Friday, September 05, 2008

Morning Glory - New Tasks

Well a new day to me is also a new start in any achievement whether its going to a new place or starting on a new book (I do have trouble reading).

OK the thing is after the saturday gathering in Bristol I will be looking for new things to achieve like trying to finish a book for once which I know some of you may find crazy but it is true. I may get John Green's Books very soon which are Looking For Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines. Paper Towns is also coming soon and I further wait until the UK release.

I may even ask my friend Drew to borrow them for a bit, because he shown me the An Abundance of Katherines book back at NSGs Gathering. So Yeah that could be an idea, will have to talk to him about it. Anyway plus I really want to read some of Kevin Smith's books as well because I think Kevin Smith is one of the writers within our generation which is saying something to be honest.

Now next thing I was looking back at yesterdays entry and I still stand by what said in the entry and Dave from Blue Skies say I mentioned that I agree with someone at least 11 times, which I found that funny because I have been known to repeat myself. LOL.

Finally to keep this entry short, If you are in a sad mood there are two options I follow to keep me going

1) Watching Doctor Who (Classic Series or New Series started by RTD)
2) Watching Sitcoms or Comedy films either on DVD or Blu-Ray

Thats all for now. Will do a later entry.


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