiBIS

OK Im done here

Bye for now.

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