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Old Doctor Whos Are Classics

Ok before I begin I like to thank people for leaving feedback on the entry I did this morning, on what they thought and I thought they brought up some excellent points in which I thank them. I respect anyones opinions no matter positive or negative.

OK onto this evening's entry and involves more on the classic era of Doctor Who. Now I have been watching a lot more of them again which is brillant, I truly love Doctor Who from the classic era to the new series that Russell T Davies brought back in 2005. Now I love the new series but I like I said in certain videos or blog entries, I feel the classic series has been ignored slightly which is a shame but without the classic series you wouldn't have Eccleston and Tennant being the doctors at all. In my opinion I think respecting the past and looking towards the future is the best way to be.

OK the stories I have watched this week were Genesis of the Daleks (Starring Tom Baker) and then I watched a couple of Jon Pertwee Stories which were Doctor Who & The Silurians and Inferno.


Now I first watched Genesis Of The Daleks and some people have regarded this as one of the best Doctor Who stories of all time.

This by far one of the stand out stories in Doctor Who's history. It's been one of the most repeated on terrestrial TV and there's a chance that your copy may have a sticker proclaiming it being voted the best story ever. There are so many reasons why this story deserves these accolades that I wont have enough time to tell them.

Story wise this is a reimagining of the Dalek origins as The Doctor is sent back in time to stop or halt their development. The way this is done adds a new layer to the story in the fact that it fits in with the time war of recent seasons and can be seen as the Time Lords launching a pre-emptive strike. The Doctor and companions are thrown into the last days of a war between the two Skaro factions Kaleds and Thals. The early episodes show The Doctor getting caught up in the war events while trying to save his companions when the later episodes become tight character episodes featuring the scientists who created the Daleks.

An important introduction in this story is Davros who is really the villain in the story (the Daleks are not at the forefront as much as other stories but do have an important part). This isn't the panto villain of later appearances but a serious portrayal by Michael Wisher, possibly one of the most impressive guest performances and one other actors to play the part would never equal. Peter Miles as Nyder is the other standout guest performance but there are others who perform well including a few faces you may recognise.

Here's a clip of Davros testing the first Dalek at the end of episode 1


Now I always like watching Doctor Who & The Silurians because it is a very dark tone story. It is very dark at certain times especially the characters. The real strength of this story lies in the beautiful parallels between Mankind and the Silurians. The Doctor and the elder Silurian leader have the wisdom & know that the two races can happily co-exist, but unfortunately they are backed up by headstrong idiots who kill first, ask questions later. This is one of Pertwee's finest performances & he is ably backed up by a strong supporting cast, especially the joy that is Fulton MacKay (who of course so nearly became the Doctor himself). The Silurian costumes are a bit clunky but do the job, their presence strengthened by their hyped-uped somewhat demented voices. What really makes this 7-part tale shine is the ethical dilemma that the Doctor has; are the Silurians really the bad guys, all they want after all is to reclaim the home that was their's to begin with. A cracking episode with a wonderful conclusion that really shows us the difference between the Doctor and the members of U.N.I.T that he has allied himself with. To top it all off, no-one can say Silurian like Pertwee.

Now with this clip someone created a new series trailer with the story and with old theme music from 1970s which I like this idea.


This 7 parter tells the story of a British government sponsored Drilling experiment, The rather obtuse Scientist in charge believes that drilling through the earths crust would tap into reserves of a super gas that could cheaply fuel the UK for years to come, The Doctors involved as an adviser and as far as the chief scientist is concerned an unwelcome one, Whilst tinkering with his own experiment off activating the Tardis's Main console he quickly becomes concerned by the drilling and the sudden appearance of members of staff who after coming in contact with a mysterious green Goo have turned into bizarre green versions of Lon Chaney Jr.

Later whilst the Doctor is using the Tardis console he accidentally gets transported to a parallel universe, in this universe the drilling experiment is under way in a UK governed by a 1984 Big Brother style government.

In this parallel UK they successfully drill through the earths crust unleashing all sorts of bad stuff, bad stuff like the world blowing up, The Doctor of course escapes back to his own universe to prevent the drilling and the same thing happening to his UK.

The Lon Chaney Jr monsters running around are obviously an after thought, you get the impression they probably wrote it and thought " Bugger we've no monsters, here's 50p!! , down the corner shop and get some Green poster paint and a wolfman mask", never the less this really doesn't detract from the story, it adds a little excitement, even if it is a little bewildering. There are a few other flaws, not massive ones, I accuse myself of petty niggling to even think of them, just ignore all that and enjoy!, enjoy a ripping good Dr Who story from a time that's lost to us, savour it.

This is a clip where Stahlman starts to turn into a monster

Doctor Who - Monster Professor - Inferno


All three of these stories of Classic Doctor Who are very dark in tone, has great character tones where you learn about that all of the characters who people say are the bad guys maybe misunderstood especially in the Inferno with Stahlman where he thought he was doing something right but in the end didn't realise his actions could lead to the end of the world.

It was the same thing with Davros with him thinking he could play God as the leader of the Daleks but at the end of Genesis if you have seen it you know what happens, if you haven't seen it.

OK thats it for a history lesson about Doctor Who which I like doing these. I may do a video about this one day which should be awesome to do.

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